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Sabrina Quinn

About Me

I'm a long-time reviewer and secret shopper. My reviews are genuine and thorough, but I'm generally easy to please. I typically buy things that I find useful or unique. I'm a sucker for a deep discount. Feel free to send me a coupon and I'll give it a try!
I love gardening. I also love to bake, so I tend to buy any kitchen items. I'm also a huge fan of technology. I splurge most on women's clothing (I ♥️ maxi dresses and jumpsuits!). We also have a baby & toddler in the family; I can't buy enough for those cuties!


Fantastic brushes!

14 Sep, 2019
Instant WOW factor when you open the package and the glitter case d(with youan inside zippered pocket). Inside the case are the 17 brushes, individually wrapped and netted. The handles are real wood a... more »

Good cover for the grill during the seasons

03 Sep, 2019
This grill cover is excellent. It's heavy duty but not too difficult to put on. It looks like it will definitely hold up under the rain and it's already doing well in almost 100° temps.&nb... more »

Improves all the little things you wished for in your current wireless keyboard

29 Aug, 2019
I already have a mini wireless keyboard. I use it on my Android phone (with a Type C) adapter, but mainly it's for my Android TV box. I really like my other remote but there is basics functionalit... more »

Love this hair! Instant locs!

29 Aug, 2019
I've always wanted to have locs in my hair. I'm not committed enough for a permanent change and not patient enough to install synthetic ones myself. This is a happy medium! I especially like t... more »

Brings comfort to flat shoes

29 Aug, 2019
I have a pair of tennis shoes that were cute but have absolutely no padding. I used these and found instant comfort . I should have bought these sooner. They are an inexpensive, effective solution. more »

Excellent durability and comfort for my nephew.

27 Aug, 2019
We bought this for a road trip with friends. They had toddler and when they saw his well it worked, they wanted one! It blows up in a reasonable amount of time with a pump. The cover is soft. He's... more »

Comfortable even in the warm weather

27 Aug, 2019
I've purchased this brand before. It's one of my favorites. The fit is always to size, and the material is a very soft cotton material. This was a gift for someone else and they liked them a l... more »

Does the job right!

25 Aug, 2019
I'd stick an old, plastic cage on my little tomato plant and when it outgrew it I procrastinated. When I came home, I saw it had fallen over. In a panic, I made a makeshift support from sticks but... more »

Convenient sized pack of batteries

23 Aug, 2019
I have a few led lights that require these. If you used them often it can require going through them fast. It's a hassle to keep buying a few over and over. This pack had enough to last a long whi... more »

Vibrant dress with a versatile belt

20 Aug, 2019
As usual, Orphestin's instinct on color and design were right on with this dress. It's a thicker cotton fabric, so it flows as you walk rather than fluttering in a breeze. Even though it's... more »

Stylish & comfortable

19 Aug, 2019
At first I wasn't a fan of the chains in the design but now I don't even notice them. The graphics of the whole dress blend together seamlessly to create an effortless classiness. The blue con... more »

Airtight, strong resealable bags.

16 Aug, 2019
I like silicone bags but the plastic seal is a hassle. These are easy to use and durable. more »

Stunning dress! So sexy!

15 Aug, 2019
I'm a huge fan of this brand. The color combinations are often unique and yet flow well. This dress broke the mold even for them. First, the picture doesn't give the true colors of the outfit.... more »

Great as writing paper for kids or for crafts.

12 Aug, 2019
I'm babysitting some smaller kids so it's nice to cut off a big piece of this and give it to them to draw on. It's thick enough that markers don't bleed though and really inexpensive. more »

Fits all my electronic needs, with powerful protection

05 Aug, 2019
I currently have a strip surge protector. I was looking for a design that was more compact, fits cords of multiple sizes, has fast charging USB ports and surge protection for my laptop without breakin... more »

An elegant touch on office necessities

05 Aug, 2019
I gave this to my coworker who was looking for an expandable folder to place items in when she went out to her clients. Not only did it work well, but it stands out amongst what are otherwise plain or... more »

Even cuter than the picture

31 Jul, 2019
These are very solidly built which is good because our little guy just loves to open and close the door. The are think enough to protect his fingers. The designs are actually pretty detailed, and the... more »

Almost too beautiful to use

30 Jul, 2019
I bought these spoons to use with a DIY bath salts I'm giving away as gifts. These are extremely nice. The wood is dark, polished looking and smooth. They are almost identical. And surprisingly th... more »

Elegant yet comfy top!

27 Jul, 2019
The shirt pattern is tricky, but I liked it a lot. It fit well. It's a very comfortable, stretchy material. It's appropriate for a festival or night out. I think it was true to size. more »

Great 60's costume

16 Jul, 2019
It probably wasn't intended as this but I wore this to a 60's themed costume party. It was a big hit! The ruffled bottoms flowed well when I walked or danced. It was comfortable. The colors ar... more »

Great for gowns and jackets

16 Jul, 2019
I use these in my closet for my dresses and jackets. I'm not sure how they would stand up to travel. They are lightweight and I can see my clothes through the translucent material. It's easy t... more »

Nice gift

15 Jul, 2019
I have these to a family member for our family dinners. They were extremely absorbent and thick. It was a great look vs traditional coasters. more »

Strange design but pretty fabric

14 Jul, 2019
I'm a big fan of the brand of clothing, but this outfit was made a bit oddly. The color itself is beautiful and they work well together. The fabric is very shiny and stretchy/ forgiving. The top h... more »

Fashionable and functional!

10 Jul, 2019
This is very well-designed. It fits everything I need it to. It also shows me to use a power bank to charge my phone or tablet on the go. The pockets are large and protect me things. It also looks sty... more »

Provides great protection for car backseat

08 Jul, 2019
This way purchased as a gift for my grandparent. She often puts bags and groceries on her backseat and has to set them on the ground before she opens the door. This helps to keep her car's backsea... more »

Large trays, excellent for crafts & hobbies

08 Jul, 2019
This was actually a little larger than I thought it would be so that was useful! There bottom two trays are open. It was perfect for my larger sewing items such as scissors. The top two have compartme... more »

Flattering, simple belt

03 Jul, 2019
While the color is listed as white, it is more of an off-white. The belt is not my favorite, but it is also a really good belt. The accents on the fastener are solid and a complementary color. The res... more »

Gorgeous hair

01 Jul, 2019
This hair is extremely pretty. The curls are perfectly formed and it's long. There enough for a while head (5 packages) and it comes with a latch hook. more »

Extremely comfortable, good grip

01 Jul, 2019
I tend to like to be barefoot so these are way more comfortable with slippers. They are soft like socks and very non-slip without the contact points being noticeable. The straps are secure and soft. more »

Strong garbage bags at a reasonable price

29 Jun, 2019
I was running low on tall kitchen garbage bags and there is nothing worse than having to run out to the store for just one thing. These bags were a great combination. They are a quality product withou... more »

Very useful keyboard

26 Jun, 2019
I bought this for with laptop. The keypad would smoothly and the backlighting provided just enough light. It also fits nicely in my hands. It's a great value. more »

Versatile silicone mold

20 Jun, 2019
It's sturdy enough to hold up, flexible enough to be forgiveable. There is no smell. It's colorfast and easy to clean. The mold can also be used for many different recipes. I love that it has... more »

Easy to learn for beginners

19 Jun, 2019
I was worried that this might be too difficult, but it can be used by a beginner. The more you practice, the better you get at it. And for the accident-prone, the ball is actually soft. more »

Good support

19 Jun, 2019
These are actually a lot more comfortable than they looked. They are really swishy, filled with a supportive gel. I'd only planned on using the heel pad, but I tried both and it was amazing how mu... more »

The cutest hamper I've every seen

17 Jun, 2019
This hamper is SO cute!! It actually looks like a shark's both from the top. We've already been buying the baby Shark-themed clothes so it goes with his look. It's also quite large and it&... more »

Works exactly as it's supposed to

11 Jun, 2019
Easy to fill, works well. The design is solid and it has a very professional look. I don't think there's a thing I would change about it. more »

Exceeds my expectations

10 Jun, 2019
I wanted to try this out because I wanted my phone to be closer  to me; I tend to forget to put it in my purse when it's on the dash. One of my cup holders is a non-round shape, so it does... more »

Made a great gift! Multi-wear jumpsuit.

09 Jun, 2019
I was on the fence about this because I have a similar one that I had issues with but it turned out to be a great gift. The reason this one works where others may not are for multiple reasons. First,... more »

Vibrant colors create a head-turning look!

09 Jun, 2019
I actually ordered this a few sizes too large so it would fit looser. I'm glad I did because the dress could have been a tight fit otherwise. The middle of the dress fits perfectly. It's smoot... more »

Fashionable belt great for multiple outfits

07 Jun, 2019
I believe that a wide belt should be in almost every curvy girl's toolkit. Elastic belts are forgiving, slimming, and often go with a variety of outfits. This one has been on my wishlist for quite... more »

Perfect breezy outfit for a hot summer day

06 Jun, 2019
This dress comes in a variety of colors and both designs with leaves caught my eye. I decided on this one because it's a bit different from the usual green one. The dress is extremely lightweight.... more »

Makes my OCD happy

06 Jun, 2019
If you have a lot of cords and electronic parts, this will make you happy. It's double zippers so there are two compartments. One has spots for many cords. The other pocket has adjustable straps t... more »

Beautiful rustic shelves can be installed 3 ways

05 Jun, 2019
Upon opening then I feel in love with the smell of fresh wood. The packaging was impressive, with a minimal amount of waste but all items were well-protected. The shelves are smooth and the hooks are... more »

Heavy duty shelf. Easy to install.

05 Jun, 2019
I give this product 4.5 stars, rounded up to 5. When it arrives there is an oddly assembled box inside the Amazon box. Once I cut the tape and was able to open it, the pieces all fell out as I was sli... more »

Perfection for many curvy girls

30 May, 2019
I got a Large, so this review is for the curvy girls out there. It may or may not fit your body type like it fits in the picture. If your cleavage is more ample, you're going to need a lot of doub... more »

Works flawlessly! Great picture

30 May, 2019
I watch Netflix on my phone and as a cord-cutter I was looking for a way to watch it on a bigger screen. I have an older monitor with HDMI so I used this cable to hook up my Samsung phone. The phone i... more »

More than just a pencil case

29 May, 2019
This is great to store a lot of pens and pencils but it had a lot more uses as well. I used this to store cables, which for nicely in the straps. It also has a padded divider and can fit electronic de... more »

Makes baking cleanup a breeze

29 May, 2019
We'd been buying unbleached parchment paper from the store in packs of 34 but this is actually cheaper and contains many more. It was half price through ZonDeals so it was quite a steal! It comes... more »

Small but mighty!

28 May, 2019
I have a rearview mirror mounted dash cam that my roommate loves so she asked me to get her this dash cam. This camera is perfect for people who want an unobtrusive recording device in case of acciden... more »

Efficient product, saved my backseat!

26 May, 2019
This isn't just for pet owners, it can also be useful if you constantly have stuff in the backseat. Between groceries that fall over, crafts supplies (because nobody likes to clean up glitter), an... more »

Solar Fountain at a Good Price

25 May, 2019
I've always wanted one of these. The size is reasonable for the price. It's easy to assemble, with several spray nozzles that are easily attached. It can work 30 minutes by battery or by using... more »

Modest, comfortable swimsuit

20 May, 2019
This is a very comfortable, modest swimsuit. It has tummy control to flatten you more around the middle and the push up feature accentuates your cleavage. The pattern is pretty and add to the slimming... more »

Trendy look for a low price

17 May, 2019
It's sometimes difficult to predict how something sold online will fit you, especially when the model is a completely different size. I was skeptical of this shirt. The wrong fit create a look tha... more »

Good arch support

17 May, 2019
These are easy to cut to size and place in shoes. They have no smell. The reason rest was how comfortable they would be. They are thinner compared to gel inserts, however they do a pretty good job of... more »

Beautiful card, sending flowers on a budget

14 May, 2019
This card comes in a protective plastic and has a sample slips that has a paper with a list of the other cards they sell (with photos). I usually get things dirty, so the protection was a plus. The ca... more »

Great for pasta and fresh fruits

13 May, 2019
I'm a huge pasta fan and I can't stand using colanders due to the fact that you'll still have to put it in another container without holes. This a very innovative ideas! It arrived well-pr... more »

Great for a baby shower gift

08 May, 2019
I wasn't able to try this out because it's a gift. I like the way the fabric is both lightweight yet durable. It comes with a matching drawstring bag to carry it in. It can be easily folded an... more »

Smells divine!

07 May, 2019
I ran out of lavender oil and I'd forgotten how much I love the smell. It can refresh the smell of the house,. You can either put a few drops on a ball of cotton or use a diffuser. It smells wonde... more »

Basic dish brush

07 May, 2019
There isn't too much to say about this. It takes a while to ship as it's from overseas, but it arrived in good condition. It cleans dishes sufficiently. The button works well to dispense soap.... more »

Headphones are worth way more than the price!

07 May, 2019
I admit, when I initially saw these I passed them by. I figured they could either be a good eye mask or decent headphones. I was wrong; the eyemask Is not only premium quality but the headphones are o... more »

Great swimsuit, especially for plus size women

06 May, 2019
This swimsuit was true to size. What was really impressive about it was that it does a really good job of flattering curves. There top head adjustable straps. There is even a drawstring that prevents... more »

Good water Shoes

22 Apr, 2019
These shoes come in an asssortment of colors and designs. The shoes I got, the sky design, matched the pictures. The color is vibrant but there design is printed clearly. The stitching is secure and t... more »

Matching High-quality Set.... Finally!

19 Apr, 2019
There reaches a point where you realize your kitchen utensil cup is filled with a good amount of junk (that you never quite have the heart to get rid of) and a couple pieces that are actually good. Ti... more »

Comfortable and good sound quality

17 Apr, 2019
I mainly wanted to listen to music as I fall asleep. Bluetooth headphones are too bulky and earbuds are too awkward. When these arrived I was surprised by how to sift they were at first touch! I image... more »

Solar lights that make a pretty gift

16 Apr, 2019
These were easy to assemble. The colors were brilliant with intense changes. Each the butterfly, dragonfly and hummingbird has intricate detailed that were noticeable once the lights were on. I gave t... more »

Unique year-round centerpiece

16 Apr, 2019
I was looking for a unique Christmas star for the tree when I found this. It's battery operated so the tree didn't need to be near an outlet. It matches our other lights and ornaments. Afte... more »

Useful in the car and around the house

16 Apr, 2019
This is useful if you want to use a tablet for daily directions or to watch a movie or TV shows. It's secure with a reusable sticky pad on the premium suction cup. I originally bought it for my ca... more »

Festive string lights for any occasion

14 Apr, 2019
These are absolutely gorgeous! The bubbles in the lights creates a water droplet effect. The pictures really don't do them justice. Perfect for anytime, not just Christmas. Suitable to hang on a t... more »

Intuitive porch light

14 Apr, 2019
I bought these bulbs for a lamp that I wanted to automatically turn on as it got dark outside. It saved me the clutter and hassle of using a timer. I like that they come in a pack of two for easy repl... more »

Easy to use if you follow the directions

14 Apr, 2019
Many of the review for this product stated that the eggs stick to the containers. I found this to be true...if you don't read the instructions. The key is you still need to spray each of them with... more »

The B&W accent makes this shirt unique!

09 Apr, 2019
This shirt is a real head-turner! It is true to size or slightly smaller imo. Usually, I wear a L, rarely an XL, but the XXL barely looked a size too big. It is well-sewn, has even seems and the fabri... more »

Glamorous look, extremely comfortable

07 Apr, 2019
The fabric has a nice flow to it. It is wrinkle-free. Otherwise also stretches in all the right areas to accommodate different body types and the underside is extremely soft. The dress has a dazzling... more »

Okay headphones, not worth the price!

04 Apr, 2019
First off, $109 for these headphones is ridiculous. Straight out of the package I noticed they were lightweight, but in a cheap way. These are not high-quality. The sound was nothing special; the bass... more »

Not a fast charging cable

04 Apr, 2019
This is your basic type-C cable. My phone warned me it was a slow charging cable; it takes twice as long to charge. This is not a product worth $79.  more »

Trendy style that doesn't sacrifice comfort

28 Mar, 2019
This colorful, unique swimsuit is my favorite so far. There ruched design in the front with the tummy control had a slimming effrct that will make curvy girls happy. The peek-a-boo mesh cutouts as an... more »

Barely usable. Not worth the money.

28 Mar, 2019
When this product arrived, I unzipped the garment bag and the zipper came off in my hand. There was no way to reattach it. The same thing almost happened with the next one. The bags had no top or bott... more »

12 Mar, 2019
The swimsuit fit exactly as it does in the picture, despite having a different body type. The cups make an accurate and comfortable fit. It doesn't ride up. The tie in the back makes it adjustable... more »

Relaxing for the body (Not for the face)

10 Mar, 2019
The texture on the Jade roller is slightly pointy and would make it uncomfortable to use on the face. However it's quite relaxing to use on tense muscles in the body. The person I used it on enjoy... more »

Easy clean up that doesn't break the bank

08 Mar, 2019
The liner I have on my grill right now needed to be replaced. I found this pack of 3 to be inexpensive when compared to similar products. Food tends not to stick, and it make the grill so much easier... more »

08 Mar, 2019
These lights were beautiful in the picture, but  were even more impressive when they were installed. The Edison-style light gave the bathroom an understated eloquent look. The lights were bright... more »

Bold pearl look in a variety of colors

28 Jan, 2019
When I saw the one-star review I was skeptical. I was afraid it would look nothing like the picture. When it arrived I immediately brushed some on my shin. I was shocked at how such a little amount sh... more »

Fine yet strong Cheesecloth

28 Jan, 2019
I bought this make some jelly from fruits with small seeds. I've used several times of cheesecloth before but I find that they either tore while I was using them or let to much of the fruit pulp t... more »