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kim massey

About Me

If you have a great product I am one to tell you about it
But don't expect me to lie if its bad because I wont.
I am in the top 450 best reviewers on Amazon so I expect quality to be sold.


Highly Recommend

20 Mar, 2019
Such supurb quality I cant felt it  more »

Absolutely Beautiful

20 Mar, 2019
I bought  things for my teenage daughter now shes become very intrigued in make up and the quality is next to none   more »

Fantastic for my Samsung s9 plus

18 Mar, 2019
Charge it up pack it away in your bag then whenever you are out and loose battery just turn it on add your phone and leave to charge. more »

Great for adapting clothing

18 Mar, 2019
Great for adapting clothing great for attaching to window nets to stop flies getting in the home So many uses  more »

So pretty

18 Mar, 2019
Fantastic for weddings birthday bags for kids parties and for little teachers gift bags with a cream egg in for easter more »

Heat wave must have

18 Mar, 2019
This is brilliant for on the desk at work or on your  bed side table  more »

Very thin

18 Mar, 2019
Perfect for heat wave weather but very thin more »

So much more hygienic

18 Mar, 2019
I buy bulk meat from the butchers so for me this was a must have in the kitchen it's easy to use and saves your meat getting frost bite more »

Great water bottle

18 Mar, 2019
This is the best kind of water bottle for when I visit the gym more »

So much more hygienic

18 Mar, 2019
Everyone who has either kids or elderly people living in there home needs one of these They are so much more hygienic because your not touching it with dirty hands there is a sensor that detects yo... more »

Everyone needs this protection

18 Mar, 2019
This fits on very easily and has lasted a long time so far I'm really impressed by the strength of this because iv had many before that have cracked just by dropping my phone. more »

absolutely gorgeous!!!

07 Nov, 2018
Absolutely love this lamp The colour is beautiful and the light is just the right brightness. Iv been looking for a good quality one for a long time and I'm so happy iv finally found one more »

Good design

23 Oct, 2018
God sturdy design but unfortunately this needs the middle strap from the kneck area to the waist underneath because without it when the dog pulls through excitement it has nothing to stop it from chok... more »

Great clips

20 Oct, 2018
These are great for when you need to do a up twist and clip style Or when you need to section of your hair ready for styling so it doesn't get in your way. more »

Fantastic space saver

20 Oct, 2018
I bought this for my 12year old daughter because she's a make up fanatic at the moment She was terrible for leaving her lip glosses and nail varnishs here there and everywhere so this keeps it... more »

Just what I wanted

20 Oct, 2018
Iv had a few of these over the years but none as good as this one It heats up quickly, and it cools fairly quickly too. It's extremely easy to understand how to use You just turn on point... more »

They fit my tracklife sander perfectly

20 Oct, 2018
I bought these for my tracklife sander and they fit perfectly and sand beautifully They are exactly what I was looking for. Very pleased with them more »

Well made but the design was not well thought out

11 Oct, 2018
It's very strong and very well made in the terms of quality but unfortunately the part that goes intfront of the chest area has no attachment to the part that goes around the middle so whenev... more »