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Donald Coffey

About Me

22 years old and have multiple years of experience reviewing and testing out different products as well !


Love it

17 Dec, 2018
My fiance purchased these for me and I love them . They are lip stains and the colors are super pretty and unlike other lip stains I have tried off Amazon this one doesn't flake away ,taste weird... more »

Super cool

17 Dec, 2018
I purchased this for .y daughter to play with and she loves it . It's exactly like what I thought it would be . It comes with a bunch of the little tiles so she can spell things out and play aroun... more »

Love it

17 Dec, 2018
I bought this for my baby that's about to be born and my 4 year old daughter uses it as well and I'm very satisfied with it . It's made out of super thick material and absorbs water really... more »


17 Dec, 2018
I purchased this for .y two daughters thinking it would be useful but it's not . I am extremely dissatisfied it is super cheap and came with screws missing to assemble it. I would not purchase thi... more »

Love it

17 Dec, 2018
I purchased this long sleeve shirt for my fiance and she loved it . It's super comfy and fits perfectly . It looks exactly as expected and it didn't shrink when we washed it either , it's... more »

Worth the money

22 Nov, 2018
These flashlights are by far the best i have used in a very long time . They work really good ! more »

The best by far

17 Nov, 2018
This waterbottle is literally the best by far i have purchased in along time ! Everything about it is perfect in everyway to me . Its a decent size and its very durable as well . I would definitely bu... more »

Works very well

14 Nov, 2018
This stuff works really good i was actually suprised with the results on how good it really works ! I wouldnt mind on considering purchasing more no questions asked ! Definitely would recommend purcha... more »

The best out there

09 Nov, 2018
This has to be about the best phone stand ive purchased in along time that actually works , is sturdy and holds your devices ! Its very durable and lightweight as well . I would highly recommend it no... more »

Great quality

05 Nov, 2018
I just recently bought this for my wife who is 33 weeks pregnant and she said it is amazing . She said it helps with her back pains and the discomfort from her belly being so big and heavy. I would de... more »

Love them

05 Nov, 2018
I bought these washable breast pads because my wife is currently 33 weeks pregnant and her breast have begun to leak , she is also planning on breast feeding in which she is going to need these. ... more »

Really nice

05 Nov, 2018
I ordered these leggings for my wife and she loves them they are extremely comfy . She said they arent super thick yet not super thin to where you can see through them . She is currently 8 months... more »

Very sturdy and durable

03 Nov, 2018
I love this cup right here its very sturdy and durable ! If you ask me i think its the perfect size and its not too heavy either ! Definitely would suggest on getting this i think its well worth the m... more »

Love them

30 Oct, 2018
These are really cute little socks . They fit perfect ! Definitely will be purchasing again ! more »

Amazing quality

29 Oct, 2018
Love it seems to work great havent had any issues yet . Its really soft and lightweight as well more »

Love it

27 Oct, 2018
This works great i love it ! Seems to actually charge yoyr devices faster than usual . I will definitely be purchasing more of these no questions asked ! Highly would recommend on getting them they ar... more »

Works good

26 Oct, 2018
This works really good compared to other brands that ive tried . I will be purchasing again no questions asked  more »

Works excellent

25 Oct, 2018
Bought this as a gift for my fiance and she said that it works alot better than other leading brands she has used in the paar and that she absolutely loves it ! We will be buying more thats forsu... more »

Loved it

25 Oct, 2018
These are really cool me and my kids decorated the inside of our house with these and they absolutely loved them ! I wouldnt mind purchasing them again and would highly recommend on getting them their... more »

Highly would recommend

24 Oct, 2018
I bought this as a gift for my daughter and she just absolutely loves it ! Its very durable and high quality . Definitely worth every penny would highly recommend getting this you wont regret it ! more »

Never received

24 Oct, 2018
I never received the set i bought due to a shipment being damaged . Other than that i honestly wouldnt mind purchasing another set though ! more »

They work really good

23 Oct, 2018
These work really good ! I was definitely suprised with the results on how wonderful they actually work i wouldnt mind purchasing more ! Highly would recommend no questions asked more »

High quality

15 Oct, 2018
Very nice makeup bag and its durable to ! Has alot of space and definitely gets the job done . more »

Awesome light !

07 Oct, 2018
I bought this for my daughter to use at night time and she absolutely loves it ! Definitely well worth the money and would consider on purchasing again no questions asked ! 10/10 more »

Comes in handy

29 Sep, 2018
Definitely gets the job done no questions asked! more »

Definitely worth the money

29 Sep, 2018
My daughter absolutely loves this blanket ! Its nice and comfy and keeps your warm ! more »

My daughter absolutely loved them

29 Sep, 2018
Bought as a gift for my daughter and she loves them ! more »

Best out there !

29 Sep, 2018
This is the best out there by far ! Definitely would recommend it to everyone more »

Great quality

29 Sep, 2018
Hands down the best knife ive purchased before ! more »

amazing !

25 Sep, 2018
These are the best hedphones i've purchased so far in along time ! They sound amazing and have really good bass  more »


25 Sep, 2018
These work really good and actually last alot longer than other pens do ! Definitely would recommend these more »

Hours of fun

22 Sep, 2018
I buy this for my daughter all the time she absolutely loves it ! more »

Love it !

17 Sep, 2018
This outfit is so adorable and the perfect size . great deal for the product quality i would definitly recommend it and buy it again. more »

Hours of fun

27 Aug, 2018
I bought this for my daughter and she absolutely loved it . Definitely worth the money ! more »

High quality

02 Aug, 2018
These are literally the best out there no questions asked ! I would highly recommend these to everyone considering on purchasing you wont be disappointed ! more »

One of the best

01 Aug, 2018
Very durable and high quality . definitely would recommend this its worth it ! more »

absolutely the best

21 Jul, 2018
this tablet case is hands down the best case out there i've purchased for my daughters fire hd 8 no questions asked ! its very durable and high quality ! and for the price , definitely way worth i... more »

Absolutely amazing

21 Jul, 2018
I bought this set of clay right here for my three year old daughter as a suprise since she loves playing with play doh and all that and she literally hasnt stopped playing with it since it arrive... more »

She said it was okay

10 May, 2018
It was worth the money but she said it definitely was not like other products similar to this one . It worked well and wouldnt mind purchasing again if needed more »

high quality

09 May, 2018
this powerbank very well worth the money . it charge's your devices really fast and it doesn't die fast llike others either ! very well worth the money if you ask me ! more »

Awesome product

30 Apr, 2018
This definitely gets the job done ! It is amazing  more »

Fiance loves it

30 Apr, 2018
Bought it as part of a gift for my spouse and she really likes it ! Definitely worth the money and wouldnt mind buying it again  more »

Literally the best speaker out there

18 Apr, 2018
This speaker right here is definitely hands down the best out there in everyway posible ! It has amazing sound quality and plays crystal clear . i can guarantee you that you will not be disappointed a... more »