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Ella Bea

About Me

Single mom of a beautiful daughter. I love testing out new products and sharing by thoughts about them.


Look Great

04 Mar, 2019
 The colors are vivid and they are made well. They stretch well and are thick. They are great for keeping your ears warm while also giving a bit of style. The bow does lose its shape a tad when y... more »

Broke immediately

04 Mar, 2019
The "flexible" arm hardly moved at all and when I moved it just a tad a piece inside broke and the arm came out. It also was not strong enough to hold a small phone up like it shows in... more »

Arch Support!

01 Mar, 2019
Finally help for my sandals I have really high arches and most sandals are flat and make my feet and legs hurt but now with these I can position them exactly where I need them and the pain is gone.... more »