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Cute, small and great for spices

04 Aug, 2019
These are the cutest condiment spoons. They’re perfect for all my spices. You get 10 mini spoons made of this dark looking wood. They have a nice shine to them too and pretty sturdy. They’... more »

Cute hamper

07 Jul, 2019
This Bins & Things Shark Kids Laundry Hamper  is the cutest. If your child likes sharks, they’ll love this. It’s pretty big too and so much clothes fit in it. You can easily fold... more »

Faster drying, shinier hair

24 Apr, 2019
Blow drying your hair can take forever and more so if you have long or thick hair. I love this bonnet hood! You simply place on your head and attach your blowdryer to it. It distributes the heat indir... more »

An added measure of safety

15 Apr, 2019
Driving safely is always important. Sometimes it’s hard seeing those in our blind spots. My car didn’t have blind spot mirrors so these really came in handy. You simply clean your mirrors,... more »

Great volume

28 Mar, 2019
These are great Bluetooth earphones. Not only are they really comfortable to wear, but have great volume. Besides that, it sounds so clear too. They’re so easy to pair as well. You almost forget... more »

Very sturdy/quick charging

24 Mar, 2019
Love these charging cables. They are over 6 feet long so I can sit on my bed, be on my phone and still able to charge it at the same time. Not only that, but the braided feature prevents them from get... more »

08 Mar, 2019
If you're looking for a Bluetooth speaker with a nightlight,  this is one to consider.  I love how bright it is.  It would be great for camping.  Not only that,  but I lik... more »

Nice nightlight and decent speaker volume

02 Mar, 2019
Not only is it a Bluetooth speaker,  but it's also a nightlight.  Great for kids too.  I love that you have 6 different color options. You can also choose no light.  Then you h... more »

Great volume, easy to pair

02 Mar, 2019
Loving this Bluetooth speaker! As you can hear,  it has great volume for being that small.  Not only that,  but it's super easy to pair.  You don't have to be tech savvy to... more »

Long lasting, great shades

21 Feb, 2019
I love makeup and I really love the matte lipsticks. They just last longer and no need to reapply.  This Matte Lipstick Set is awesome.  Not only are they inexpensive,  but they also wo... more »

Cool night vision Goggles

20 Jan, 2019
She loves her Spy Night Vision Goggles.  They're pretty cool. They have a flip- out LED light  that really helps with night vision.  When it's dark,  you simply push the bu... more »

Great set for any artistic person

20 Dec, 2018
If you like painting or have a little artist, this set is great for you.  It has everything you need.  You get 3 canvas boards,  6 paintbrushes and 12 acrylic paints. I have a 9 year ol... more »

Easy to apply, clearer view

17 Dec, 2018
This is an inexpensive and safer way of driving when we have bad weather. At first,  I didn't think it would really make a difference or even work.  To my surprise,  it comes in han... more »

Stunning Fake Roses

11 Dec, 2018
If you like fake flowers,  roses and DIY projects,  these roses are perfect.  I am truly impressed with the quality and how full they are.  The stems are really long so they would... more »

Love how many channels we get

03 Dec, 2018
This is a great antenna.  I'm impressed on how many channels it picks up.  We're still messing with it and it already has about 30 channels so far.  I love how clear it looks to... more »

A great all in one set for those who draw

20 Nov, 2018
The perfect set for all those that like to sketch and draw.  My 9 year old loves drawing and sketching animals.  She goes through so much supplies and paper.  This set is great because... more »

Perfect set for those who paint

20 Nov, 2018
If you like to draw and paint,  this is the perfect set for you.  My 9 yr old is pretty creative and loves drawing and painting. This set is just what she needs.  It's a 3 in 1 pain... more »

Perfect accessory to any wardrobe

11 Nov, 2018
This oversized plaid scarf is a great accessory in any wardrobe. It's white with a light gray plaid pattern.  I like that you can use it as a scarf or as a shawl.  In this cold weather,&... more »

Interesting mug

01 Nov, 2018
This is definitely an interesting mug.  Granted,  it's not the most attractive mug, but it's great for coffee/teas/soups . As far as coffee goes, it keeps your coffee warm for a litt... more »

Cute pen holder

31 Oct, 2018
This Baby Groot pen holder is so cute.  The little beaty eyes add character to it too.  You can choose to use it as a pen holder.  It holds a good amount of pens too.  You  ca... more »

Absolutely cute cat mug

21 Oct, 2018
This is the cutest cat mug.  If you love cats like we do,  this is definitely one to get.  It's great for teas too.  The fish can be removed and you can add loose tea to it and... more »

Great conversation piece

21 Oct, 2018
As a kid, I remember seeing one of these Newton's Cradle piece in the school counselor's office. I loved to play with it and to watch it sway from side to side.  Of course,  I had to... more »

Pretty, but smell weird and get hung on my clothes and hair

21 Oct, 2018
I would love to say I loved this Multicolor Crystal Zircon Adjustable Fashion Braiding Bangle Twisted Mesh Bracelet Set,  but that's not the case. I'm a bit disappointed actually. Yes,&nb... more »

Adorable mug

21 Oct, 2018
This is such a cute little cat mug.  I love cats so this was definitely a plus for me.  I love how versatile it is.  I can use it to drink tea or as a regular mug.  It is a glass m... more »

Gentle and easy to apply

16 Oct, 2018
Not all of us were blessed with long, voluminous lashes.  Thank goodness there are serums to help with that.  I've been using this lash serum for a few weeks now.  I can't reall... more »

Gentle and takes a second to apply

13 Oct, 2018
Sadly,  not all of us were born with long,  voluminous lashes. Great thing is now there's products that can help with that. I've been using this Toplash eyelash enhancer serum. ... more »

Great for romantic settings or emergencies

10 Oct, 2018
I love these Topstone LED Tealight Candles with Remote.  Not only are they great to have for power Outages or emergencies,  but perfect for a romantic setting too.  There's 12 light... more »

Great addition to my makeup collection

09 Oct, 2018
This is such a pretty eyeshadow pallette. I love eyeshadow pallettes. You can achieve so many different looks. This one has such an array of colors with 42 shades total.  You have some shimmery a... more »

Adds radiance to skin

07 Oct, 2018
I love makeup and love highlighters.  They give your skin a beautiful glow and radiance. A good highlighter really brings out your cheekbones too.  This Highlighter duo is great.  You g... more »

Good protection for my iPad

06 Oct, 2018
I use my iPad for so many things and on a daily basis. I try to take care of it as best as I can. I had a screen protector on it that lasted me a few years,  but then my daughter dropped it prett... more »

Cute, portable and easy to navigate

30 Sep, 2018
I got this MYMAHDI MP3/MP4 Music Player for my 8 year old.  She loves music and now she can listen to it on the go.  I love that it's small,  yet pretty good quality.  It's... more »

An awesome BBQ set

29 Sep, 2018
We tend to grill quite a bit, especially during Summer and Fall.  An essential part of grilling is having good grilling tools.  This 3pc BBQ set is perfect for grilling.  It's a pre... more »

Great laptop stand

29 Sep, 2018
This MAX SMART Laptop Lap Pad - Laptop Stand Pad is great for those who spend time on their laptops. Whether you work from home or just use it for leisure, this stand comes in handy.  It's no... more »

Good chager

25 Sep, 2018
No Keep your phone charged on the go. If your phone is anything like mine,  it constantly needs to be charged.  I always keep a charger in my car. This one comes with a nice,  thic... more »

A necessity in any kitchen

20 Sep, 2018
The key to baking or cooking is adding the right amount of spices. With this set of stainless steel measuring spoons from Alotpower I can always add the right amount.  They're very sturdy.&nb... more »

Great veggie steamer

19 Sep, 2018
Trying to eat healthier requires changes.  One of the best ways is to add veggies to your diet.  Steamed veggies is the way to go.  With this vegetable steamer it's so easy and conv... more »

Such pretty colors

18 Sep, 2018
I love makeup!  I especially love eyeshadows. This Rose Gold Edition pallette from TOPBeauty is great. It has shimmery shadows that are pretty pigmented. As far as the shimmery shades I love the... more »

Beautiful eyeshadow pallette

16 Sep, 2018
Love this eyeshadow pallette.  You get 48 Colors in the pallette. From yellow, greens,  blues,  purples,  shimmery and natural shades. It comes in a really pretty case too.  M... more »

Great for stress

13 Sep, 2018
Although a these spinners are more for people with autism or anxiety,  the kids love them.  They're very entertaining and addictive. IIcanI sit there and spunsits forfa long time. It act... more »

Cute cat beanie

13 Sep, 2018
This is such a cute beanie. It's a cute cat too. It's perfect for the cold weather we have.  It's actually pretty thick and very stretchy.  The fuzzy cat ears are an added touch... more »

East way to count your change

13 Sep, 2018
Love this HeQiao Digital Money Bank.  Counting your change can be a pain in the butt,  but now this money bank does the work.  Simply place the coin in the slot and it'll keep track... more »

A bit too glittery

08 Sep, 2018
I wanted to love this eyeshadow pallette, but unfortunately I don't.  It's okay, but it seems more like glitter in a paste like form.  It's pigmented & the case is beautiful,... more »

Big and Foldable

03 Sep, 2018
I love this foldable laundry hamper.  It's  pretty big and the round handles are very sturdy. Not only that, but it has a divider to separate your darks and lights. The material is very... more »

Great 4 grilling steaks

03 Sep, 2018
Such an innovative way to grill your meats or steaks.  It is a a great way to add extra minerals to your food. These salts blocks are pretty thick and good sized.  They even stay hot for abo... more »

Simple, but nice

27 Aug, 2018
These hoops are smaller then I thought,  but still nice. They're  sturdy yet lightweight. You get 3 different sizes and gold colored. They're perfect for any occasion.  more »

Good quality steering wheel cover

16 Aug, 2018
This steering wheel cover for perfect and is made with very thick rubber. It wasn't hard to put on and really gives my car a new look.  Very smooth to the touch as well and seems like very go... more »

Looks nice, but not as sturdy as I'd like

16 Aug, 2018
This is a nice looking belt and I live that it's Reversible. It looks sturdy and fits well,  but unfortunately the leather seemed to rip off the buckle.  I was able to fix it,  but... more »

Such a cute coaster set

14 Aug, 2018
Such a cute cactus coaster set.  You can store the Coasters in the pot or assemble it and leave them out.  It forms into a cute cactus.  Now you can take care of your furniture and stil... more »

Smoother, softer feet

08 Aug, 2018
With Summer being here and wearing sandals and flip flops,  you need soft,  smooth looking feet.  With this Pumice foot file your feet will  thank you.  Get rid off that dry s... more »

Sturdy and easy to clean

06 Aug, 2018
My cat Mittens is really getting goodguse of her bowl.  It's a ptetty sturdy bowl too.  I like how there's a base and a Detachable stainless steel bowl. It really makes it easy to cl... more »

Bright and comfortable to wear

01 Aug, 2018
This motion sensor headlamp comes in handy whether there's a blackout or when you're outside at night. It has 3 different modes along with the motion sensor feature.  Very bright too.&nbs... more »

Just too much work

30 Jul, 2018
Honedtly,  i expected the stones to be bigger.  It takes A LOT of patience to do this.  I started  but the areas are so small that it requires time,  patience and precision.&n... more »

No more messes

24 Jul, 2018
Having a hard time keepin your lil ones clothes clean during meals? This Bib is perfect. Has a pocket on bottom 2 catch runaway food, long sleeves 4 complete protection & easy 2 clean. No more foo... more »

Small, lightweight and quiet

20 Jul, 2018
In this crazy heat,  this is just the perfect desk fan. It's small and lightweight.  I love that it's battery powered and can be charged with the USB cable.  It's not noisy... more »

Not as thick as I thought

20 Jul, 2018
I thought these rubber mats would be more thick,  but they aren't.  They're better then my car mats which area carpet though. You can easily cut them to fit too.  I just couldn&... more »

Small, but bright

16 Jul, 2018
Don't be fooled, although these tactical flashlights are small,  they're really bright. You get 2 in the pack and only require 1 AA  battery.  It has 3 modes,  one for clos... more »

So much fun

15 Jul, 2018
 This TiMi Tree Water Balloon Launcher is a load of fun. Great for this Summer heat.  Both kids and adults will enjoy it.  It launches the water balloons so far too.  You can run,&... more »

Great little candles

10 Jul, 2018
Whether you have a power outage,   want to decorate or simply want to set the mood for a romantic evening,  these candles are perfect.  You get 8 in the set. The flickering really... more »

Makes bath time fun

29 Jun, 2018
A cute Lil game that makes bath time fun.  It comes with the fishing rod and 3 colorful fish. My little one had a blast during bath time. She fished for one and the next.  more »

Great 4 gamers or video watchers

26 Jun, 2018
If you like to watch videos or play games,  this GoWith Magnetic Tablet & Cell Phone Holder is just for you.  You simply place the magnet on your device and wrap it around your neck.&nbs... more »

Easy and convenient

12 Jun, 2018
Are you in a rush and want to make a salad? With this HOSH salad cutter bowl not only will you have fresh chopped salad in a jiffy,  but it will be perfectly cut.  So easy to use and conveni... more »

Such a pretty set

11 Jun, 2018
This Teardrop Triangle jewelry set is so pretty.  You have the option of blue,  orange or black. Obviously I chose the black.  I love how unique and pointy the ring looks.  The ear... more »

Pretty and lightweight

10 Jun, 2018
These Teardrop Gemstone Drop Dangle earrings are very pretty.  I love the darker colors combined with the gold color. They dangle and sparkle nicely.  They are very lightweight and comfortab... more »

Stunning set

10 Jun, 2018
This Love Leaf jewelery set is absolutely stunning.  It's all the accessories you need to compliment your wardrobe.  The ring is big and noticeable.  The earrings look stunning as l... more »

Very pretty earrings

10 Jun, 2018
These Teardrop Gemstone Drop Dangle earrings are beautiful.  I love the pretty Gemstone colors.  Very colorful earrings that you can mix and match with your wardrobe. Very lightweight and co... more »

Love the BOHO look

09 Jun, 2018
I love jewelery and this set is pretty unique. It's very lightweight  didn't turn my skin green and fits good.  The ring is true to size.  The chain is a bit short,  but no... more »

Great protection

07 Jun, 2018
We know how clumsy kids can be and we need to protect our gadgets.  I love this protective case for the Nintendo Switch.  It's very flexible and lightweight yet provides great protection... more »

Beautiful, colorful set

05 Jun, 2018
I love how colorful this set is. I received several compliments on it when I wore it.  The earrings are lightweight and comfortable. If you have thick earlobes, you might not be able to wear thes... more »

Simple and dainty

04 Jun, 2018
Love these little dainty  lights in the warm white color.  The copper makes them super flexible  too.  You get 66 feet of lights so you can decorate any area of your house or porch... more »

Great 4 new or experienced artists

31 May, 2018
We do a lot of arts and crafts and this oil painting set was perfect for us.  I love how bright and deep some of the colors are.  I love that it comes with the brushes as well.  The oil... more »

Great shaped burgers

31 May, 2018
We love totmake our own burgers and this burger press makes it so easy and quick. You simply oly fill and press.  You get perfectly shaped  round burgers without any mess or hassle.  Lo... more »

Such a Great tool for bakers

28 Mar, 2018
Such a lightweight and a handy gadget for bakers.  It makes turning the cake, while frosting,  such an easy task.  It includes the turntable, coupler, flowerfnail, 2 icing tips and 10 i... more »

Cool Vintage Glasses

27 Dec, 2017
These Vintage Wooden Polarized Sunglasses are super cute. The perfect pair of glasses for this hot, sunny Texas weather. They're very unique too.  The frame is made of wood and has several co... more »

Beautiful Mermaid Blanket

11 Dec, 2017
This is such a beautifully crocheted Mermaid blanket. Very well made and unique blanket. With this cold weather, it's nice to get cozy in this warm Mermaid blanket.  I love the 2 toned color... more »

So much fun

26 Nov, 2017
This Tornado Twister RC Stunt Car will definitely keep you and your kids entertained. The kids will like the music and the colorful lights.  As an adult, I like how it flips and tosses and turns.... more »

So much safer and more comfortable than tampons

04 Nov, 2017
Maybe you've never realized how unsafe tampons are.  Not only can they cause toxic shock  syndrome,  but can also cause vaginally bacteria to grow.  I recently started using th... more »

Thick, Great length and charges quick

15 Oct, 2017
I use my devices so frequently and a good charging cable is essential. Fields of all,  this cable is so long. I can be on my device while it's charging. That's one of my favorite features... more »

Thick and charges quick

15 Oct, 2017
I love ive how thick this cable is.  Most of the time my charging cables wear out.  I also like how it allows me to charge my devices while I'm using it due to how long the cable is.&nbs... more »