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Rachael Ryhn

About Me

I am a proud mother of four, and love helping other consumers by reviewing health and beauty, household, electronics and sexual health products. I'm also a huge fan of essential oils.
I ♥ Amazon


My genie in a bottle.

10 Jul, 2019
This glass top diffuser not only surprises me for its sleek stylishness, but also for how much time the mist stream lasts for every full water fill. The small quantity of... more »

Outrageously priced, standard micro-USB cable.

10 Jul, 2019
This micro USB cable is by far the most expensive cord I've ever ran across. It does have rapid charging capabilities and is strong and durable as described, but this is true for ju... more »

Super soft and duper cozy!

10 Jul, 2019
I purchsed this oh, so very plush blanket for my 1 year-old niece but it ended up wrapped around my 17 year-old teen daughter and belonging to her instead. I couldn't resist giving it to her... more »

Large reservoir for many hours of steady operation!

27 May, 2019
This diffuser has become my favorite one of all. It has a larger water reservoir than most diffusers, and is very simple to fill, with only the cover that needs to be lifted off to access th... more »

My new "go to" shadow for both casual and formal wear.

27 May, 2019
These shimmering eyeshadows are really quite stunning. The neutral glitter shadows are my favorite, and the ones I use most often. They are light and sparkly, and vibrant as w... more »

Affordable fun for everyone!

27 May, 2019
I initially purchased this affordable fabric kite for my 10 year-old son, but it quickly turned into something that my whole family enjoys. I didn't expect... more »

Simply point, click and forget!

11 May, 2019
I am so surprisingly charmed by the personality of these buggers, and couldn't resist purchasing a second set of these tealight's too! Whether it's relaxing o... more »

The perfect gift for bakery pros!

11 May, 2019
I purchased this spatula set for my daughter who not only loves baking, but is also a cake (and cookie) decorator by trade. She just moved to a new home in a new state, l... more »

Perfect for external solo play.

26 Apr, 2019
Right out of the box this vibe was charged and ready to go, and has become my "go to" vibe for quick solo play when there's not enough time for penetration. The... more »

Perfect for polish!

26 Apr, 2019
I purchased this to protect drying toe polish from damage. Out of the dozens of separators, this one is by far the most soft and comfortable one I've ever used. It can literally be worn for hours... more »

Never expected to like these, but I really, really do!

26 Apr, 2019
This is my first purchase of LED candles. I never expected to like them, but to my pleasant surprise I do! The natural, flickering glow illuminates the small nooks and crannies of my home where flames... more »

Major design flaws.

26 Apr, 2019
* The flaws are so major with this product that they can't be overlooked, and require full honesty. * I was excited to find these modern looking compression socks; however, excitement turned in... more »

Snuggly soft.

13 Apr, 2019
I purchased these for myself and my children, and we all simply love them! The non permeable backing provides protection from allergens, without the plastic crinkling noise that most protect... more »

As soft as a cloud.

13 Apr, 2019
I purchased two of these for my children at Christmas, and they simply love them! The non permeable backing provides protection from allergens, without the plastic crinkling noise that most prote... more »

Simply Amazing

13 Apr, 2019
This toy is simply amazing. It provides a deep and rhythmic, stimulating g-spot massage, that never dissapoints. It is so unique, with custom adjustments that satisfies even those that are tough to pl... more »

Artist Approved

22 Feb, 2019
I purchased this masking tape set as a gift for my adult daughter... to creatively occupy her mind when she isn't sketching or painting. It turned into something much more... more »

Simple design with dependable mist stream.

16 Feb, 2019
I have owned several diffusers in the past, with this being one of my favorites of all. Most diffusers have a minimum of two top pieces that need to be removed then realigned after fill... more »

Light and Fluffy, Not Hot and Stuffy

16 Feb, 2019
I wasn't fully committed to purchasing this down alternative comforter initially, but I'm so glad I did. It is hands down the most comfortable, best blanket ... more »

Gift That Keeps on Giving

16 Feb, 2019
This affordable "magic flow ring" (2 pack) is surprisingly entertaining, and is also quite brilliant at reducing stress. The kinetic spring is so simple to use that my 4 year-old nephew bega... more »

Christmas Eve Suprise: Lifted the Holiday Spirit

16 Feb, 2019
This was originally purchased as a gift for my 10 year-old son, but it looked too easy; so instead, I used it for a $5 dice game gift at our family Christmas Eve gathering. My 24 year-old cousin ended... more »

Very cute bikini plagued by size distortion

31 Jul, 2018
Finding an appropriate swimming suit for my 16 year-old daughter has been both challenging and frustrating, to say the least. It has proved to be rather difficult to find women's swimwea... more »