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Riya Biswas

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Easy install

06 Dec, 2018
It was ba quick and easy install. We used our tools to put the camera up on the back entrance.  I like that the camera comes with various features  that would be very useful, specially the m... more »

Works perfect

30 Nov, 2018
I liked that it was so easy to install the camera.  It came with all three required hardware but I needed a drill and simmer other tools to put it up.  I did not need any professional instal... more »

environment friendly

19 Nov, 2018
The straws are environment-friendly for sure, but my advice would be to avoid keeping them in liquid for prolong period as they are made of paper and they start to get soft are a few minutes.&nbs... more »

Great grip

19 Nov, 2018
I got this to install in our bathtubs, they become too slippery and I worry that someone will fall and hurt themselves when showering. I used 3 strips on each tub and so far they are working great. Th... more »


20 Aug, 2018
The pj set is cute and beautiful for little girls.  Got it for my daughter and she absolutely loved it.  The material is soft and very comfortable.  I would surely recommend. ... more »

Soft and really comfy

13 Aug, 2018
What I really like about this PJ is the material, it is really soft and comfortable for the little one. The print is also exciting which interests the kids, the color with the print is a very good com... more »

Good for the environment

12 Aug, 2018
I got this for my daughter's birthday party, I liked that they are sturdy enough to use with juice and does not get soft very quickly. Also the fact that it is made of paper and is good for the en... more »

Soft and comfortable

08 Aug, 2018
I got this for my daughter and like how soft the material is. She likes wearing the short PJ's over the long sleeves and long pants ones that are most common PJ and she loved these. I like the mat... more »

Sturdy bags

02 Aug, 2018
I got these bags for my daughter's birthday, I am personalizing them according to the theme to give it as party favor bags and they are turning out really great. The bags are sturdy if I compare i... more »

Small yet works wonderful

27 Jul, 2018
I like that the trimmer is so small yet it works wonderfully. I like the various attachments that it comes with. The trimmer has a USB extension on it which can be directly plugged in to charge&n... more »

Good quality

18 Jul, 2018
I like wearing dresses that are a little long. I am  5'2" and this dress comes down to my mid-calf, which is okay for me. One thing that I really liked is the quality, the material is re... more »

Nice print.

01 Jul, 2018
The print is very cute and the matwrial ia soft  but it is also very hot to wear out in the sun.  It is true to size too.    I received a discount   more »

Keeps desses on the hanger

27 Jun, 2018
I have been using those regular plastic hangers to hang my dresses and shirts, but for the ones that have a bigger neck would slide off the hangers always. SO I was looking to buy these velvet hangers... more »

Clamp is too tight

15 Jun, 2018
I got this lens as I often forget to take my camera out when I am on a walk or go to the beach and want to take a far away picture. The lens is small and can be carried easily but 2 things that made m... more »

Thick and strong threads

27 Dec, 2017
I recently bought a sewing machine but forgot to buy thread of different colors along with it. Thankfully I found a pack of 12 colorful threads from Amazon to start with. I just started a project for... more »