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Gata Loca

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The pretty light

04 Jun, 2019
I bought this for my daughters room. It get so dark at 8 pm that when the lights go off she gets frightened. But with this neat light she is able to sleep with it on and she no longer is afraid to clo... more »

Smart charger

04 Jun, 2019
This thing is amazing! I have never seen anything so convenient for people who live on their phones. To have a portable charger and a wall charger all in one is amazing. So cool and so tech savvy this... more »

Graduation gift

04 Jun, 2019
Perfect for Maddy on her graduation. She will love the small compartments for her jewelry because she always loses earrings. It is perfect storage for her watch and necklace. more »

Prefect for the rain because it brings happiness

04 Jun, 2019
So pretty they will steal to. I love this umbrella but people can’t see me with a pretty umbrella they always wait for me to leave it unattended and swipe it. Not this one.  This pretty umb... more »

Birthday party all in one

04 Jun, 2019
My girl friends’ birthday is coming up. I can’t wait to set this up at work. I usually end up buying something last minute and this is so perfect and colorful Justin like I know she wou... more »

Fit perfect in the ear

04 Jun, 2019
My girlfriend bas small ears these won’t fit her but they fit me. I love them and I can’t wait to try them for the gym. I wear them in the house and they fit and come with a neat charging... more »

Fluffy towel

03 Jun, 2019
The perfect towel for the beach. I hate sitting on the sand but with this towel I can sit on the sand without it hurting my back. The towel is big and comfortable. The colors are bright and beautiful. more »

Great plates

03 Jun, 2019
Perfect plates for work. inwork in a school where they always seem to run out of everything. I bought these to keep as a stash so that when they run out I would always have.  The plates are... more »

Wore it for Memorial Day

28 May, 2019
lots of compliments yesterday as I wore this beautiful dress. i do not usually wear a dress on Memorial Day because I usually cook and run around the yard. But yesterday we had a picnic at the park... more »

Suede material or soft like material

27 May, 2019
This clutch is perfect on its own. We don’t need a large bag or expensive bag to show off our good taste. This clutch is perfect for those who do not want to carry a big bag or who do not need a... more »

Workout time

27 May, 2019
Working out doesn’t have to be painful anymore. I was going home with calluses in my hands because the barbells made too much friction with my hands. My hands would become rough and very painful... more »

Perfect for work

27 May, 2019
i am a teacher and at work the school always runs out of plates. It’s only fair to bring your own plate because they always buy the expensive ones and they run out. These plates are perfect, the... more »

Disco pants

26 May, 2019
I tried these on and they make me look slimmer. They don’t have too much stretch in them but they are slimming. I was able to move freely and dance. more »

Great sweat bands

26 May, 2019
These headbands are perfect for the athlete. They hold the hair back away from the face and they keep the sweat away from the eyes.  more »

Cute pants

09 May, 2019
These pants are great for anything. I purchased thee for my mom in law because she travels a lot. She always complained of her legs being tired and retrained with her jeans. These pants allow so much... more »

Expensive looking cups

08 May, 2019
I love drinking coffee everyday. I have my favorite mug and or two. With these mugs I am able to enjoy a cup of coffee with my partner. The gender neutral cups “me” and “you” a... more »

Comfortable sleeping blouse

08 May, 2019
Perfect for those days where I just want to hop in the shower but on this shirt and go to bed. I mean it is also great for laundry I rather do less wash. I usually sleep with a top and a bottom. By th... more »

The stole this one too

07 May, 2019
This was supposed to be for me but my cat immediately claimed it. Since I am a softey whenever it comes to what my cat wants she gets. The mat is soft and she sleeps on it and will not let me have it... more »

I bough this for me but my cat loves it more

07 May, 2019
This is perfect not for me but for my cat. I didn’t even bother to put this in the kitchen. My cat left her beds to lay on the mats. I can’t understand my cat but I sure do feel the softne... more »

Biting already

06 May, 2019
Jason is 4 months and he is already teething. He likes to chew on his mitt and then spit it out and then cry for it. It keeps him busy and keeps him happy. more »

Sturdy bag

06 May, 2019
 Tough bag for my job. I am a teacher and I need a bag for my things. Lots of pockets and secret compartments for my phone and my wallet. Dressy or sporty it doesn’t matter for what I need... more »

Feel safer

06 May, 2019
I plugged it in and the red line lit up. The next day the detector had a zero sign. This is an indicator of gas. I like to feel secure in my home. I have a smoke alarm and a caborn monoxide alarm... more »

Love it

04 May, 2019
I always leave honest reviews and if I don’t like something I’ll be honest. This here is a lightweight back pack. I love it because it does not weigh anything and I can fit anything I want... more »

Breathable bathing suit

04 May, 2019
I like this bathing suit because in the belly area it’s extremely breathable and it almost feels like a two piece but it has good coverage. The design is very pretty two, like palm trees an... more »

Perfect fit

04 May, 2019
 Sexy black bathing suit for big women. I’m a 2x and it seems to hold my body week. There aren’t any sags or drooping and most importantly it keeps my tummy under control. more »

Soft material

02 May, 2019
One thing I hate about clothing is that they are rough. And honestly if pajamas are rough I can not sleep. Now these cute pajamas are made with a material that feels like a jersey. Now that means that... more »

Baby room dream catcher

28 Apr, 2019
This is a nice dream catcher for a girls room. Light baby blue and pink colors are sure to liven up any girls room. The unique aspect of this dream catcher is that it has anihht light that illuminates... more »


25 Apr, 2019
This bathing suit offers great support for the booty and tummy. I love it. Other bathing suits sag in the booty or sag in the breast area. And When you go in the pool the bathing suit looks amazi... more »

Great bathing suit

25 Apr, 2019
The bathing suit keeps my chubby body in place. It’s fitted and keeps In place whenever the waves hit. Usually when I wear full piece it never has tummy and butt control. This bathing suit ... more »


25 Apr, 2019
Good bags for laundry. My clothes usually rip through laundry bags  These bags are sturdy and ar very pretty not boring looking bags.  more »

Beautiful diary book

24 Apr, 2019
This diary book has notebook paper. You can write about how your day was and then keep it locked up. You will have total privacy when you lock it with the lock and key. more »

Nice stretchy pants

24 Apr, 2019
I’ll advise you to buy an extra size up. They run small but the material is amazing, very stretchy and soft. The colors are bright and vibrant. more »

Cute shirt

24 Apr, 2019
Great shirt and nice material. I like dressing light when I go out to the beach. This is a perfect shirt for after the pool or beach hours. I wore it with sandals and it looked very nice. more »

Excellent bathing suit

24 Apr, 2019
The bathing suit turned a few heads in the beach. It fit like a glove and kept in place when I was in the beach. I love this bathing suit.  more »

iPhone X screen

24 Apr, 2019
I have had my iPhone X for a while.. but always worried I would crack my screen. This screen protector keeps my phone screen protected and keeps me worry free. more »

Powerful and compact

22 Apr, 2019
the portable charger came just In time just when I needed to take my phone outside but it was dead because I forgot to charge it. As I went shopping my phone charged and I had some important people ca... more »

Very cute

21 Apr, 2019
I got it in white because it matches my bedroom. It is very stylish, small and. Compact. I use it as I get ready for work. It’s not too loud but when I use it when I shower it can be loud in the... more »

Bluetooth for bathroom

20 Apr, 2019
The radio alone is not too loud but it’s perfect for the bathrooom. I love to hear music when I’m In the shower and this radio does it’s job. It had good base and does not need... more »

Excellent beats

20 Apr, 2019
These are perfect for listening to music when I am in the gym. They sound loud and keep outside noises out. The first time I tried them on , I fell in love with them. I will never buy beats again. more »

Perefect for my girl

17 Apr, 2019
My daughter couldn’t sleep because the light was too strong. I know that she loves unicorns and when I purchased this for her she was so excited to wear this to bed. So excited that she couldn&r... more »

Very expensive looking glasses

15 Apr, 2019
No lie,last summer I purchased glasses for about 1000.00 and they were worth it because I had lots of compliments and they were made of quality. These glasses look as good as the one I paid top dollar... more »

Keep the tea hot

14 Apr, 2019
This amazing thermal cup keeps my tea warm all day. I username to use plastic cups for coffee and be wasteful at work. But since I purchased these I only use and reuse these. They are easy to wash and... more »

Cell phone not wet anymore

13 Apr, 2019
this is a great invention for people who can’t be without their phones. I mean even in the water I see people using their phones taking pictures and risking them getting wet. I’m glad I pu... more »


13 Apr, 2019
looked like a great cup but came cracked. The box and the package was not damaged or anything. I guess it was manaufactured like that. more »

They smell like plastic

13 Apr, 2019
I’m not too sure about these boots they don’t smell like leather and they dont Say leather inside the shoe. more »

Scale for monitoring weight

13 Apr, 2019
I love to mo itor my weight. What’s great about this is how I can keep it on my phone and track my progress. It shows body mas index and keeps it stored at the touch of your hand. more »

I wear this at work because it’s cool

13 Apr, 2019
This nice sweater is perfect for the cold office and perfect to hang out in. I always leave it on my work chair and it looks dressy enough to wear it all day long. more »


13 Apr, 2019
this bathing suit is perfect for looking good and getting a tan. It is very sexy and it makes me look slimmer. The material is like spandex and it kept all my rolls in tact.  more »

I brushed my cat

13 Apr, 2019
I used this brunch for my cat but the cat won. The brush wasn’t too good for all this fluff but when I used it on my dog it worked better. more »

Perfect for PR

13 Apr, 2019
I love this bathing suit. I love to dip in the beach  With this bathing suit  because it keeps in place. Usually bikinis come off in the rough currents but this bathing suit fit nice an... more »

My baby loves it

13 Apr, 2019
The minute I opened the box my car Samantha runs to the box to get in. But this time the box had a soft round bed in it. When I took the bed out my cat immediately chose the bed instead of the box and... more »

Amazing for shedding cats

11 Apr, 2019
My cat was leaving her hair all over the place. I knew I needed something to remove her hair because we are both allergic to her fur. After the cat took a bath, we combed her maymtted hair and it was... more »

Perfect for the plants

07 Apr, 2019
These butterflies really add a pretty touch to my garden. It also adds the biggest perk which is to keep it bright and lit. In the night time the flowers look so much better when they are accompa... more »

dressy or sporty

06 Apr, 2019
my daughter loves her leggings   Her leggings are so comfortable she can play for hours in them. She even wore them to go to a party they are dressy enough to have the go out look. more »

Colorful and pretty

06 Apr, 2019
Spandex for the girls! How perfect they are. The spandex came in three mixed beautiful colors. My girls loved them. They ran, played and jumped in them. Great stretchy material and it allowed the... more »

Great material

06 Apr, 2019
Great bathing suit, true to size and it support that gut. Black the perfect color to hide all the body bulges but very pretty to show off in the beach. I love my bathing suit. It fits just right. more »

Useful for anything

06 Apr, 2019
these bowls can be used for scrambling eggs, eating cereal and giving one for the cats to drink their water. Small metal bowls that can be perfect for a scoop or two of your favorite ice creme. Perfec... more »

Durable and strong!

05 Apr, 2019
These gloves can be honestly used for gardening and not just for washing foods over the sink. They are not too think or thin and come with bristles in the palm. more »

Lights all work

05 Apr, 2019
I love these lights  they are so colorful and bright It keeps the yard nicely lite and the flowers growing all night. more »

Durable bags

02 Apr, 2019
I love to keep my clothes all in one bag. Most laundry bags are super small and they don’t have a strap. These bags are perfect for my three messy kids room. Perfect for them and perfect if... more »

Simply beautiful as pictured

02 Apr, 2019
I love the quilt because it brightens up the room. When it get cold at night it keep me warm but it not too bulky that is burns me up. It’s perfect for those chilly nights. more »

Just gel’n

02 Apr, 2019
The gel pen worked great for my daughters presentaiton. She needed a highlighter to brighten up her board. The hard work paid off, her bulletin received an A because it was bright and colorful. The ma... more »

Bright radio with Bluetooth

31 Mar, 2019
I tested the radio out in the shower and in there it sounds great. I don’t think it would be too loud outdoors with all the noise but it serves it purpose for when I sing in the shower. more »

The perfect planner

30 Mar, 2019
I needed something where I can put the times I work out and the days. The calender is just the perfect type of planner like diary I need.  more »

Very soft cover

30 Mar, 2019
 my cats are super hairy and this is the season they start shedding. What’s worse is their dander and even worse is the fact that they like to sleep on my bed. Luckily the pillow case arriv... more »

It’s her big 40!!

29 Mar, 2019
i think this would be perfect for our birthday cake. She is turning 40 and this little memorabilia can be treasured for a lifetime. more »

Disco time

29 Mar, 2019
Small but powerful. The radio is used when I take a bath. It is either soothing or pumping and keeps me dancing in the shower. more »

Bright light f

29 Mar, 2019
i gave this radio to my baby teen. She is afraid of the dark but once it’s time to turn off the lights she is able to enjoy the radio and  fall asleep. Small and fits on the dresser table b... more »

Give me some luck bag of coins!

28 Mar, 2019
The pictures are not as beautiful as it is in real life. It is a money bag with purple gems attached to it. It is really very pretty. more »

Comfort rock

28 Mar, 2019
this Rock is genuinely beautiful. Once I looked at it I had to take another look. I put it up against the light and saw it’s true beauty. I will be praying with it daily because I need it. more »

Pillow cases

23 Mar, 2019
Pillow cases that are big enough for large sofas or chairs. I purchased them for holloween but when I filled them up with Cotton they looked so cute and I just left them on the sofas. more »

Very loud

22 Mar, 2019
I tried these on and they fit snuggly into the ear. I sat on the sofa to try to watch tv and listen to my music with these headphones and I was not interrupted by any sounds other than the music. They... more »

22 Mar, 2019
my nephew wore these and he loved the design. He is 9 years old and he is in love with dinosaurs. When he came home from school he wanted to put them on and he took a shower so fast and quickly jumped... more »