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April brown

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Love it!!!

18 Jul, 2019
I am very happy with my purchase of this and am now able to make my coffee to the standard that coffee shops make them, the added creamyness and froth that i am able to create makes my drinking coffee... more »

Perfect for my Nintendo wii :)

18 Jul, 2019
I bought this hardrive recently as i needed a new one to replace my old one that broke of which was paired with my girls Nintendo wii. I was a bit scepticle at first purchasing an unknown brand but... more »

Love it :)

18 Jul, 2019
I bought this wireless charger as my cable charger had just died so i opted to go wireless this time around and i must say i wasn,t dissapointed. I am able to charge my Huwaei Honor 7 with no probl... more »

Excellent Camera A*

08 Jul, 2019
This camera is excellent and is at a fraction of the price of well known brand such as Gopro. It is very well built and comes with multiple accessories inc a protective case so that you can use it... more »

Excellent product A*

03 Jul, 2019
I have had bad experiences with powerbanks before so i was a bit scepticle in purchasing this one, however im glad i did and i do not regret it. It is very well made , lightweight, holds a good cha... more »

Excellent product A*

23 Jun, 2019
This is one of the better wireless chargers that i have purchasd. It has 3 modes of charging, 10w fast charging, 7.5w fast charging and 5w standard charging,. I love the fact there are no wires... more »

Excellent powerbank!!!

23 Apr, 2019
This is an excellent little powerbank, it is the perfect portable size/ design to fit in your pocket and can be used for days out or overnighters where you will likely need to charge your phone. Just... more »

Kids love this :)

28 Mar, 2019
This clay is brilliant and me and the kids have spent many fun hours using it to build mini figures, monsters, creatures, pokemon, keyrings, and shapes of allsorts to name but a few. It comes in a... more »

Happy customer :)

28 Mar, 2019
Arrived promptly so was a good start :)   I bought this as i need to lose a bit of weight and had been hearing about these fitness things for a while now so i decided to jump on the bandwag... more »