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Sleek design and High quality

30 Apr, 2019
The new member from TT (BH046) is a strong contender in ANC overear headphones market, in my opinion it can punch out of its price bracket and compete comfortablely with the Bose QC25 I have also owne... more »


30 Apr, 2019
I have used the lamp 4 times now including on my hands and feet and so far I can’t fault it at all! I was worried when buying this lamp as it was not the CND lamp used in my local salon and was... more »

very Bright

30 Apr, 2019
Bought this based on the number of very positive reviews I have read and can say without any hesitation that so far it meets the hype. The torch is very bright and easily adjustable from a pinpoint be... more »

Love this speaker

30 Apr, 2019
It's good...really good for the money, but you should know a few things before you buy this item. I've owned Bose docking stations and I've tested the Bose Soundlink . But, the price diffe... more »


30 Apr, 2019
These 'CZJ' Lightning USB charging cables are some of the best I've come across in awhile. As my family have so many devices between us, you can never have enough cables! We have a m... more »


30 Apr, 2019
August 2018. Endless hot sunny days and no rain for weeks, even in normally wet Yorkshire, has left me with a dry brown crunchy lawn. This sprinkler has definately given my lawn a good boost. It has a... more »

Very good for the price

30 Apr, 2019
Really lovely mirror! Perfect size - it’s not big but it is bigger than normal compact mirror. Big enough for me to do my hair curling. It has a stand so could be placed on the table. It is also... more »


30 Apr, 2019
I love the BEBEONCOOL PS4 Controller Dual Charger (it takes up to two PS4 Controllers) and I really believe it’s an excellent gadget that is well built and will stand the test of time... I reall... more »


15 Mar, 2019
Author's Note: This review will be updated two weeks after the original publishing date in order to reflect the quality of the item over time. Having said the above disclaimer, I have been usin... more »

Thank You

15 Mar, 2019
First of all I have it say ‘I love this smart watch’. Ive had a couple of different smart watches before and there always weren’t quite right but to be honest I was really happy w... more »


15 Mar, 2019
This soundbar has very clear sound system with high clarity and very noticiable base which for some consumers, is what they are looking for in todays market for soundbars not just on amazon but in oth... more »