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I have been reviewing products for two years. I enjoy testing a variety of new products and I enjoy writing reviews. I am thorough in my reviews, always test the product first and then write a description of it. I add videos to my reviews for all products to show how they work and are handled in reality. These videos are actually short movies with text and sound. I also take good pictures and add them to my reviews.


New Generation Aromatherapy Essential Oils, Set of 6 Bottles x 10 ml by Marshal's Recipe

14 Nov, 2018
This set of 6 bottles contains 10 ml of aromatic essential oils in each bottle. The six essential oils are Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Lemon, and Peppermint. The oils are 100% pure, u... more »

WU-MINGLU Wireless Bluetooth Headband with Built-in Headphones

13 Nov, 2018
The Bluetooth Headband is not only a fashionable item but also a useful device for entertainment. This headband is made of cotton and polyester with a nice pattern, making it flexible and feeling soft... more »

Wireless Vacuum Cleaner, Portable and Rechargeable with Cyclonic Motor by Licorne

10 Nov, 2018
This portable vacuum cleaner by Licorne is small and lightweight, hence easy to use both in the house and outside, to clean the car for instance. It comes equipped with a flexible tube, a pointed nozz... more »

Professional Electric 4 in 1 Shaver with 4D Floating Rotary Head, Waterproof and Rechargeable by FoolsAlibai

07 Nov, 2018
This electric shaver has a modern design. It is compact, lightweight and ergonomic. The shaver has 3 auxiliary heads: a facial cleaning brush, sideburns and nose hair trimmer heads. The shaver head it... more »

Natural Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp for a healthy atmosphere by Magic Salt

23 Oct, 2018
The magic salt lamp is made of good quality pink Himalayan crystals. Its size, 19-21 cm, is suitable for its use as a bedside table lamp. It is pretty heavy at 2-3kg. The rock itself is fixed to a pol... more »

Wulfpac Laptop Professional Anti-Theft Backpack, Large, Slim, and Waterproof

21 Oct, 2018
The business laptop backpack is made of a waterproof and resistant polyester material. This backpack is very spacious and it is lightweight due to the quality of the material. It has two big zipped co... more »

Ausma BBQ Tools Stainless Steel Set, 19 pcs, with BBQ Glove

18 Oct, 2018
The BBQ set is made of 19 pieces, making it a complete and professional kit for grilling both indoors and outdoors. The BBQ tools are made of stainless steel, preventing them from rusting. The BBQ too... more »

Paint Brush Set, Round Pointed Nylon Tip and 2pcs Paint Palettes for Watercolor, Acrylic and Oil Painting by Morkia

18 Oct, 2018
The set of paint brushes by Morkia is made of 12 brushes with nylon hair brush which stays soft and flexible even after being washed. These nylon hair brushes have a smooth surface however they are st... more »

Paint Brush Set with Nylon Hair Brush and 2 Paint Palettes for Watercolour, Oil and Acrylic Painting by Morkia

15 Oct, 2018
The paint brush set by Morkia has 10 brushes with nylon tips in a variety of sizes and shapes. The brushes are sturdy and their hair stays soft, flexible and does not shed after cleaning. The ferrules... more »

Soft Cashmere-Like Cable Knitted Scarf for Men by CityComfort

08 Oct, 2018
The cable knitted scarf for men by CityComfort has a chunky look and a soft cashmere feel. It is cable knitted and looks fashionable. This scarf is made of a nice and soft fabric which will keep warm... more »

Travel Adaptor Plug for US/AU/JP/EU to UK 3 Pins Outlet by DentJet

20 Sep, 2018
The travel adaptor by DentJet is small and lightweight, hence easy to carry around. It will fit in a UK plug and it will take adaptors from other countries plugged on its other side. The side which ca... more »

Poweradd Aries I 10000mAh Portable Power Bank with LED Display and USB-C Input & Output

20 Sep, 2018
The Poweradd Aries I power bank has a durable aluminium alloy shell, which makes it stronger and resistant to corrosion. It is a compact and slimly designed power bank which charges fast having a batt... more »

Mini Portable and Rechargeable Handheld USB Misting Fan by Wivarra

21 Aug, 2018
The mini handheld portable fan by Wivarra, is lightweight and compact. It can be easily carried in handbags to have it handy when needed. The mini fan has a misting function which makes it very useful... more »

LED Solar Garden Lantern with Carved Retro Chrysanthemum Flowers by Renfox

20 Aug, 2018
This solar garden lantern by Renfox is made of metal carved with a design representing Chrysanthemum flowers. The solar panel is situated on top of the lantern and can be easily removed.  At the... more »

Magic Salt 4 X Quality Natural Pink Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Candle Tea Light Holders

20 Aug, 2018
This set of 4 candle tea light holders by Magic Salt are made from a high quality of natural Himalayan salt crystals. These candle holders are handcrafted with a rough original finish. Hence each cand... more »

Natural Pink Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp by Magic Salt

16 Aug, 2018
I have heard of the beneficial health effects of the Himalayan salt lamps hence my interest in buying one. The magic salt lamp is made of good quality pink Himalayan crystals. The size of this lamp is... more »

Portable Mole Removal Pen with Adjustable 9 Frequencies by Xiaoyi

09 Aug, 2018
This device has a shape of a pen, with an elegant and ergonomic design. It works based on a new technology using low temperature and high frequency to remove warts, skin tags, etc. without any pain or... more »

Portable Waterproof, 12000mAh Solar Power Bank, with Dual USB and LED Flashlight by X-DNENG

05 Aug, 2018
This solar power bank by X-DNENG is multifunctional and compact. It has a built-in lithium-ion battery of 12000mAh which can be charged either by solar power or by the main outlet using the USB chargi... more »

Portable Smart Night Light, Flashlight, Atmosphere Light, USB Rechargeable by Outdoortop

03 Aug, 2018
  The table light by Outdoortop is a multifunctional lamp that can be used as a table night light, a portable flashlight and also as a mood light. The lamp has an inbuilt battery of 1800mAh so... more »

Waterproof 4 in 1 Lady Shaver USB Rechargeable by Wonnie

01 Aug, 2018
The lady shaver by Wonnie is compact and multifunctional. It is lightweight and small in size, making it a perfect tool to carry in a handbag or toiletry bag to have it handy anytime. The shaver has f... more »

Small and Lightweight 32GB USB Memory Stick with Keychain by Moreslan

30 Jul, 2018
This memory stick by Moreslan is made of aluminium alloy giving it durability while it feels lightweight. It comes with a keychain hence can be handy at any time. Being USB 3.0, it transfers data fast... more »

The Gooseneck Cell Phone Mount by MyArmor Helps Use Mobile Devices Hands- Free

30 Jul, 2018
The gooseneck mount by MyArmor is made of aluminium alloy and plastic a combination to provide both support for the mobile devices but also elasticity to get the best position in which to use the devi... more »

Enjoy Quality Coffee on the Go with the Portable Espresso Maker by Barsetto

16 Jul, 2018
As a coffee lover, I was interested in the Barsetto Espresso maker for two reasons. This espresso machine is portable and it is compatible with both coffee capsules and ground coffee. The coffee maker... more »

A good value power bank for charging mobile devices on the go by Omars

14 Jul, 2018
The power bank by Omars has a slim design. It is small, and lightweight, perfect for carrying it to have it handy when needing to charge a mobile device. It has a built-in 2500mAh battery which provid... more »

Electric and rechargeable arc lighter with flexible neck safe to use for both indoor and outdoor activities by Megainvo

11 Jul, 2018
The electric lighter by Megainvo uses an electric arc without flame and odourless to light anything from candles to gas stoves. The lighter has an 11.2 cm long and flexible neck so one can light at an... more »

A retro designed red toaster with several modern useful functions by Latitop

08 Jul, 2018
The toaster by Latitop has a retro design with a nice red colour. It is made of stainless still and zinc on the outside with the grill made of aluminium. Despite its retro design this toaster has seve... more »

Slim and Stylish RFID Blocking Leather Wallet with Money Clip by Ultima Forma

04 Jul, 2018
The wallet by Ultima Forma is handmade of leather embossed with gold initials. It is hand stitched to make it durable. The wallet feels smooth and is really slim hence easy to discreetly keep it in a... more »

Versatile memory card reader with two interfaces and two SD card slots

01 Jul, 2018
The memory card reader by Zoweetek has a dual interface one USB 3.0 for PCs and a micro USB for mobile devices, phones and tablets that support OTG function. There are two slots, on one side of the ca... more »

A multi-functional table lamp with soft LED light and BT speaker by Heart Horse

01 Jul, 2018
The Songbird reading table lamp is a multifunctional lamp, offering not only a warm light but also the possibility to listen to music while reading or studying, having incorporated a Bluetooth speaker... more »

Morpilot Original 3D Moon Lamp for a Romantic Atmosphere

22 Jun, 2018
The 3D printed moon lamp by Morpilot has a diameter of 15 cm (5.9 inches). The surface of the moon is printed in 3D on the lamp with realistic craters, mountains and plateaus. The moon lamp can change... more »

A useful kitchen utensil for gatherings with friends and family

16 Jun, 2018
The pizza paddle by Avex is made of solid non-stick steel. It is thin with a good hold for any pizza. Its surface is large enough to fit a small and a medium pizza. The handle is 12 cm long, it is erg... more »

Morkia Versatile Sketch Pencil Set for both Students and more Experienced Artists

15 Jun, 2018
This pencil set is really useful for drawing. It contains not only 18 pieces of sketch pencils but also 3 charcoal pencils, 3 blenders, 2 erasers, a pencil extender and a craft knife. The pencil set c... more »

A 3 in 1 Car Air Purifier by Natol to Improve the Air Quality

13 Jun, 2018
Having all members in the family allergic to pollen, dust mold and fungus spores I thought the car air purifier would be helpful to alleviate the effect of these allergies.  The car air purifier... more »

A versatile set of 10 nylon paint brushes with various tips for watercolour, oil and acrylic painting by Morkia

11 Jun, 2018
The paint brush set by Morkia has 10 brushes with nylon tips in a variety of sizes and shapes. The brushes are soft, flexible and do not shed. They can be easily cleaned under the water and do dry fas... more »

A useful device for long car journeys by Natol

10 Jun, 2018
The car charger adapter from Natol, extends the use of a car cigarette lighter plug from one to 3. This device has also two USB output charging ports of a total of 4.2 A. This charger is very useful f... more »

An originally designed memory stick, fast and easy to use by Sunworld

15 May, 2018
Any Formula 1 fan will love this USB stick by Sunworld. It is made of metal with a nice finish and gloss and has the shape of a racing car. Its capacity is 16 GB, and it is very easy to use without th... more »

Keep data on cards protected with the RFID card holder by Falcon Vault

15 May, 2018
This men’s card holder is slim and made of soft Italian leather. It has a modern design and has 4 pockets for cards, cash, and driver’s licence. This wallet can block RFID signals and prot... more »

The Sunworld dual port OTG memory stick to get more entertainment on your mobile device

14 May, 2018
We all use more and more our portable devices such as phones and tablets to be entertained. Some of these devices can have their memories extended with an SD card however some do not have a slot for t... more »

An efficient USB 2.0 flash drive with a memory of 32 GB and with a crystal aspect by Portworld

14 May, 2018
The memory stick USB 2.0 by Portworld has a nice and modern design. It stands out having a crystal transparent aspect. When plugged into a computer it lights up flashing in blue due to an incorporated... more »

An elegant portable make up mirror with LED lights and touch screen by Justime

12 May, 2018
This make up mirror by Justime has a rectangular shape with two sides which fold over the central mirror. The mirror has 12x15.5 cm and can easily fit in a hand bag or toiletry bag. The mirror has the... more »

Innovative, safe to use USB rechargeable electronic lighter by Green Grass

11 May, 2018
This lighter by Green Grass has a few useful properties. First of all, it has no flame. It is an arc lighter, USB rechargeable. Hence no gas required being good value for money. The lighter has a doub... more »

Beautiful decorative star-shaped LED lights by Amteker for a relaxed and warm atmosphere

07 May, 2018
This 5 meters LED fairy string light by Amteker has 50 stars attached. The lights are powered by 3xAA batteries. The stars emit a warm white and bright light, without hurting the eyes. These lights ar... more »

Set of 6 copper string LED decorative lights by AmeiTech creating a festive atmosphere

07 May, 2018
This set of 6 copper string lights raised my interest since they can be used to create a nice décor and atmosphere for various occasions. One string light is 2 meters long and has 20 small LED... more »

Convenient and fast transfer of data from PC to smartphones and tablets

02 May, 2018
This 2 in 1 micro dual transfer memory stick by Moobom has both a USB 2.0 and a micro USB port, therefore it can be used with both a PC and a mobile phone. Both USB ports are protected with a transpar... more »

A useful charger both at home and away by EasyAcc

01 May, 2018
This wall charger by EasyAcc is compact and lightweight. It has 3 USB ports that automatically detect the best charging for each device, to provide the most efficient charging up to 2.4A. It can charg... more »

A face serum rich in natural and beneficial ingredients to improve skin texture by Stay-Young

30 Apr, 2018
The face serum is supplied in a generous amount of 60 ml. It contains at least 20% vitamin C in a form that goes through the skin barrier. Besides vitamin c this serum contains a mix of natural ingred... more »

A delicate and colourful scarf for any occasion by Cool Trade Winds

26 Apr, 2018
This scarf is ethically sourced being hand woven from 100% viscose. It is a fashionable scarf looking as a net with lots of small blobs confetti like in a burst of colours. The scarf is 193cm x 33cm i... more »

A net weave scarf bursting with colours by Cool Trade Winds

26 Apr, 2018
As the name shows this scarfed is hand woven as a net with lots of small blobs looking like confetti in a variety of colours. The scarf is made of viscose and is 193cm x 33cm in size. The scarf looks... more »

An original mini fan which can cool and show the time by B2ocled

26 Apr, 2018
This mini fan is interesting and original because when working it shows also the time. The mini fan is safe to use due to its silicone blades which are soft. The fan has a flexible gooseneck which can... more »

A handy portable power bank fast charging smartphones and tablets by Super-Bab

22 Apr, 2018
The power bank from Super-Bab is portable due to its small size and being lightweight. It has an intelligent fast charge port 5V, providing a fast charge for the smart phones. This power bank auto det... more »

Cosy blanket with sleeves for winter evenings by Catalonia

20 Apr, 2018
The blanket with sleeves by Catalonia is great for winter evenings to snuggle up on the sofa to watch TV or to read a book. This blanket is made of polyester with a velvet aspect. It feels soft and ke... more »

Versatile Reversible Catalonia warm Sherpa fleece throw blanket

20 Apr, 2018
The throw blanket by Catalonia has a double side. On one side it looks like velvet with a Christmas theme and on the other side it looks like soft Sherpa.  The throw blanket is made of 100% polye... more »

An originally designed make up mirror with light and 3 magnifying panels by Noto

19 Apr, 2018
This table make up mirror by Noto has 4 panels with the following magnifications: a middle and right panel of 1x magnification, a left panel magnifying 2x and 3x times and an extra mirror, round which... more »

Good value Alintor Silicone waffle moulds

15 Apr, 2018
This waffle making kit by Alintor comes with two moulds to make waffles. One mould is a square shape and results in 4 waffles and the other one is a heart shaped mould giving 5 waffles. The moulds are... more »

Soft and comfortable 3D eye sleeping masks for a relaxed deep sleep

11 Apr, 2018
The package contains 3 sleeping eye masks by JT Justime. I always have a problem waking up too early in the morning due to early light especially when spring comes. I have tried a few eye masks howeve... more »

Versatile light bulb with remote control by LUXJET

08 Apr, 2018
This light bulb by LUXJET is energy saving. It has 10W which is equivalent to 40W when lighting in white. The bulb comes with a remote control which can adjust the brightness of the light, it can chan... more »

Useful rechargeable toilet night light with smart motion detector by LUXJET

26 Mar, 2018
This toilet night light form LUXJET is the second generation, it is smaller and does not work with batteries. It is rechargeable, coming with a USB charging cable. The toilet light saves energy and it... more »

Multifunctional and safe to use vacuum sealer by Verisa

26 Mar, 2018
I have been looking for a vacuum sealer for a while and checking the specification of the portable vacuum sealer machine from Verisa I knew this was the one for me. Made of durable ABS material this v... more »

Elegant and stylish leather RFID blocking wallet for safe card storage by Falcon Vault

19 Mar, 2018
This is a stylish and elegant bi-fold men’s wallet made of genuine Italian leather with a contemporary design. This wallet by Falcon Vault is equipped with advanced blocking material, which bloc... more »

Modern and comfortable designed foldable headphones with a stereo sound by Zakitane

12 Mar, 2018
This set of headphones has a new and modern design and is also ergonomic being created for a comfortable fit to wear it for hours. It is compatible with most mobile devices Android and Apple, with PC,... more »

A relaxing way to relieve eye strain with the USB heated eye mask by echoice

09 Mar, 2018
I am spending many hours in front of the computer very often till late hours in the night, both for work and at home. I also like to watch TV and to read books hence all my day’s activities rely... more »

Keep home clean from pet fur, lint and hair with the Swish pet fur removal brush

08 Mar, 2018
Anyone who owns pets knows that their fur can get anywhere and it can attach to clothes and other materials being difficult to completely remove it even with the hoover. I was interested in the Swish... more »

The Adorer M9 High Definition Earphones for a clear sound with enhanced bass

05 Mar, 2018
These headphones have a comfortable around the ear design. They come with 3 pairs in 3 different sizes of silicone ear tips, 3 pairs of foam ear tips and a protective case. These in ear headphones are... more »

Original and creative money box by Peradix

01 Mar, 2018
The money box by Peradix is a fun and creative device which encourages anyone to start saving the small change. The box is made of ABS plastic, durable and non toxic, safe for children to play with. T... more »

Good value Phonemax Q5, Android 6.0, Smartphone, 5.0 Inch for both business and personal use

28 Feb, 2018
The Q5 smartphone from Phonemax uses QuardCore MediaTek MT6735A processor. Its OS is Android 6.0 and it has 2GB RAM and 16 GB ROM which can be extended to 32GB by using a micro SD/TF card. This phone... more »

Decorating cakes is easy with the rotating cake stand and flower making kit by LAVANDIN

26 Feb, 2018
The Lavandin cake turntable comes packed in a nice box together with a flower making kit. This set also includes a link to a YouTube video tutorial for making flowers from buttercream together with in... more »

LUXJET Multipurpose originally designed USB rechargeable LED light

25 Feb, 2018
The LED rechargeable book light from LUXJET is made of rubber and has an inbuilt 850mAh Lithium battery. This light has an ergonomic and original design. It can be hung around the neck and its two fle... more »

A versatile folding carry bag with big capacity and comfortable handles by MY TO

19 Feb, 2018
This shopping carry bag is made of polyester, tear-resistant, water repellent and also easy to clean. This is a carry bag that offers a large capacity, and can carry up to 16 kg. It has also a nice er... more »

Keep electronics accessories organized with the WANDF Portable Case

15 Feb, 2018
The cable organizer  is made of durable nylon and it is cushioned to offer protection to its content. This is a relatively roomy case, measuring 26x18x3.6 cm, to store various electronics accesso... more »

A versatile and good quality set of 12 fine line ink coloured pens from Allescool

12 Feb, 2018
The Allescool fine line ink pen set consists of 12 pens in various colours with a 0.4 mm fine tip. These ink pens draw clear and sharp fine lines, being very useful for sketching and drawing. They can... more »

A USB stick with a unique design for safe storage and fast transfer from Rocita

12 Feb, 2018
This USB memory stick by Rocita has a modern and unique design, in the shape of a guitar. It actually looks like a miniature guitar, black with details in red and white. It is small and compact and ea... more »

Originally designed whiskey glasses with large capacity by Summit One

08 Feb, 2018
The whiskey glasses by Summit One come in a pack of 4. They are large, impressive glasses with a capacity of 310 ml. The whiskey glasses have a modern design and are made of 100% lead-free glass, bein... more »

Have a warm drive in the cold season

28 Jan, 2018
This front car seat heater from MY TO gives a great warm feeling in winter. Getting in a cold car is very uninviting on winter mornings therefore having a driver car seat heater is a good way to start... more »

Good concept however poor design

28 Jan, 2018
This screwdriver with torch was intended to be a very useful tool. It is compact and lightweight hence portable. Besides the Philips screwdriver set the device has also a safety hammer which can be us... more »

Modern and comfortable designed gaming headphones for an enhanced gaming experience by Zakitane

27 Jan, 2018
This set of headphones has a modern design and is ergonomic being created for a comfortable fit to wear it for hours. It comes also with an adapter cable to connect to PS4 and XBox. It is compatible w... more »

Safe and useful aluminium stand for phone or tablet from Ecandy

27 Jan, 2018
The Ecandy mobile phone and tablet stand is large and steady. It is made of aluminium hence it is lightweight and portable. It has a good angle to be able to see the screen for watching movies and vid... more »

Originally designed LED lanterns with a bright light from Amteker

22 Jan, 2018
The tent LED lanterns come 2 in a pack in two different colours. They have an original design in the shape of a light bulb. The box with the lantern has specifications on one side and features on the... more »

A versatile Laptop Backpack with exits for Headset and USB Charging Cable by AILEESE

15 Jan, 2018
This backpack by Aileese is fashionable with a modern design. On the outside it is made of cloth, Oxford resistant fabric, which is also waterproof and makes the backpack feel lightweight. On the insi... more »

Ergonomic and versatile gaming mouse from Zelotes

12 Jan, 2018
This is a versatile gaming mouse which can be used not only for gaming but in general for computer work. It can be used either attached to the computer using the USB cable provided or wireless using t... more »

Portable lunch bag with a fashionable design by Giana Chinwe

11 Jan, 2018
This lunch bag has a unique design. It looks modern and fashionable.  The lunch bag is made of durable Oxford cloth, with a nice look and feel, and it is well insulated with a durable aluminium f... more »

Non-Surgical Face Lift Mask for a defined and firm jaw

10 Jan, 2018
This trial kit contains two non-surgical face lift masks. The idea behind this kit is a dream come true for every woman who starts experiencing a double chin since it promises a reduction in the chin... more »

Samar car charger with Smart QC 3.0 and Smart Technology for a fast charge

08 Jan, 2018
This car charger from Samar is small and lightweight. It is a new model released this year 2018, charging devices faster with Quick Charge 3.0. The device is provided with two dual ports one for quick... more »

ONIKUMA Camouflage Stereo Gaming Headphones with crystal clear stereo sound by Zakitane

18 Dec, 2017
The Onikuma camouflage gaming head set from Zakitane is made of ABS material with a matte finish and suitable gaming design. This headset is also scratchproof and the connection cable to the PC or oth... more »

The hourglass shaped Bluetooth speaker versatile with a remarkable sound from Nasibo

12 Dec, 2017
This Bluetooth speaker from Nasibo is eye catching due to its hourglass shape. It is also bigger than I imagined which makes it a nice decorative hourglass as well. This retro design is combined with... more »

Soft and warm foldable earmuffs from Justime

01 Dec, 2017
Since I do not like wearing beanie hats in winter I found these ear muffs from Justime to help protect my ears against the freezing cold in winter. The ear muffs are made of acrylic. They are lined wi... more »

Soft and comfortable to wear head towels from Justime

27 Nov, 2017
I have been looking for such a towel head wrap since they are so much easier to keep on the head without slipping off as compared to a normal towel. There are two such head towels in the pack one is b... more »

Versatile silicone scrubbers with a long usage by Shizak

13 Nov, 2017
The use of silicone for kitchen utensils has widened in the past year. I am impressed with the versatility of use silicone has. The silicone dish scrubber from Shizak comes in a pack of two, in variou... more »

Portable Bluetooth speaker from Ecandy with a crystal-clear sound

10 Nov, 2017
This is another good quality speaker from Ecandy. It is waterproof so it can be used to listen to music while in the shower or by the pool. It is made of durable silicone and it is rugged on the surfa... more »

Light and easy to pack, handy for weighing luggage either at home or on holiday

08 Nov, 2017
I have been looking for a while for a good quality travel scale for weighing my luggage while away on holiday since my old one broke. This portable digital luggage scale from KalorK is a good replacem... more »

An oversized, waterproof travel bag with a vintage look from Fresion

23 Oct, 2017
This travel bag from Fresion has a vintage look being extra-large (L=54 (21.2), H= 30 (11.8), W= 22 (8.6) cm (inch), with a capacity of up to 55 L.  This bag is made of waxed canvas, hence it is... more »

Colourful Polymer Clay for crafting by Schoone

15 Oct, 2017
My daughter loves crafting and she mainly uses polymer clay to make jewellery, flowers, dolls, food, and other decorative items. This package with Polymer clay from Schoone offers a lot of variety in... more »

Women thermal wool socks to keep soft and warm in winter

21 Sep, 2017
The pack contains 5 pairs of socks which have a variety of designs. These socks from CityComfort are made with : 25% wool, 25% rabbit, 20% nylon, 17% acrylic fibres, 5% spandex and 8% polyester . They... more »

Waterproof protective case with red filter and anti-fog inserts for the GoPro Hero 5 from MyArmor

18 Sep, 2017
This water proof case from MyArmor is a replacement and not an original and can be used with the GoPro Hero 5 action camera. This is a new case and it is made of Plexiglas, being scratchproof and resi... more »

A copper non-stick frying pan with standalone lid for healthy cooking

18 Sep, 2017
This is the first time I am using a copper frying pan. I have heard good things about this type of kitchen utensils and I wanted to try to see for myself. This frying pan from DecoExpress has a non-st... more »

Versatile and lightweight Pan Head Aluminium Alloy CameraTripod from ZOMEI

08 Sep, 2017
This portable professional tripod from ZOMEI can be folded down to 18”and comes with a handy carry bag. The tripod is made of aluminium alloy hence it is lightweight and easy to carry. The 4 swi... more »

Efficient and fast charging Solar Power Bank from PowerLocus

17 Aug, 2017
This power bank form PowerLocus has a high capacity Li- polymer battery of 13400mAh which can fast charge several times mobile devices. It can charge mobile phones and tablets but also go pro cameras,... more »

An Original Sports Water Bottle with a Cooling Mist Spray by Sunny Holiday

26 Jul, 2017
This water bottle from Sunny Holiday is trendy with a modern design. It is made of ABS and polypropylene food grade material, free from BPA and BPS, hence safe to drink from. The water bottle is also... more »

Fresion Men’s Waterproof Lightweight Laptop Backpack with anti-theft pocket

26 Jul, 2017
The men’s laptop backpack from Fresion has a good size and is made of strong and long lasting canvas material and polyester which makes the backpack lightweight and waterproof. It has nice cotto... more »

An original USB LED light in the shape of an astronaut, gives enough light to work in the dark

20 Jul, 2017
This USB LED light for computers by Tripcraft has a very original design. The lamp is in the shape of an astronaut. Its helmet works as the power on/off button. The astronaut can be connected via its... more »

Versatile range of 12 paint brushes for any art skills

09 Jul, 2017
I bought this brush set for my son who studies art. This paint brush set by Crafts 4 All, comprises a full range of brushes in a variety of sizes and shapes. The thickness of the bristles of the brush... more »

A fast 16GB USB flash drive with an original design from Sampino

04 Jul, 2017
This USB flash drive from Sampino has an interesting design as a credit card, however with a Christmas decoration. It is easy to store and carry. The flash drive is a USB 2.0 stick also compatible wit... more »