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About Me

I'm interested in photography, tech and computer products. I also like testing and reviewing a variety of products and have a wide range of hobbies and interests. I review products from a buyers perspective and after testing the product try to leave an informative video and good quality photos to go with the written review. I post these reviews on several social media platforms including YouTube, FaceBook and Pinterest in an established reviewing group.


Useful Rechargeable Indoor Motion Sensor Lights

16 Apr, 2018
I find these indoor lights, which automatically switch on when it senses movement in close proximity, very useful. they are particularly good in dark cupboards, sheds or outbuildings with no power sou... more »

Handy Picket Sized Multi-Function Tool

16 Apr, 2018
This multi-functional pocket tool was bought as a stocking filler Christmas present (yes I'm starting early this year) for a techie teen. Not only is it a ball point pen and touchscreen stylus but... more »

A Colour Changing Low Energy Bulb With A Good Quality Built In Bluetooth Speaker

16 Apr, 2018
This was bought for a teen girl who has a small box bedroom and constantly complains about having no space for anything in her tiny bedroom. I think this dual purpose bulb is a great idea as as well a... more »

Cute Novelty Piggy Bank

09 Apr, 2018
This novelty piggy bank is an ideal way of encouraging children to save their pennies rather than spending them on sweeties. This is because the money box looks like a small blue cardboard box measuri... more »

Great Kitchen Tool For Reducing Food Waste & Saving Money

01 Apr, 2018
As someone who likes to buy in bulk and batch cook then freeze in individual portions as to save money this vacuum sealer will prove to be a useful for this purpose. The compact unit can either just s... more »

A Colour Changing Low Energy Bulb Ideal For Room Mood Enhancement

30 Mar, 2018
One of the easiest ways of altering the "mood" of a room is by the way it is lit and this LED bulb either on it's own or along with other similar bulbs are a simple way of doing that. T... more »

A Small But Loud Bluetooth Speaker With Good Sound Quality

30 Mar, 2018
This is a small but surprisingly loud Bluetooth speaker with a decent amount of bass and good sound quality. As well as being able to play music via your Bluetooth devices as this speaker has a micro... more »

Compact Over The Ear Bluetooth Headphones

14 Mar, 2018
These Bluetooth over the ear headphones are handy for people who can't wear Bluetooth  earphones but like the idea of the freedom that wearing a wireless headset can bring. Also a bonus point... more »

A Cute Novelty Child's Piggy Bank

07 Mar, 2018
 I thought this delightful little coin bank would be ideal to try and encourage a child to save up money. The novelty aspect  of this box is that it looks like a small cardboard box but when... more »

Useful Illuminated Portable Folding Mirror

05 Mar, 2018
I was looking for a gift for a fashion and make-up obsessed teenage girl and thought that this illuminated portable tri-folding mirror would be ideal for her. This mirror measures 15cms x 12cms fol... more »

Useful Lights For Book Reading, DIY Or Craft Work

28 Feb, 2018
If you like reading in a darkened room or in bed whilst not wishing to disturb your partner then one of these LUXJET LED rechargeable neck book lights may be ideal for your needs. This book light has... more »

Versatile Bluetooth Headphones Which Can Also Be Used As Wired Headphones

28 Feb, 2018
I use my laptop as a media centre and it has all of my music and audio books on it, and not to annoy the rest of the family I usually listen to to my media via wired over the ear headphones but this m... more »

Nice Novelty Memory Stick

28 Feb, 2018
A nice little novelty 16gb memory stick in the shape of a guitar and at just under £10 would make a nice gift for a musical friend or family member, The memory stick is well made from a silicone... more »

Handy Mini Photography Studio Which Gets the Job Done Well

05 Feb, 2018
Something different for me to review this time, it's a portable mini studio with built in lighting. This HanSemay small, portable and  foldable photo studio tent is currently on sale for unde... more »

Good Multipurpose Men's Grooming Tool

03 Feb, 2018
This BEISIWO 4 In1 waterproof cordless electric rotary shaver is a handy men's grooming tool as it has 4 interchangeable heads. One head is a treble rotary shaver head, the second is a beard &... more »

Decent Quality Wired Earphones

26 Jan, 2018
Most audiophiles would agree that wired earphones give a better quality of music to  Bluetooth / wireless earphones. That said wired earphones, including expensive ones, are prone to tangling and... more »

Handy Credit Card Sized USB Memory Flash Drive

22 Jan, 2018
This a useful little novelty item a 16GB memory USB flash drive in the shape of a credit card. It comes in a plastic case and removed from the case I was surprised at how thin this card is, infact it&... more »

Very Good Wired Or Wireless Gaming Mouse

15 Jan, 2018
I recently bought an Android TV box but found the basic remote control that came with it difficult to use for navigating, web browsing and plating games. I was advised to get a wireless mouse so got t... more »

Attractive Vine Design LED String Lights

03 Dec, 2017
This set of string lights is really versatile as it can be used indoors or outdoors as they are waterproof, they also look different to other string lights as they are made to look like a vine with th... more »

Good Lightweight Winter Boots

15 Nov, 2017
These ankle boots by Soulsfeng are strong, well made but comfortable and lightweight enough to wear either as casual or Winter footwear. The sizes also correspond to UK sizes so no need to order bigge... more »

Comfortable Leather Hi-Top Trainers Also Suitable As Winter Footwear

02 Nov, 2017
As Winter approaches I realised my old Winter boots were showing severe signs of wear which made me doubt that they'd last through the upcoming few months. So I decided to get myself a new pair in... more »

Just As Good As The Expensive Brands

21 Oct, 2017
These Kuji Tiger trainers are well made, comfortable white leather training shoes from Soulsfeng with a Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) sole which is softer, more flexible and durable than gum rubber esp... more »

Quality Leather Trainers At A Surprisingly Low Price

14 Oct, 2017
A pair of training shoes for me to review today and these are an unknown brand to me called Soulsfeng. These trainers are designed to be worn by skateboarders and consequently have a non-slip rubber s... more »

Good Quality Wired Earphones

10 Oct, 2017
Good quality wired earphones which come in a nice cardboard with a transparent window showing the earpiece. The earphones have a modern design and an inline control unit with a built in microphone so... more »

Keep Your Feet Warm And Cosy

29 Sep, 2017
With Winter coming these socks would be an ideal gift for a female friend or relative to keep their feet in warmth and comfort. These socks can be used as bed socks or as an alternative to slippers as... more »

Ideal For A Nip Of The Highland Nectar

29 Sep, 2017
Christmas is not too far away and with it comes the problem of buying presents for people. We all have two or three difficult people to buy for that we can never think of what we can buy them that isn... more »

Keep Your Feet Warm And Cosy

19 Sep, 2017
A nice pack containing 5 pairs of  ladies thermal socks,.each pair pair features a little house in the woods with slight differences and colour designs for each pair. the socks feel soft and warm... more »

A Good Lightweight Camera Tripod At A Great Price

02 Sep, 2017
Once camera tripods were only used by the professional or dedicated amateur photographers infact I'm old enough to remember when many households didn't even own a camera. So why do you need a... more »

No Elbow Grease Needed ............ Just Polish

09 Aug, 2017
If you have leather products to care for like furniture, shoes or coats then this electric polishing kit can save you elbow grease whilst polishing and protecting the leather. The kit comes in a bo... more »

More Than A Bluetooth Speaker

03 Aug, 2017
This is a small stereo Bluetooth speaker measures 5.5 x 28 x 4 cms and weighing in at 280g makes it light and portable for use around the home or an ideal music player for a caravan or shed where spac... more »

Useful Motion Sensor Activated Light

23 Jul, 2017
First of all I have to say that despite that the description given in the link below that this is a two pack  you do only get  one light so I think the seller should amend the description. I... more »

Good General Purpose Binoculars At A Reasonable Price

12 Jul, 2017
There a many different types of binoculars and all have been designed for a purpose. Mini binoculars are great for carrying around for spontaneous use if you spot something. High or zoom magnification... more »

An Effective 8 x Magnification Monocular For It's Price

05 Jul, 2017
Some people find it difficult to use or can't use binoculars at all so a good alternative is to use a monocular which is a kind of cross between  binoculars and a telescope. As with most o... more »