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Amber Adams

About Me

I love testing and reviewing new products of all types. It is one of my favorite things to do in my spare time. I always test the products before leaving reviews and address any issues privately with the product seller to avoid leaving bad reviews. However, I do leave honest reviews. I've had a wonderful experience thus far testing and reviewing products for Amazon sellers and it has been a pleasure.

In my spare time I also enjoy web and graphic design, playing video games, woodworking, crafts, camping, hiking, bicycle riding, shopping on Amazon and eBay, playing with my dogs and lots of other things.

I own a small business called Illusive Enterprises which has several smaller businesses under it including a variety retail shop, a mutlivendor handmade items platform, a video gaming mutlivendor swapping and selling platform, a pet supply shop, a body jewelry and tattoo supply shop and a few other small shops. I am no stranger to selling and understand how important reviews and ratings on products are. I also understand how much of an important role sharing product reviews on social media is. I am also working on a website for sellers to find products tonreviee and for sellers to add products for buyers to buy and review, similar to this site but much different. It will be for ALL platforms not just Amazon.

I am seeking several Freelancers that do work in web and graphic design and programming. I also need employees to add products to sites, advertise, give customer support, ship orders, warehouse products, find suppliers and more. If you need work, message ms.


Inflates & Deflates Very Easily - Comfortable & Portable

07 May, 2019
I purchased this as a gift for my partner because she has been wanting one for a while now. I was very impressed with it when I received it and checked it out before I gave it to her. It comes with th... more »

Good Training Collars Helped My Dogs Start to Obey Fast

03 May, 2019
Since purchasing these training collars, my dogs have totally started listening.. Before they were entirely out of control and would not listen to anything at all. In just two days of using only the b... more »

Hilarious Gag Gift - Ladies & Their Men Tend to LOVE It - Nice Features

03 May, 2019
Hands down, this makes one of the most hilarious gag gifts I have ever given someone. I gave this to my niece and her husband as an anniversary gift and they were just tickled with it. Apparently they... more »

Makes One Awesome & Funny Gift

03 May, 2019
My sister has been in a very bad mood so I purchased this for her to boost her spirirts and needless to say, I took it in to her one day felt badly and was crying. Immediately it brought a smiile to h... more »

Very Fast Charger - Sturdy - Well Made

13 Apr, 2019
When I first took the charger out of the box, I was instantly impressed. It is very well made and feels very heavy duty. I love the fact that it's also a stand, very convenient for using your phon... more »

Great Battery Charger - Fast Charging - Charges All Rechargeable Batteries

11 Apr, 2019
This is a great battery charger. It charges batteries very quickly and will charge any batteries that are rechargeable. It comes with a USB cable so you can use any wall tap or car port that has a USB... more »

Very Cute Phone Case Comes With Screen Protector

10 Mar, 2019
This phone case is absolutely adorable. It is perfect for teens and young women. The case is very well made. It is very flexible making it very easy to put on your phone. The case itself is clear and... more »

Heavy Duty Dual Car Charger Port

10 Mar, 2019
I was absolutely impressed with this charge port when I received it. It is metal and is very heavy. You can tell it is extremely well constructed. I was thrilled when I opened the box and took it out.... more »

Nice Flexible Case

10 Mar, 2019
This is a very nice case. It is semi flexible ,making it easy to put on your phone. It protects your phone against drops and will keep it from getting damaged if it's dropped. Prevents scratches,... more »

Awesome Galaxy S10 Case

10 Mar, 2019
I love this case. The color is great. The case is somewhat flexible. It fits my phone tightly eo it won't fall off. It is excellent at protecting my phone from scratches and dents too. Excellent c... more »