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Randi Brambora

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Perfect for keeping body at good temperature

31 Oct, 2018
I use this on my bed . In summer time it's great as not too hot yet you're still not cold. It's just perfect temperature ! Now that it's fall and nights are in the 30s if I use a sheet... more »

Made awesome gift!

19 Apr, 2018
Got this for my niece to use when she comes and visits my children and I. It was actually long enough for me to cover my legs and she said it kept her very warm and comfortable. It made her feel more... more »

Great mouse for daily uses

19 Apr, 2018
Mouse works fantastically. My son used it for gaming and I used it for my daily home and work use on my laptop. He said everything works great for gaming. Although only gave 4 stars because at times i... more »

Great strong tweezers!

19 Apr, 2018
These tweezers are fantastic! Lately it seems hard to find an affordable set of tweezers that aren't flimzy and hardly work. This set is great, very strong materia, the tips are actually lined up... more »

Works amazing

27 Nov, 2017
This item is awesome. I use it for stuff like sewing, art projects, working on electronics like our watches etc. And the kids can also use to look at stuff and learn about things as well! It's a w... more »

Love this

14 Nov, 2017
This blanket is crazy comfortable. It's perfect for spring and winter also light summers. It doesn't keep you too warm nor too cold. I've used it from mid summer through mid fall (now) and... more »

Perfect for preserving food

19 Sep, 2017
I'm a single mom so I always do what I can to save on money and best way to do that is generally buy in bulk for meats. So I end up having to split up my packages. Regular freezer bags the food ge... more »

I love this bottle!

01 Sep, 2017
This bottle is awesome I only wish it held more water! The lid is awesome how the plastic piece spins around and mouth piece folds down and can tilt to different angles. Also the mouth piece is a soft... more »

Perfect for most doors

01 Sep, 2017
This item works great for my house hold doors. It even holds open my heavy screen door. Luckily it's a nice rubber. So it doesn't tear apart my doors like other stoppers do. It does it's j... more »

Fun for kids

01 Sep, 2017
Great for children to enjoy to play with. It doesn't fly very even if you're an adult looking to throw an actual disc straight but my children love it and that's what matters most. ... more »