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Meredith Coplien

About Me

I am a housewife whose husband is in the US Navy and mother of two boys, and one dog. I have a fantastic circle of friends and I take care of other children during the weekdays. I am avid reviewer and like to make sure that the products I test out are something my friends will enjoy.
I love reading, beauty and fashion, and vintage fashion


Not a mascara

11 Dec, 2018
I often find other reviewers dont read the descriptions. This is NOT a mascara. It is a conditioner for eyelashes. Within a week, I have seen my eyelashes appear longer and thicker. I will continue to... more »

Perfect for training

05 Oct, 2018
The biggest problem with training a dog while out and about is carrying the treat bag. This one can either be clipped on your pants or around your waist. It even has a tie top and smaller pockets at t... more »

Does as advertised

04 Oct, 2018
Perfect for what needs doing.  more »

Perfect for garden storage

20 Sep, 2018
I garden and often times, my fruits and veggies end up rotting before we can eat them all. This has saved so many of my garden produce without making me waste anything else.  more »

Just what I needed

20 Sep, 2018
I was in desperate need of a USB-C cord that worked at a 3.0 instead of 2.0 for fast charging. This is the perfect solution with both a 6ft and a 3ft for different occasions  more »

Samsung Galaxy S8+

13 Sep, 2018
Perfect in my dodge journey with my samsung s8+ and my husbands google pixel 2 XL. Charges really quickly  more »

Great when you need your hands free

13 Sep, 2018
The belt is a bit loose for me, but the other attachments are a great idea! My husband is military and jobs almost every day, so he uses the belt option for our family dog more often than not. more »

So effective

13 Sep, 2018
I love this brush for my chow/Shepard mix. Tried regular slicker brushes before, but pulling out the fine hair is a nightmare. This brush little does all the clean up with the flick of a button! more »

Really strong

13 Sep, 2018
I love the locking mechanism on these! Not to mention they are uber strong for everyday uses. more »

loving it and so is our dog

29 Aug, 2018
just got it in. sooo easy to install. clips in just like a childs carseat into the LATCH system and is adjustable. more »

Still better than Walmarts

27 Aug, 2018
This is a great multupurpose scarf with a really cool design. my only issue is the material seems to be the same stuff thay walmart uses for theirs. IDK, i was kinda figuring this one would be softer... more »

feels amazing

27 Aug, 2018
this works really well, the little massaging nubs feel amazing while the boar bristles cleaned off your skin and back. the handle does attach and detach so you can use it howrver you want. more »

Greay Training Device

24 Aug, 2018
After adopting our dog from the county shelter, i quickly realized tht i would have to train him for walking. hes otherwise very well trained in the home, buy walking on a leash is an issue. this clic... more »


10 Aug, 2018
Has long length. Stands up to strong xlarge canine. more »

Works perfectly.

01 Aug, 2018
Comes fully ready to work. Stuck onto my metal birdfeeder and once the sun hit it, it started right away. more »

Works perfectly.

01 Aug, 2018
I did have to use some waterproof gorilla glue to keep it attached to my stone birdfeeder, but as soon as light hits it, it turns right on. It does come with 4 different patterns that you can switch o... more »


23 Jul, 2018
Very good. Stays in place and touch sensitivity is like I have nothing on it at all. more »

Bigger than I thought

19 Jul, 2018
This Anubis pendant was much bigger than I had anticipated. I have a Maat pendant that's small and feminine. I ended up giving it to my son. But the quality of the pendant and chain was really wel... more »


06 Jul, 2018
Works perfectly on my Samsung Galaxy s8 plus.  Hoping that the zinc alloy joints will hold up to my tenacity and will withstand the effects of my own uses. I go through a lot of chargers, so hope... more »


06 Jul, 2018
I've been wanting to get one of these for a while, and didnt want to get a large child for my 11 year old son with autism. So a small adult worked perfectly for his size. The old system of mask an... more »

Top is always too big

02 Jul, 2018
I honestly dont know why I try with swimsuits. The tops are always too big. The cups are meant for someone who has had surgery or implants done and never for someone who is petite as I am. Though the... more »

While cute, too too big

16 Jun, 2018
The top was way too big. I'm either going to gift it to some one else or return it. HOWEVER, it is well made and super cute!. If it came in an A cup or xs size, it would be perfect more »

Worth it!

11 Jun, 2018
I have such a hard time finding a screen protector made of tempered glass that fits a samsung galaxy s8+ and holds the edges as well as the touch screen sensitive. This comes with all of that plus a t... more »

Very good.

02 Jun, 2018
The charging takes some getting used to, as the watch face (once removed) is the USB charger itself. I'm still in the process of charging it, and this could change my entire review, but it is a qu... more »

Just the cases

01 Jun, 2018
Very good decorative cases. I wasnt aware they were cases, but for the price, design and quality, they were very much worth it. I would buy these again or another design by these sellets. more »


15 May, 2018
Its a good little QI charger. It does what it needs to.  Cons: has to be sitting just in the center, at just the right space to charge   Pros: light changes colors so you know that... more »