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Susan Miller

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Pretty little socks

10 Dec, 2018
These socks were a gift for a friend's baby shower. I wasn't sure if I would add them to what I had but they are soft and pretty! Very dainty. more »

Adorable Covers

28 Oct, 2018
I was pleasantly surprised when I received my throw pillow covers. They are really cute and the pictures are clear and of good quality. I was surprised that they felt like a burlap type material but a... more »

Easy to use

28 Oct, 2018
This can opener is easy to use and cuts well and safely. I have issues with gripping sometimes due to my thumb, but I've had no problems with this product. more »

Wonderful Gift

12 Sep, 2018
Well made, high quality frame built to last. I purchased for my good friend to put pictures of her new baby in to show off. So glad I did! more »


22 Jul, 2018
This is a very pretty accent piece. To be honest, I don't burn incense, but when i saw this, I knew I had to have it. I love the colors and it looks like something you would find in a gift shop/ho... more »

So soft!!

26 May, 2018
I cannot wait to put this on my grandson! I can imagine how comfortable he's going to be in this outfit. I was very impressed with the quality-very high quality. more »

Grilling Set

17 May, 2018
I bought this for a food friend of mine and cannot wait to give it to him. I'm sure he has other utensils as he grill a lot, but these looked so cool and even better when they came in. I'll po... more »


05 May, 2018
My husband and I have been wanting some nice knives, but they can be really pricey. I thought o would give this one a shot and I'm so glad I did. It's really big, sturdy and heavy and SHARP. I... more »

Stainless steel kitchen set

26 Apr, 2018
I LOVE this set! I have been wanting some nice, high quality stainless steel kitchen utensils and I am so glad I decided on these. Not only are they shiny and beautiful, but sharp and very durable. I... more »