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Gillian Lodge

About Me

I am a retired Deputy Head Teacher. Once I left work I needed a new focus. As well as looking after my great nephews, I have now made it my life's work to help as many people as possible. I like to enable people, which takes the form of advising them, finding them good deals, gift finding, gardening, cleaning, admin. work, driving them about and supporting them wherever possible.
I have a large circle of friends and acquaintances to whom I can promote items.


beautiful candles

10 Aug, 2019
This set would make a perfect gift.  On opening the pretty box there is a gift card and the four candles set in foam to protect them.  The tins are beautiful and would make good keepsakes af... more »

Great to get them off the Play station

10 Aug, 2019
When my great nephew was given this set he excitedly opened each item and experimented with them and then went outside to explore.  He spent several hours birdwatching, bug collecting and general... more »

buoyancy without the hassle

26 Jun, 2019
VERISA Float Aid Discs EVA Foam Swim Arm Band 6 pc Set for Kids Boys Girls Toddlers, Learn to Swim, Age 2 – 6, 25 kg max  https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07PCNK83C These are ideal for yo... more »

Good enough

26 Jun, 2019
Kickboard Pool Training Water Sports Easy Grip Float Board Swimming Training / Learner Suitable for Adult, Children and Fun inc Light Backpack Sport Bag/Drawstring  https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp... more »

Simply beautiful

25 Jun, 2019
These candles come our well presented in a gift box that makes them a great present.  Inside is a gift card and the four tinned candles safely in foam packaging to protect them.   Th... more »

Great set of bath toys.

06 Jun, 2019
This set kept my youngest nephew entertained for hours and he keeps going back to it.  He plays with them both in the bath and out.  The colour changing starfish is very rewarding as it reac... more »

Small but sweet

05 Jun, 2019
I thought this plaque would be more substantial than it is.  It's 9cm by 10cm and about 2 mm thick.  That doesn't detract from the sentiment in the message though.  It'll ma... more »

Sturdy tripod

18 May, 2019
This tripod is handy for those who want to make videos using phones.  They are sturdy and easy to set up.  They are light weight and compact so easy to carry around with you.  Ideal for... more »

Simple but lovely.

18 May, 2019
These labels come packed with the string separate to save on space.  It is a bit fiddly to put the string on if you want a lot at a time but they are worth it.   The cream one come... more »

Beautifully presented

15 May, 2019
This magnifying glass comes in a beautiful red box with Chinese characters in silver.  ( I don't know what it says but it looks great) Once you open the box the magnifying glass is laid on ye... more »

comfortable casual dress

03 May, 2019
https://www.amazon.co.uk/Blooming-Jelly-Womens-Halter-Dresses/dp/B07M7VDFW9/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_1 This maxi dress has a simple design with a cut lace detail to the top.  The fabric is s... more »

Beautiful servers

30 Mar, 2019
These salad servers are beautiful  They are presented in a black card box with the phrase " Share a better everyday life with you" written in silver.  The servers are approximately... more »

Great for set for teenagers

24 Mar, 2019
Keeva Cosmetics - 72 pieces Make Up Set - Diva This is another great set for teenagers starting out in the world of make -up.  Unlike the 52 piece set by the same make, this one includes nail... more »

Great for teenagers

24 Mar, 2019
This 52 piece set comes presented in a lovely metal case great for keeping all your make up in.  Inside is everything a teenager would want for starting out: 32 eye-shadows, blusher, lip gloss an... more »

Excellent set for beginner.

20 Mar, 2019
My 4 year old great nephew loved this set.  He was able to follow the pictures in the instruction booklet to make his own little characters.  The Clay sticks together well and it is relative... more »

So convenient.

26 Feb, 2019
For anyone loving flamingos at the moment , this is a brilliant make up bag.  It has two zipped pockets inside and one unzipped one on the outside.  The bag opens out into a large circle whi... more »

ARINO Acrylic Paint Pens

31 Jan, 2019
These glitter pens are lovely once you get them going but they take a lot of perseverance to actually get them started.  If you are using them with little children it is worth getting them ready... more »

Great set for dinosaur lovers.

14 Jan, 2019
  This set comprises 9 large dinosaurs, 4 medium size, 4 small dinosaurs, three trees, 2 fences and one egg.  My nephew was delighted with them and will no doubt spend hours playing with... more »

Handy set for beginners.

08 Jan, 2019
Jerbro 5pcs Palette Knife Set, Painting Tools, Stainless Steel Palette Knife Painting Mixing Scraper Oil Painting Accessories  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Jerbro-Palette-Painting-Stainless-Access... more »

Great for youngsters

07 Jan, 2019
This hoodie is vibrant and colourful and has spikes on the hood. It  is adored by my four year old nephew who loves dinosaurs. It is made from cotton but is quite thin so better for warmer w... more »

Excellent set for beginner.

16 Dec, 2018
This set, presented in a black bag, provides everything you need to exercise and strengthen your hand. more »

Robust watch for older boys.

11 Nov, 2018
This watch is very robust and has lots of features to keep boys amused.  It has a stop watch, an alarm and a back light.  It is waterproof to 50 m making it ideal for kids who forget about s... more »

Great looking diffuser

05 Nov, 2018
This wood effect diffuser looks great in any room.  It comes well packaged with everything you need to get started except the oils.  It is easy to use and starts to diffuse straight away.&nb... more »

Lovely diffuser.

05 Nov, 2018
This oil diffuser is smaller than it looks in the pictures which is more to my liking.  It is easy to use and starts to diffuse straight away.  It is quiet with a very low humming noise and... more »

Well presented

03 Nov, 2018
These oils arrived quickly.  The quality of the packaging is brilliant.  They are well presented and once you open the box the individual bottles are set in foam.  They work well in a d... more »

Great range of sanding discs.

03 Nov, 2018
This set comprises of 6 discs of various levels of coarseness, from coarse to very fine.  Ideal for sanding jobs all around the house. Stuck to the sander well and came in a handy ziploc bag... more »

Entrancing lamp

28 Oct, 2018
This is a beautiful example of a Himalayan salt lamp.  It has a lovely soft glow to it and a natural shape that captures your attention.   more »

How to keep little hands busy.

28 Oct, 2018
My young nephews love this gadget.  At first it was quite difficult to move the inner balls around but once they had the knack they loved it.  It is a great fidget toy and keeps them amused.... more »

"So comfortable"

24 Oct, 2018
"So comfortable" is how my 4 year old nephew described this.  When he saw it he immediately climbed in side it, wrapping it around him.  He absolutely loved it.  This item... more »

Favourite Pajamas

21 Oct, 2018
These have quickly become a firm favourite.  They have a lovely bold picture of a t-rex which is appealing to any dinosaur mad child.  They feel soft and look comfortable to wear. more »

Excellent set for beginner.

21 Oct, 2018
This is an excellent set for a beginner.  The set is let down slightly by the plastic edging to the pouch and I found it difficult to work out how to do it up.  Having said that there is a g... more »

Looks good from a distance.

21 Oct, 2018
This is a striking hoodie when looking at it from a distance.  The colours are vivid and the design is great.  However I have to say I was a little disappointed with the quality.  It is... more »

Bath time fun

21 Oct, 2018
This kit comes in colourful pieces which slot together to make a track which is stuck to the side of the bath with suction pads.  It has balls and "beans" to roll down the track.. It sa... more »

Horrifyingly scary!!

16 Oct, 2018
This mask is just so frightening. It has been so well moulded that although it is a caricature it seems realistic. Personally  I did find it a little on the large size but then again I do ha... more »

A Comprehensive Manicure Pedicure set

15 Oct, 2018
This manicure pedicure kit has everything you need and more.  The case has a black cushioned PU outer with a push in clasp to open it.  It should be durable.  Inside there are all... more »

Beautiful gift set

15 Oct, 2018
These three beautiful candles would make a lovely present.  They come in a cardboard box, safely packaged in polystyrene so they would be ideal to send through the post without fear of them break... more »

A sharpener with that little bit extra!

14 Oct, 2018
I love this sharpener.  Upon opening the box I found the sharpener, which has two holes, one for this pencils and one for the thicker ones.  There was also a pencil grip and a usb charging l... more »

A classy looking wallet.

14 Oct, 2018
Upon opening the packaging I found a lovely looking box but on turning it over it had a large white label on it which really spoilt it.  I have to admit at this point I thought oh no this looks c... more »

You've got to look beyond the cover.

11 Oct, 2018
Upon opening the parcel I must admit I was a little disappointed when I saw the box.  It is smaller than I expected and the images and branding are not that inspiring.  But when I opened the... more »

A brilliant replacement for a Bosch battery.

11 Oct, 2018
My Bosch trimmer was headed for the bin as I had killed the battery by overcharging it and replacements were so expensive.  Then I came across this battery.  It has a built in micro chip to... more »