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Aaliyah Palmer

About Me

I love to test all products and give wonderful reviews!


Awesome purchase

15 Jul, 2019
I really like this it's very compact this super charge my iPhone XS Max Which it's great not a issue as of yet  more »


15 Jul, 2019
this is a nice fast charger this is awesome purchase u will not go wrong  more »

It’s a ok charger

27 Apr, 2019
I can say this doesn’t charge my iPhone XS Max fast like want it to more »

Fasssstttt Charge at its finest!!!

15 Feb, 2019
Best charger this super charger my galaxy s9+ and my iPhone ..plus you can charge 2 at the same time no disappointment here .. more »

Very nice

14 Aug, 2018
My son loves his shorts it's very cool and kepted him dry on the basketball court...the size was a great fit I would purchase more and they did not shrink when I wash and dried them now that's... more »

Very nice

17 Jul, 2018
These are a great value. The sound is good and they are comfortable. The fabric cover cord doesn't tangle easily as other wired headphones we have had before. I bought these for one of my kids and... more »


14 May, 2018
This comes very handy and very easy to use ... more »


27 Apr, 2018
Great screen protecter for this phone u have to turn on screen sensitivity in the advanced settings on your phone order for this to work great at 1st I thought it was the screen protecter but it's... more »

Love it

24 Apr, 2018
Nice size belt very thick and it works great there is no flaws about this belt I wear a size 13 in women's I have enough to fit around my waist with 5inches left .this belt will stay in place it w... more »

I'm am loving my power bank

11 Apr, 2018
I can say I got like 3 chargers out this for my Samsung s8.and I love that I can use 3.0 cord and a usb cord as well... more »

It was ok

11 Apr, 2018
I say it was ok because it added 20 more mins to my super fast charger for my Samsung 8pls.phone so I gave this charger away ... more »

Love it

11 Apr, 2018
This was a pretty easy set up just plug and play and I love the different colors.. more »


22 Feb, 2018
Grear product must hage more »

Works as advertised

28 Jan, 2018
I wanted to see if this product lived up to all the hype. After warming-up my gas grill to 400°F, I put marinated chicken breasts on the mat. The chicken cooked perfectly. Although they were brown... more »

Beautiful Incense Holder

26 Oct, 2017
Omg ! this is a very beautiful holder it's a small size about 4 inches tall ..u can only use the small incense not the thick heavy ones .... more »