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Sara Campbell

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Love, love, love

21 Aug, 2019
As a chapstick addict, having a tube on me as all time is a must!  These keychain holders are wonderful.  I keep one on my keys and one on my work ID lanyard.  I even filled it with my... more »

Broke within 10 strokes

21 Aug, 2019
Do not buy this brush. The entire head of the brush pulled off the first time the brush was being used.  Right in the garbage. more »

Not at all what is pictured.

21 Aug, 2019
I did receive a very realistic bread looking pillow, but rather than being 3 feet long as pictured, it's about 5 inches long at best.  Really disappointed with the deception. more »

Super Cute

04 Apr, 2018
Super cute and squishy.  My daughter will love.  Shipped quickly as well.  more »

Beautiful set

23 Nov, 2017
Nicey made and boxed.  Cannot wait to gift this. more »

Perfect stocking stuffer

23 Nov, 2017
 Small and stylish.  Perfect stocking stuffer, will fit great in a purse, makeup bag or shave kit. more »


23 Nov, 2017
Might be the cutest thing I have ever seen.  Can't wait to give it to my guinea pigs. more »


23 Nov, 2017
Haven't installed it yet, but the material is beautiful and the directions seem clear. more »

Large, felt bag

23 Nov, 2017
Large felt bad with a cheesy looking santa.  The picture made me believe I was getting a set of three, but when I read it again I realize they meant one of three desgns.  Seemed a little tri... more »

Very thin

23 Nov, 2017
Cute, but the material is very thin.  Thought I was going to give it as a gift, but will likely just keep as it seems a ittle cheesy. more »

Smaller than I expected, but that is my fault for not reading better.

23 Nov, 2017
Cute and small, wires need to put in pretty carefully to stay.  Any bump makes them fall.  Might be better for thicker cords. more »


23 Nov, 2017
My five year is very sensative to sensory things.  Haircuts have always been a total disaster.  He wants his hair cut, but as soon as the hair touches any part of him, he breaks out in hives... more »


23 Nov, 2017
Super cute!  Used to decorate my desk at work.  Very cheery! more »


23 Nov, 2017
So much quality for the price!  I couldn't believe how thick and soft this was.  It is going to be the perfect gift for one of my coworkers. more »

Nice product

16 Nov, 2017
I purchased this product at a discounted price in exchange for a honest review. This was a lovely set, with many, many tools... some I don't even know wha tto do with.  Comes ina zippered... more »

Super cute and handy

16 Nov, 2017
I purchased this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.   These are 3 very cute, sturdy tweezers, all with different tips (blunt, pointed and angled.)  The car... more »

A steal at this price!

16 Nov, 2017
I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest review. I recently acquired some cuban cigars that I was planning on passing along for a "White Elephant Regift" gam... more »

Fun Gag Gift, but not the right color

16 Nov, 2017
I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for a honest review.   This is a super cute gag gift.  Along with a bottle of wine, it will be part of my white elephant gifts... more »