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Stephanie Shanholtz

About Me

I'm absolutely in love with my girls, grand babies and my high school sweetheart. I love reviewing. I have been a reviewing for more than 4 years. I do the best I can to make sure that I give the products that I review a chance. I make sure that each product gets a great work over to ensure it's worth sharing for other people to buy! I have yet to have any issues with sellers. I'm always looking for a great deal. I love to review anything from electronics, kitchen, pets to fishing items. Reviewing has been so much fun. I'm looking forward to working with more sellers.


Nice sizes

14 Aug, 2019
                    This is a nice size 6 pack set of packing cubes by aKing. I love the pretty blue color. These are perfect for traveli... more »

love the colors/love the price

09 Aug, 2019
           This is a 3 piece foldable eyebrow razor set by Pevor. You can use this razor for more than your eyebrows. Guys can also use it for their beards and mustash... more »

These are so cool

09 Aug, 2019
With your purchase you get 10 mini handmade wooden spoons by HansGo. They measure aprox 1 x 3 inches. I love the brown color. These are made from natural wood, odorless and splinter free. These are re... more »

Pack of 2

29 Jul, 2019
    These blind spot mirrors by Utopicar are huge. You will never miss your blind spot with these mirrors. I believe that blind spot mirrors save lives. You have to be able to see on... more »

Tiny cam

04 Jul, 2019
This is perfect for recording every detail if your in a wreck or just wanting to record a trip. This Car Dash Cam by isYoung. I love the tiny size of it. It's designed with high temperature resist... more »

Nice product

04 Jul, 2019
If you are in need of a tactical belt than this ones for you. This tactical belt is made by Whippy. This belt can be used by both men and women. It has a quick release metal buckle. It's easy to t... more »

Cute and durable

26 Jun, 2019
Your going to love this QMe Cool Bands Tritan Bottle. There are many different colors and designs to choose from 9 to be exact. This bottle comes in Army camo, green, grey, pink, purple and turquoise... more »

Cute and durable

13 Jun, 2019
This is an adorable set of 5 door stop guards. These are for saving little fingers from being smashed in doors. Plus they won't dent the door frames because they are made out of foam. They are cut... more »

great for fishing

13 Jun, 2019
I bought this for a father's day gift. My boyfriend doesn't ever remember to take his measuring tools when he goes fishing. So this is the reason for this purchase. It's so easy to take wi... more »

So easy to use

29 May, 2019
You are going to love this lightweight waterproof phone pouch by LYH.  It comes in 4 colors, yellow, blue, black and white. You get a lanyard to hang your pouch around your neck. I also hang mine... more »

waterproof set of 2

16 May, 2019
This universal waterproof case by GLBSUNION is made out of nice quality materials. The price is nice for this set of 2 waterproof pouches. You can choose from 2 sets of colors. I got the Cyan and Carm... more »

so sweet

16 May, 2019
These little finger puppets are adorable. They come in a set of 10. Elephant, Rabbit, Duck, Cow, Dog, Panda, Bear, Mouse, Frog, and a Hippo. These are made of velvet, they are very soft. These are gre... more »

sweet and cute for children

28 Apr, 2019
These little baby helmets by Toppers are really sweet. This one I bought is pink with a bunny design. These help protect your babies fragile little head from potential bumps and bruises. These are lig... more »

Nice product

28 Apr, 2019
I had to have this little mini folding fan. It's what I wanted for our summer fishing trips. It gets pretty hot when we go. This little fan is portable and rechargeable. I will fit perfectly in my... more »

So easy to use love it

13 Apr, 2019
I love this Fanny Pack by Y & R Direct. When I go fishing I have my own way to take what I need. I take my MP3 player, chap stick, tissues, flashlight, multi-tool and of course my license. You can... more »

nice buds

13 Apr, 2019
These earbuds by Hexdeer are awesome. These earbuds are nice quality and great for MP3 players, smart phones, tablets, and more. It has a flexible design and silicone gel earbuds so they stay in place... more »


04 Apr, 2019
I love this handheld lemon squeezer/lime juicer by AiFort. I have 2 of them. I got this one for a gift. This product is so easy to use and It's easy to clean. This squeezer/juicer works on all kin... more »

Nice product

02 Apr, 2019
These really work. I'm happy with my purchase of these car protective films by KKlite. They are anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-fog, waterproof and dust proof. These films come in 2 sizes, Oval and... more »

loofah 3 piece set

26 Mar, 2019
I bought this set because I wanted the one for your back. The other 2 were a bonus for me. I can't reach my back most people can't. I have really dry skin and it itches all the time. This scra... more »

charging stand stand

26 Mar, 2019
I bought this Charging stand by ANGUO for a gift. It's got great features. The main feature that everyone loves in a charger is that its a fast charge. You can use it horizontally or vertically. Y... more »

So easy to use

16 Mar, 2019
Your going to love this can opener by Keenstone. It has a 3 functions, can opener, bottle opener and beer bottle opener. This can opener is made from high quality stainless steel. It has very sharp bl... more »


09 Mar, 2019
With your purchase you get the Bluetooth Receiver and Transmitter, 3.5mm audio cable, USB cable, USB charging cable and a users guide. This Receiver/Transmitter is small and compact just toss in your... more »

Nice quality hooks

01 Mar, 2019
I bought these hooks by Goture for a gift for my boyfriend. With this purchase you get a case and 500 hooks. This is a great price for the amount of hooks that you get. My BF said he loves these hooks... more »

Clear sounding beautiful color

04 Feb, 2019
This MYMAHDI MP3 Music Player is awesome. This package comes with a MP3 player, earbuds, USB cable, warranty card, user manual and a gift box.  I listened to all genres of music on an old one MP3... more »

HDMI Splitter

30 Jan, 2019
I purchased this HDMI Splitter 1 in 2 Out, 1X2 HDMI Splitter for TV Support Output Display 2 Monitor in Simultaneously + 1.4v HDMI Cable by ProCIV because you never know when your going to need one. I... more »


27 Jan, 2019
My Grand Daughter got a Nintendo Switch for Christmas. Her Birthday is coming up so I purchased this for one of her gifts. It's an adjustable Charging Stand for the Nintendo Switch. It's a doc... more »

So cute.

17 Jan, 2019
I originally purchased these for a dog. They didn't fit her shes a Great Dane named Meg. Turns out I wasn't to great at choosing sizes. So my cats will get these ones. They are adorable and I... more »


07 Jan, 2019
This is a very sweet unicorn set by Fanovo. It's a 6 piece set. You get an adorable unicorn necklace, bracelet, ring, card, pouch and a gift bag. This is the perfect gift for the unicorn lover in... more »


28 Dec, 2018
These Magnetic Therapy Massage Insole by Zinnor are the perfect gift for people who are into the pressure points. These are for boots or shoes. They have 8 fitted magnets for the acupressure points on... more »

nice fit

15 Dec, 2018
I got these Gel Insoles by Dr. Foot because I needed inserts for my boots. I was looking for some nice insoles and settled on these ones. I'm happy I purchased these. They are very comfortable and... more »

set of 2

05 Dec, 2018
These anti-bacterial silicone scrubbers by Zoopip are durable and very flexible.  I use these scrubbers for washing fruits and veggies. They make washing my potatoes so easy. We microwave them fo... more »

Works great with my laptop

04 Dec, 2018
I got one of these USB 3.0 External DVD/CD Drive & CD/DVD +/-RW Writer/Rewriter/Player High Speed Data Transfer for Laptop Mac Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 Mac OS. My laptop DVD/CD player stopped worki... more »

fireproof bag

01 Dec, 2018
This money bag is nice. It's by ENGPOW. It's fire proof and water resistant. This bag can withstand high temps up to 1200c/2192f that's freaking hot! This bag is made from silicone coated... more »

mesh bags

01 Dec, 2018
I Love these bags by ProCIV they come in a set of 9. I love the different sizes That they come in. You get 1 X-L, 2 L, 2 med and 4 small. You can wash these and keep using them again and again. These... more »

Reuse save the planet

29 Nov, 2018
I loved these bottles so much I had to have a second one. This Bottle by Bottledjoy is great. I love the built in straw you don't have to tip your bottle up to get a drink. I also love the purple... more »

Perfect time spent with grandkids

24 Nov, 2018
This is a nice set for an artist in your life or a person who is trying to learn how to draw. Christmas is in everyone's minds and wallets right now. This is a very affordable priced set of artist... more »

nice set for the price

24 Nov, 2018
This set includes an exfoliating body brush, tweezers and a face scrubber by Dylonic. What a great gift for anyone who has skin issues. This is also great for a once a week or once a month exfoliating... more »

Nice cat window/perch seat

12 Nov, 2018
I bought this Cat window bed/window perch by SSZY Pets because I have a kitten that loves to come in the shower. I know that this is for windows but I wanted it for different purpose. My kitten Moncha... more »

PS4 Charging Dock

05 Nov, 2018
A friend of mine just got a PS4. I wanted to get him a gift to go with it. I got the chance to grab this charger dock station and I'm so glad I did. This PS4 Controller Charger, DualShock PS4 Cont... more »

cute cake toppers

01 Nov, 2018
My granddaughter is having a unicorn birthday party when April rolls around. We re starting early to get everything we need. So while I was searching I found these cake toppers by Vindyeer. These are... more »

Light weight and I love the color

25 Oct, 2018
I wanted to try a different water bottle. I have quite a few but I haven't found the perfect one yet. So I decided to try this one by BottledJoy. It's a 27oz water bottle with a straw and hand... more »

works great with my sealer

25 Oct, 2018
I had to have these Sous Vide Bags. I bought a vacuum sealer machine from ACRATO and I wanted these to go with it. You get 10 reusable bags and 2 white clips for sealing with your purchase. These bags... more »

Food preservers will love it!

21 Oct, 2018
I just bought this vacuum sealer by ACRATO. I love it. It's very easy to use. This vacuum sealer is economical and saves you money. Your foods don't get freezer burned and lasts for longer per... more »

smooth with a touch of sweetness

07 Oct, 2018
You guys will love this Oolong Black Tea by Yan Hou Tang. I wanted to try a new flavor and chose this one. I'm used to the regular tea that everyone uses. I was really impressed with this tea. I t... more »

I love this brand

11 Sep, 2018
I love this MYMAHDI brand. Their MP3/MP4 Music Player is awesome. I have purchased a few of them now. I love how modern and stylish they are. The MP3/MP4 player is heavy made. It has a metal body and... more »

nice fit!

05 Sep, 2018
I really like these cut resistant gloves by Cherrystar. I wanted these gloves for my boyfriend. We go fishing a lot and when we catch fish he is the one who fillets them. I wont fillet fish they have... more »

Very nice working with seller

29 Aug, 2018
This is a very nice set of battery operated fairy lights by BXROIU. You get 2 of them with this set. There are 2 to choose from cool white and warm white. These lights are 6.5 feet long. They take 3 A... more »

8 piece set W 2 Bonuses

29 Aug, 2018
You will love this set of 8 cooking utensils by SPORTLIAN. In this set you get Tongs, Turner, Spatula, Whisk, Pasta Server, Soup Ladle, Handheld Strainer and 2 BONUSES: Wine Bottle Opener and Stopper.... more »

My Cat Munkie Luvs This set

29 Aug, 2018
You will love this Dog and Cat grooming 3 piece set by LATIT. With this set, you get a brush slicker dematting comb, hair remover roller and a compact pocket blanket. This set makes a great gift for t... more »

Training collar

23 Aug, 2018
I love this Dog Training Collar. It's by PETDIARY. It fits any size dog from small, medium to large. This collar has vibration, beep and static shock you pick the option that works for you. Great... more »

Braided fishing line

08 Aug, 2018
 purchased this braided line by Poizen because I wanted to try this brand. A lot of brands out there are claiming to be the best but they are extremely expensive. So I went the cheaper route. Not... more »

Very bright light!

26 Jul, 2018
This head lamp by EXPLITE is very bright. I was surprised by exactly how bright it was. I'm happy with my purchase. This light being hands free is perfect when we go fishing and we need to either... more »


23 Jun, 2018
This manual coffee grinder is by Coastal Brew. This is perfect for all coffee lovers out there. This coffee grinder is solid and well built perfect for gift giving. This is for the coffee lovers in yo... more »

salad bowl

13 Jun, 2018
I never had a Salad Cutter Bowl before. So I decided to try it out. I purchased this one by HOSH. It's family sized so if you have a larger family this is perfect. I got it for myself for when I h... more »

Loving wireless

28 May, 2018
This charger by Etlephe is amazing. It is very slim and has a 4 coil design. This is very nice charger charges 2 phones at once. This charger has quick charge mode. It supports a 20w output max charge... more »

Nice Soil Tester

25 May, 2018
I never had a soil tester before so I got one. This one is by Sonkir. It's a 3 in 1 Plant moisture sensor Meter/Light/pH Tester. You can use this tester on your house plant dirt as well as your ga... more »

Healthy and fun

20 May, 2018
With this purchase of the Best Egg Cooker you get a set of 6. When I bought them in the store for my mother in law they only came only in a set of 4, so this was an awesome find. These Egg Cookers are... more »

Cute but watch your sizing

14 May, 2018
This is a cute plus size lingerie lace babydoll set and it features a soft V-neckline. It has scalloped lace shoulder straps, a sheer wrapped bodice,and a satin waist tie. You  also get a matchin... more »

Beautiful and stylish adhesive hooks

06 Apr, 2018
This 4 pack of adhesive hook are adorable. You get 4 different designs with this purchase. All of the designs are beautiful, stylish and modern. There are 4 beautiful designs to choose from, landscape... more »

Hate going to the dentist! Try these for whitening!!

27 Mar, 2018
If you hate overly priced whitening strips these Grinigh Coconut Oil strips are great. With this Kit you get 14 treatments. This whitening treatment lasts 6 months and up. It only takes 1 week until y... more »

Easy and fun!

22 Mar, 2018
This Tablet and Cell phone holder by GoWith is Easy to use. And just fun to play around with. It's flexible, collapsible and also portable. This holder has a soft padded area on it that fits nicel... more »

Great for house and car

04 Mar, 2018
I bought a cool flash light by eSamecore. It comes with a case which is cool for storing your flash light when not in use. It's a rechargeable LED tactical water resistant with a safety hammer. Th... more »

Dual Charger

22 Feb, 2018
This wall charger by TekBotic is everything it say it is. I love that it is a dual charger. You can charge 2 devices at a time. You can either do phones or the game Switch, Pixel, IPhone, IPad and mor... more »

A must have kitchen addition

22 Feb, 2018
These Scissors by MIVIM are a must have for all your kitchen prep needs. They are 6-n-1 multipurpose scissors. These scissors have high quality stainless steel blades. The blades are rust resistant an... more »

Fits most any vehicle

10 Feb, 2018
Want to keep your car clean and hair free. This Dog seat cover by Lovespot is the one that you will want to try. I wanted one so I purchased this one by Lovespot. I don't have a dog though. I want... more »

Set of 2 (awesome)

08 Feb, 2018
These are very nice Power Banks. They are by Ewarmer. They come in a set of 2. Each has a built in LED flash light which is perfect for late night or emergency use. These are portable and compact. It&... more »

Love the connectors are attached!

08 Feb, 2018
If you are in the market for a good Charging Cable then you found the right one. Poweradd is a wonderful brand. This Poweradd 3 n 1 is perfect. I get a lot of my cell phone accessories from Poweradd.... more »

Love the double port

27 Jan, 2018
I love the POWERADD brand. I have a few items from them. I purchased this one because it's a double port charger for you car. You can charge 2 things at once. I can charge my phone and a tablet, o... more »

Very warm and stylish

27 Jan, 2018
These gloves by Wild Snow are modern and pretty at the same time. They come in many different colors. These gloves are water proof and breathable. These are advertised for skiing and cycling. We don&#... more »

Easy to use

19 Jan, 2018
Just like you, I'm so tired of chasing my home charger plugins around. You can never find one when you need it. So when I found these by WEIUP I was very happy. You get 2 with this purchase. You c... more »

Easy to see!

16 Jan, 2018
I had to have these needles by Eschone. I do sew a lot of things from buttons to finishing off blankets and pillows. I got them because they have big enough holes so I can see to thread them. My eye s... more »

nice quality photo paper

11 Jan, 2018
With this purchase you get 100 pieces. These are 4 x 6 photo paper for inkjet printers. I found these to try and see if they were as good as name brand. They are just as good as name brand but cheaper... more »

Nice way to teach music

08 Jan, 2018
This very cool little instrument by Migig called a Kalimba (Thumb Piano) and it is fun. I purchased The Thumb Piano for my brother in law. He can play anything. I'm curious to see if he can play t... more »

So Entertaining

19 Dec, 2017
SunGrow makes the best animal items. I have gotten a few items from SunGrow before. I have been happy with all of them. I ordered this collapsible tunnel for my cat Munkie. She gets so bored fast, she... more »

my cat loves this toy.

15 Dec, 2017
Some cats are so picky. My Munkie is a brat. She fetches and brings back her little mice. She loves to play. I needed to find some more toys because she's so bored all the time. I purchased this c... more »

Guitar Picks

15 Dec, 2017
Guitar Picks are perfect for the musician in your life. These are from Mugig. They come with a triangle leather key chain holder case. Just add them to you key chain and take them with you. You get 12... more »

For the fisherman in your life!

12 Dec, 2017
This Lure is awesome. It's by Handig. My boyfriend is one happy fisherman because I purchased this lure. Now he talks about which fish he can catch with it. He says he can catch Walleye, Perch and... more »

makes a nice gift

11 Dec, 2017
This Phone Adapter by DengDeng is nice. It has 4 different sized adapters. If you have different phones or tablets this is prefect. If you have people stopping by and they don't have their chargin... more »

For the handyman in your life!

08 Dec, 2017
The Cordless Drill by Worksite is great. Great value for such a nice product. I bought it for a Christmas gift. I liked the features that this drill comes with. I never seen one with a light in it bef... more »

better deal than the top brand

02 Dec, 2017
These batteries are pretty nice. They are just as good as name brand batteries without the high price tag. I put them in my TV remote, flashlights and in my drone. They worked perfectly. They are by F... more »

Super Cool

29 Nov, 2017
This is really cool. I had the chance to get my hands on one of these Bluetooth Wireless FM Transmitter Car Radio Adapter. All you do is plug it in to your cigarette lighter. turn on your cars radio f... more »

So cute

24 Nov, 2017
I have seen these everywhere. They are so cute but I have never been able to get one. They always looked cheap to me. Turns out this one is great. When I hooked it up it was pretty. It came with the s... more »

Perfect for Fibromyalgia

08 Nov, 2017
This safety protect neck and shoulder pillow is great. I just love the feel of this pillow. It's very soft to the touch. The pillow is made out of a Micro-suede fabric. The filling is made with co... more »


25 Oct, 2017
This is a 3 pack USB Cables by JH-LI. When you go to buy USB cables in the stores they are ridiculously priced. Plus thats just with one cable. With this purchase you get 3. I love that these USB 2.0... more »

Perfect for saving fingers

23 Oct, 2017
I really like these cut resistant gloves by IBOWOOFORREST. I wanted these gloves for my boyfriend. We go fishing a lot and when we catch fish he is the one who fillets them. I worry all the time he wi... more »

Nice backup/Replacement

21 Oct, 2017
This battery is sold by OMBAR. I bought this cell phone battery for a back up. I bought it for my Samsung Galaxy S5. I wanted to have an extra one on hand. Turns out this battery is better than my ori... more »

My favorite so far!

08 Oct, 2017
The Running belt is made by YASHCHYKOV. You can use this running belt at the park while walking your dog. You can just wear it while walking the mall. So many uses for this belt. I have gotten a few o... more »

My Cat Munkie Loves this Fountain

17 Sep, 2017
This automatic water fountain by SUNGROW is 100% approved by my cat Munkie. She loves water, jumps in the shower all the time. I have been wanting to get one of these water fountains for her. This one... more »

Easy to use

14 Sep, 2017
This pill cutter is a nice addition to your medicine cabinet. The pill cutter has a stainless steel blade so it doesn't rust. It also cuts pills easily so you don't have to use a knife. You wo... more »

very nice set

04 Sep, 2017
This hair clipper/barber kit is very nice. The clipper set is sold by Jack and Rose. When I got mine I was excited because my old one is not cordless. I have the older one that you plug in. My old one... more »

very cool!! no pun intended!

08 Aug, 2017
This Baloray Lunch Bag is a great addition to your working day. You can add it to you walk in the park as well. This Lunch Bag makes a prefect gift for teens or adults. It will hold a 6 pack of pop/so... more »

lots of power

08 Aug, 2017
I have been looking for a portable charger for awhile now. One that actually will hold a full charge. It's hard to find a good one. I finally had the chance to get this one and jumped on it. I giv... more »

love this

07 Aug, 2017
This Vsecrety Toilet Light is really cool. It is a Motion Sensor LED Night Light. I always am looking for the right night light I never thought about there ever being this kind. Though I thought it wa... more »