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kathy heimsness

About Me

Hello all, I'm Kathy I am 38 and live in the US..
I am Interested in all types of products to test and review
And Anything that has to do with any products used in every day lifeI love to shop online when bored and enjoy testing, comparing, and reviewing different products from different sites around the web!
Please take note that I stay busy with sellers, testing, comparing, and reviewing! I do not work on weekends, that is family time..
I have about 6 social media review sites that I post on!


32GB Lightning Flash Drive

08 Sep, 2018
works great with my electronic devices more »

awesome item

22 Jul, 2018
these work good more »

great touch light for toddlers

13 May, 2018
 they work perfect for me in my bathroom and kids bedroom. We are very happy with our purchase and will assume they will last an extremely long time since they are LED lighting. They dim with sma... more »

guitar effect fedal

25 Jan, 2018
The product description describes how to use the pedal very well. It tells what each knob does to the frequency. I usually just play around with the knobs until I find the sound Im looking for. 3 knob... more »

leather uk

21 Jan, 2018
It’s very easy to adjust. And the leather strap pad was very comfortable. I loved that the strap was light weight and fit the instrument perfectly. I would say this strap is definitely worth the... more »

guitar patch cables

20 Jan, 2018
 I use them in my pedal board and would highly recommend them for their build and sound quality. I definitely would buy them again and would recommend them to others. more »

guitar pedal

13 Jan, 2018
awesome working  pedal ,but offers good volume control. As others have observed the best part of this pedal is that you have a clean option, so if you want to have a softer distortion that is pos... more »