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Great for lunch pails

14 Jul, 2019
This is the second set of these Folding Stainless Steel Cultery set that I've purchased and they are just as good as the first. I bought a second set so that I can throw the first into the dishwas... more »

Super Bold, Super Bright, Super Vibrant!

30 Jun, 2019
If your normal eyeliner leaves you wanting more or have always wanted the look of having used Crayola Markers as makeup then these are for you! High Pigmented is an understatement with these, you coul... more »


30 Jun, 2019
The description says this has a HEPA filter yet once you order it the manual makes no mention of any filter at all. It also says in the description that this is good to use as a room deoderizer howeve... more »

Order a size up

30 Jun, 2019
My son is a big DBZ fan and Buu has always been his favorite charactor so getting him this shirt was a no-brainer. Having ordered many clothing items from oversea sellers I knew that ordering a size u... more »

Vibrant glitter colors

30 Jun, 2019
The wife, who absolutely adores her makeup, saw this eyeshadow pallette and really wanted them. I, being the sucker for her that I am, immediately placed the order. Upon receiving them and her opening... more »

Wife likes it a lot

22 Jun, 2019
I don't use this myself and have purchased this for my wife. She has a ton of different brushes, bith hair and makeup. She however did not have one of these round brushes and expressed interest in... more »

Great for multiple cats

15 Jun, 2019
First off, this thing is BIG! So keep that in mind when picking out a spot for it. It measures roughly 5 feet across and because of the multiple openings doesn't fit into a corner well without blo... more »

Nice charger

19 May, 2019
Charges my Galaxy S7 Edge quickly and no issues hitting the "sweet spot" to get the charging connected. Phone sits securely in the cradle. The included cord and plug are a nice bonus with th... more »

Fantastic charger!

16 Mar, 2019
I got this to help keep the stress off of the micro USB port on my phone since I have to keep plugging and unplugging it throughout the day and the ability to charge it wirelessly is exactly what I ne... more »

Everything you need to work with clay

13 Mar, 2019
With a nice assortment of tools to do anything you would need to model and sculpt clay, this set covers all the bases of the most needed accessories. There is a great size range for each type of tool... more »

13 Mar, 2019
Works well to control our Android TV Kodi box. The colored LEDs add a nice touch, however the battery life is horrible, lasting only about a day and a half. more »

Cute but not that comfortable

13 Mar, 2019
My wife loves all manner of sexy dress and this little G-String seemed right up her alley. I ordered it for her and it arrived right about 20 days later. She always gets excited when I buy her se... more »

Works great to control Christmas lights!

13 Jan, 2019
I got this to make turning the lights on the Christmas tree much simpler than having to shimmy behind the tree to plug them in. Instead I used the Smart Things app on my Android phone to set it up, pl... more »

Good for a joke or novelty

13 Jan, 2019
The only reason I purchased this was as a joke Christmas present for my wife who asked for a large microphone that would allow her to do karaoke from her phone. The instructions are all in Chineese an... more »

Nice bracelet for a good price

13 Jan, 2019
Nice and shiney, adjustable to any size wrist. Minus 1 star as it came packaged in just a bag so it arrived slichtly bent out of shape but was easily formed back to the way it is supposed to be. more »

Nice selection

12 Jan, 2019
Nice selection of all the standard size fuses most vehicles use, all organized in a sturdy clear plastic box. more »

My wife loves this!

23 Dec, 2018
A big black dildo was by far the most requested prop from my wife's fans for her video shows and after doing some research she decided to give this big 9 incher a try. The liquid skin on it gives... more »

Very nicely made

23 Dec, 2018
This is a very sturdy and well built car charger. It fits into my wife's car cigarette lighter port tightly and has a bright blue glow when plugged in. You can plug in two cords at once with one b... more »

The sludge!

23 Dec, 2018
I try to keep our coffee maker, a Keurig Vue, clean by running vinegar through it every 2 month or so, and thought it was in pretty good shape. So when it came time to clean it again I thought I would... more »

Really cool!

23 Nov, 2018
I got these to put into my front porch lights since it is now getting dark before we get home and they could light up our front porch and walkway once we arrive. They fit into the base of our porch li... more »

Long lasting, odorless, and super slippery

23 Nov, 2018
Everyone needs a little extra lubrication at times and this fits the bill well. It isn't sticky, is odorless, provides a super slick experience, and being water based cleans up easily. It last a l... more »

Puts it where you need it

23 Nov, 2018
We all know what this is and what it is for, so let's get down to brass tacks: It sucks up lube easily, doesn't let it drip out, and let's you insert it into your partner to get those inne... more »

Durable, good size, and comfortable straps

23 Nov, 2018
I got this for my Son to use to carry his books and laptop to college to replace his worn and ripped back pack and he likes it very much. It has room for his laptop, his books, and all the extras he l... more »

Absolute garbage. Save your money and look elsewhere!

23 Nov, 2018
This charger is junk. I tried connecting them to 3 different batteries and used both connectors and it wouldn't charge at all. I also connected this to my MultiMeter and there was no electrical fl... more »

Perfect fit, easy install, and bright!

23 Nov, 2018
I got these to install into my wife's little Acura Integra to replace the dull normal headlights now that it is getting darker sooner in the evening and neither of us could be happier with them. T... more »

Works great!

23 Nov, 2018
I needed a new charging adapter for my work vehicle that could charge my phone in a hurry, and this does evactly that. It comes with 2 ports, one a rapid charging port that is a blue color and the oth... more »

Does what they are designed for

23 Nov, 2018
I couldn't review these lifters until I had a reason to use them and Thanksgiving day was the perfect opportunity to do so. We always make a huge turkey on Thanksgiving and these lifters handled t... more »

Wife loves these!

04 Nov, 2018
Got these for the Wife and she absolutely loves these! She wanted some new colors to use during one of her photo shoots and liked them so much she created an entire outfit around the dark red lipstick... more »

Made a great compliment to a Halloween Costume!

03 Nov, 2018
I purchased these for my wife to wear with her Halloween costume. She went as a Unicorn this year and wanted as much pastel color as she could carry, and these earrings were a great addition for her.... more »

Seems like a plastic bag

12 Oct, 2018
Fortunately I haven't had to test this yet but I did buy it to protect our important documents as Hurricane Florence was bearing down on us. Upon opening it, nothing seems remarkable about it, it... more »

Sexy and stretchy in all the right places

09 Sep, 2018
Ladies, if you ever want to turn your guy on, I mean really turn him on, wear these under your regular clothes. A skirt would be best. Then, while out with him, happen to bend over for something showi... more »

Great for dandruff removal

09 Sep, 2018
I bought this for my son who has a horrible case of dandruff. Luckily the pink color doesn't bother him  and he was more than willing to give it a try. After lathering his hair with dand... more »

Plenty of power and tons of torque!

29 Aug, 2018
While not a big name brand like DeWalt or Makita, this Werktough D018 18V Cordless Drill Driver 2 viable speed Powerful Screwdriver Lion Battery ranks right up there with those big name brands. D... more »

Big, bright, and bold!

04 Aug, 2018
Let me start right off by saying that my family loves oil diffusers! We have two that run daily and a third we use as a Halloween/Autumn decoration (https://www.blog-booster.com/writepost/B076CH9... more »

Makes a great Halloween decoration!

04 Aug, 2018
With my family being lovers of both Halloween/Fall decorations and oil diffusers, getting this pumpkin shaped oil diffuser was a no-brainer, and I'm so glad we did! While notquite as large as a st... more »

Perfect jar scrapers!

04 Aug, 2018
I wanted to wait a few days after recieving these before writing a review so I could try them out in various ways, and they pass everything with flying colors! These scraper ar eperfect jar and can sc... more »

What a great little toaster!

16 Jul, 2018
I recieved my MADETEC 2 Slice Wide Slot Toaster today and couldn't wait to open the package up. Our last toaster, a cheap piece of junk from WalMart, lasted only about 2 weeks before only half of... more »

Lots of steam from this little onion!

16 Jul, 2018
I recieved this Essential Oil Diffuser in the mail yesterday and couldn't wait to hook it up and see how it performed. The usage instructions for it are stupid simple, fill the water to the line,... more »

OK quality but what do you expect for the price

20 Jun, 2018
This is a nice set if you want to try something new with your phone camera, but don't be expecting crystal clear shots. It also will not work if you have a case on your phone. However if you want... more »

Very sexy and good quality

20 Jun, 2018
Got this pack for my wife to surprise her for our trip out of town and she was plesently surprised by them. She tried on each pair, modeling them for me, and settled on the ones with the beads that go... more »

Not made for large breast

20 Jun, 2018
I got this for my wife and even though I bought a large, this would not fit her large 34I breast. The band around the bottom would either need to be at nipple level to cover her or if worn as intended... more »

Great quality brushes

20 Jun, 2018
According to my wife these are great brushes. They don't shred any bristles, the heads are attached tightly to the handles, and they provide a nice, even, smooth coat when applying her makeup.... more »

Too soft and not slick

08 Mar, 2018
Works with effort, but too soft and  the silicone drags even with plenty of lube. more »

Nice, soft silicone case

04 Jan, 2018
Case works well for what it is designed for but I do wish it was a bit more durable feeling. It is a soft silicone and the hinge piece does not feel like it will last as long as it could once it is op... more »

Works perfectly for tablets and Boogie Board writing tablets!

26 Dec, 2017
I got this to go with a Boogie Board LED writing tablet that my wife wanted for Christmas, and while it is very simple in design and function, it works perfectly for what it is meant to do. Folds almo... more »

Does what it says but not strong enough to work through phone case

12 Dec, 2017
I bought this as a spare for my wife to use at work but it just doesn't cut the mustard. She has a Unicorn Beetle case on her S7edge and this charger will not connect through it to keep a constant... more »

Much nicer than expected!

12 Dec, 2017
Durable with good range, they work great for those times I am working outside and don't want to take my expensive phone but need to be in contact with home. Much better than I was expecting and we... more »