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Dawn Lee

About Me

I love new products and love writing reviews or just feedback.


Love it

08 Nov, 2018
Absolutely love this watch fuctiond great no issues and looks great . more »

Not satisfied

08 Nov, 2018
Is not a great product the light is so dim you can only see at dark very unhappy with it . more »

Great set

18 May, 2018
Got this for my son it is amazing starter set great quality and price. more »

Great mirror

18 May, 2018
This is a great quality and so cute mirror and incredible price. more »

awesome watch

22 Apr, 2018
Such amazing watch with all the great features great quality and price . more »

Great watch

22 Apr, 2018
Great watch very great quality love this it has everything smaurt and watch features it is awesome. more »

Great set

18 Apr, 2018
These cards are very good set easy to use great quality and price is awesome. more »

Great lunch box

18 Apr, 2018
This is such a great lunch box great storage and quality and decent price . more »

Great easy locks

15 Apr, 2018
These are great locks to keep babies or pets out great quality easy to use . more »

Beautiful boots

19 Nov, 2017
These are so darn cute very well made looks  great and fits great. more »

So cute !!

19 Nov, 2017
These are so darn cute very well made looks great and good  fit. more »

So cute !!

19 Nov, 2017
These are so darn cute very well made everything looks good and great fit. more »

Beautiful ring

12 Nov, 2017
Absolutely beautiful ring fits just right very detailed and love the way it feels on my finger. more »

Awesome scrubbers

12 Nov, 2017
I absolutely love these you get 3 in a pack and they are amazing can use them for doing dishes,baths ,cleaning etc.can use them over and over without bad smells or germs. more »

Awesome straightener

08 Nov, 2017
Finally a wireless straightener absolutely excited works so great straighting hair or curling it so great to have found this you can take it anywhere . more »

Beautiful brushes

27 Oct, 2017
Loving these brushes they are cool and so soft they very so great when using these soft brushes and beautiful detail of colors absolutely love them. more »

Awesome mini figures

27 Oct, 2017
This is a great set of 20 very well made and so cute they come in separate packaging if you wanted to give as gifts i got them for my son he spend hours playing with them cruelly great . more »

Awesome cute stress panda

23 Oct, 2017
It is so adorable and works so great love the how soft it is and how you squish it and pops back up it is so fun to play with and because of the soft feel it works quick on stress love it . more »

Awesome straighting brush

21 Oct, 2017
This is a great straightener brush it has a ionizer to keep from hair burning very comfortable very light weight absolutely love it! more »

Beautiful set of pumpkins

07 Oct, 2017
Very great set of pumpkin lights very cute great quality and easy to set up a plus that they are battery operated.You can change from steady lights or flashing. more »

Beautiful bed set

28 Sep, 2017
Yes!!! This set is fantastic. We use this over top of a cold weather comforter and it keeps the bed nice and toasty. Having the velvet pillow covers really creates a nice slumber as they aren't st... more »

Awesome styler

28 Sep, 2017
Received this a couple of days ago, but used it this morning. Came in a pretty sturdy box and it comes with a black bag. I will most likely keep it in the bag and box because it's a great product... more »

Awesome pet waterer

14 Sep, 2017
I absolutely love this design and quality it is great solution to one pet or multiple you can adjust the water flow and has filter which is a plus . more »

Great pest control

19 Aug, 2017
This great pest control no smelly products or stuff to put out that would be harmful for you children and pets. more »

These are amazing for pest keeps that out.

19 Aug, 2017
This awesome product for pest very well made quality is great . more »

Great jacket for women or men

19 Aug, 2017
This is awesome jacket nice soft and great quality. more »

Great jacket for women or men

19 Aug, 2017
This is awesome jacket soft and great quality and can be worn for either men or women . more »

Excellent camera brung to life on your phone

19 Aug, 2017
This is such a excellent camera better than anything I have ever tried amazing pictures fuss free and quality is excellent. more »

Great facial tool

12 Aug, 2017
This great product you can use in your own home has different options on strength start small and work way up great difference . more »

Great charging cables

08 Aug, 2017
These are great charging cables very high quality and live the nice covering and color. more »

Great face and skin massage

04 Aug, 2017
This is great tool never had tried one before definitely different if you have sensitive skin I would do area first at time nice quality great size. more »

Great wireless charger

30 Jul, 2017
This is great charger nice size too good connection speedy charger without wires everywhere my family goes thru tons charging cables this is such a great solution plus you don't have to worry abou... more »

Great micro cables

21 Jul, 2017
These are amazing great quality and love the charge that I get when I use them it is very strong the ends of them are not the weak metal very high grade . more »

Low cut socks

20 Jul, 2017
These low cut socks are not very well designed the thought of the way the should fit they are very thin which you can see in one of the photos the heel does not work it does not fit properly and comes... more »

Awesome curtain

16 Jul, 2017
This is awesome shower curtain it did great bathroom transformation it is high quality. more »

Awesome cover

13 Jul, 2017
Absolutely love this you can put stuffing in it or a pillow had zipper for easy access great quality it grows with your design if you change your design this will fit on with its reversible. more »

Iphone 7 case

08 Jul, 2017
I absolutely love this case beautiful loving the color and the quality very well designed. more »