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orks like a charm..... would really recommend

20 Mar, 2019
Beautiful working mouse. Slim design and does not Require batteries. Batteries can be charged via USB. Battery offered is a 14500 battery which goes a real long way. I would give a 5 star. more »

17 Mar, 2019
Beautiful watch. Was the perfect gift for my wife. Instead of buying expensive watches every year, she thought that I hand crafyed his watch.# rank booster more »

Nice watch !!!! Fancy a wooden watch

08 Mar, 2019
Real nice wooden watch. more »

Nice razor

08 Mar, 2019
Beautiful razor which gives you a real close shave. Used to go to the barbers but now things have changed. Getting a clean shave at home. more »

05 Mar, 2019
The materials the blades are made from can be one of the reasons that the price varies so much. It’s important to find a blade that is made of strong materials that will stay sharp over time.The... more »

Perfect round balls and really excited to get some photographs posted on Amazon

25 Feb, 2019
Was really excited to get perfect round Iced balls. I wish I had a camera to update my posts on Amazon to really show how this product really works. I would say one of the best buys that I have ever m... more »

Daughter really excited about this product.

25 Feb, 2019
My daughter was really excited about this product. I don't know why everytime we put them in the oven she thinks we are going to eat them. Really a nice gift for kids. Only make sure you dont let... more »

Lovely piece of equipment. Should have found this earlier

25 Feb, 2019
Was tired of buying microwave popcorns and than a miracle. Found this product on line from Amazon so I buy, the 99 p packets of popcorns and just some salt and butter. Than straight into my belly. Rea... more »

Thought that price was too good to be true and a product for this price will be a disaster

25 Feb, 2019
After purchasing this product I thought this product would never work but I was proven wrong. This product has an outstanding performance and till date hav had no issues. Compared to other marked prod... more »

One of the best Ethernet hub I ever had.....

25 Feb, 2019
After using Anker I never wanted to change any of my adapters. But, today I found that there are better products out there and I found that this product is really served its purpose. more »