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great for highschool student

07 Nov, 2017
great backpack.  my sophmor son loves it. especially the charging port that comes with it.  he no longer has to stop by starbucks to charge his phone or wait till i pick him up from school.... more »

perfect for college students

23 Oct, 2017
this backpack was great for my son who is a freshman in college.  it fits all his books perfectly.  he loves that it has a charging port and that it has an anti theft security feature.  more »

great lifting belt

23 Oct, 2017
This belt works great for heavy lifting.  stays in place and doesnt shift or ride up. perfect for deadlifting squatting and other olympic lifts.  more »


23 Oct, 2017
I installed these  yesterday.  you can cut them to the opening size needed.  Becareful not to overcut like i did, but still fit great.  i will for sure purchase again and this time... more »

Perfect for muscle recovery

12 Oct, 2017
 For me these serve 2 purposes. 1. helping with muscle recovery after olympic lifting and 2. helping tone up those stubborn areas of cellulite.  So far its to soon to see any real difference... more »