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How to add photos to Blog Booster

Hi Bloggers, here is a fresh new update:

Beginning on January 10, 2019, we have changed the method of uploading photos.

Instead of adding the photo as an attachment, the photos will be added to the review body itself.

Here is how it works:

  • Click on the Image Icon

  • A pop up will appear - Click on Upload and choose the file:

  • Click on "Send it to Server" - Then this screen will automatically show up:

  • Click on "OK" and the photo will be added to your post.




A review for example


Now you can write better product reviews
Instead of uploading the photos as an attachment, you can write about features, advantages, disadvantages, and add a relevant photo to the post.

If you have posted Reviews with photos before, the photos have been added to your review body automatically, and you can edit it at any time under My Blogs.


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Shani Topaz,
Blogger, Amazon Deals & Freebies addicted.