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Lori Bauchspies

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Happy travel

24 Aug, 2017
I bought two different brands.By far,this one is better.It is very soft and not overly bulky.The pillow is removable and better made.I recommend this brand if you are looking for this type of item. more »

Travel pillow.

24 Aug, 2017
This is very well made.Soft.The pillow is removable for washing.The only downfall is it seems a bit cumbersome.Will not be good for the driver since it wont fit properly once you remove the pillow. more »

Compact tools

24 Aug, 2017
Very elegant.Compact and useful.Will fit well in a purse or pocket. I probably wont lose these tools.Perfect sizes to use on eyeglasses and toys too. more »

ATon of twine

24 Aug, 2017
This is a huge ball of twine. It is not too rough.I am crocheting with it but is great for macrame bracelets and necklaces.May need to double up if making a macrame plant hanger. more »

Sad bag

22 Aug, 2017
It will be ok for a few uses but it is not very durable.Nice that it folds into it's attached pouch so good for travel.Zippers are cheap nylon and come apart.Too many strings and buckles for what... more »

Sad pack

22 Aug, 2017
Unfortunately I can not recomment this item.It is not very durable.Flimsy nylon along with the zippers.See pic.Its ok in a pinch if you are not worried about it lasting for more than a few uses.Would... more »

Sharp pencils

22 Aug, 2017
So nice.It comes with 2 extra blades in a case and a small screwdriver.Easy to empty your shavings.Has a large and small hole. Uses 4 batteries with the option of using a charger(not included). more »

I can can it!

22 Aug, 2017
This is nice enough to sit on your bosses desk.Im am using it in my kitchen for coffee grounds/egg shells for the garden.It is all one piece so you can't remove the lid but a gallon size bag will... more »

Cute sacks

22 Aug, 2017
These are very cute.Dimensions are accurate.A few of the bags have "lavender" stamped on them.The ribbons are included but these sacks are not drawstring.You have to tie the ribbon around th... more »

Happy pets=happy peoples

02 Aug, 2017
This car seat cover is so versatile and well made.I originally got it for a van I am purchasing but it fits my antique sofa.I have 2 cats and 4 grandkiddos.What a lifesaver.Its already been spilled on... more »