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Product Information
HUH Auto Safety Emergency Escape Hammer Rescue Kit Tool with Seatbelt Cutter Window Breaker and Holders 2 Pack
4.82 / 5   (28 Reviews)
Price: $10.59


2 in 1 Tool.The car safty hammer includes two essential tools.One is a seat belt cutter,and the other end is the window breaker with two hardened sharp and heavy carbon steel points.
High Quality and Durable.Made of high grade carbon steel combined with engineering plastics, this auto hammer is very sharp and easy to break the window for saving the life in emgercy. The razor-sharp stainless steel seatbelt cutter makes cut the seatbelt at ease.
The anti-skid handle of the escape hammer is about 6.8 inch in length,easy to control.The reflective strip on both sides of the handle for high visibility, you can find and use it at darkness without any difficulty.It is an ideal car escape tool.
Ergonomic Design.Comes in pairs with custom mounting bracket for two cars.Good choice for your children or family as a gift
90 Days Guarantee,any problem please feel free to contact us.


Exactly as described

04 May, 2019
I got my rescue hammer and it makes me feel better to have it in the car. It has a case with a glow in the dark dot to find it at night which I find very handy. These are great little things to carry... more »

Good quality

28 Apr, 2019
Good quality for the feel of it. Can't say anything about how it works since I am not going to break my window or rip my seat belt to see how well it works.  more »

Havent try it yet

25 Mar, 2019
thanks more »

emergancy tool

09 Nov, 2018
I have been nwanting nto get this tool for m car and my 17 yr olds car. we put them in the cars and i feel safer knowing thatb she has this and is needs it its there! I'm so glad it has mulitple u... more »

Everyone should own a set of these!

06 Nov, 2018
Saftey first, especially if you're traveling with kids - or travel in general. You never know when you or someone else might need help, and this tool is extremely useful.  more »


03 Nov, 2018
Very handy to keep in car's glove compartment. hope to never have to use. https://smile.amazon.com/HUH-Emergency-Seatbelt-Breaker-Holders/dp/B01CQN0DDC?sa-no-redirect=1 more »

Purchased as gifts!

18 Oct, 2018
I purchased these as gifts. I can't say if they work as expected or not because there hasn't been a need for them and with any luck there will never be a need! A nice device to have on hand... more »

Nice to have

02 Oct, 2018
This is actually a great product I have one in each vehicle because you never know. It isn’t flimsy at all either, it’s sturdy and I hope I will never need it but I love having it in my va... more »

Got these for peace of mind.

17 Sep, 2018
I have not used these yet, and I hope I do not have to. I only bought these as a precaution. You can never know if you will be in a situation where you would need these or not. But I am glad to have t... more »

Safety Tool

15 Sep, 2018
HUH Auto Safety Emergency Escape Hammer Rescue Kit Tool with Seatbelt Cutter Window Breaker and Holders 2 Pack #Rankboosterreview #Sponsered # HUH So glad to have purchased these. It’s nic... more »

Just in case

11 Sep, 2018
You never know what could happen anymore so I bought these as a just in case safe rather than sorry situation. I’m glad to say I have not had the need to use them but they look great and seem to... more »

A great tool to have!

09 Sep, 2018
This is a great tool to have in any emergency! I have seen them on TV often, and glad I got this deal! more »

Huh Emergency Window Breaker

08 Sep, 2018
I bought this window breaker from Rank Booster so I can keep it in my car,  it was such a good price couldn't turn it down.  more »


02 Sep, 2018
I had a hammer previously but when I got another vehicle I decided to grab another. This two pack was a great deal so I figured I would buy one and have a backup, but now that I have them I think they... more »

hope I never need them, but I feel safer knowing they are in my car.

30 Aug, 2018
The HUH Auto Safety Emergency Escape Hammer is the type of equipment you hope you never use. But, being prepared for the unexpected is the best way to protect your family. more »


07 Jul, 2018
exactly as described more »

great safety item

08 Jun, 2018
Safety first! I put one in my emergency box, and one in my console. #huh #sponsored #rankboosterreview more »

Excellent Quality if Ever You Need to Use It !!!!

07 Jun, 2018
These are definetly Worth the Buy !!  The are made of a Very Very hard, hard Plastic, nice and heavy and I Trust this Rescue Tool Kit 100% to work !!  I really can't say much more about... more »

Good to have it in case of emergency

27 May, 2018
This is one of those things that you don't think of needing and never crosses your mind until it's too late. I was browsing on Amazon for some unrelated to this item stuff and this popped in m... more »

hope and pray I never need but if I do they seem like they would work well

21 May, 2018
These auto safety tools are nice. The only thing I don't like are the holders.  They don't seem practical since I would not be mounting these anywhere.  I just placed... more »


23 Apr, 2018
This is very sturdy and has a handle that you can grip onto easily in case of emergency. Has a cutter, to get you out of a seatbelt that won’t release as well as pointed ends to break a window.... more »

Very nice

23 Apr, 2018
These auto safety tools are nice. The only thing I dont like are the holders.  They dont seem practicle since I would not be mounting these anywhere.  I just placed them in my center console... more »

Feeling Secure

27 Mar, 2018
I wanted these for my son's first vehicle. I feel great knowing he has this incredible lifesaving tool as I continue to hope he never has to use them. Great quality, durable tools. Easily installe... more »

HUH Auto Safety Emergency Escape Hammer Rescue Kit Tool with Seatbelt Cutter Window Breaker and Holders 2 Pack

22 Feb, 2018
I like that you include items that could be essential to saving a life. I placed the item(s) in both cars at my house! more »


12 Feb, 2018
Although I have not had to use this, thank goodness! I bought them just Incase the worst were to happen. I feel safe and secure with this in my car.  more »

Amazing product

12 Jan, 2018
I got this nice emergency hammer kit to keep in my car in case of emergencies. It's a 2 piece kit, with 2 hammers and a case to keep them in. One end can break your window and the other end is to... more »

A Must Have For The Car

25 Aug, 2017
This is a must have for every vehicle in my opinion. I actually ordered this set for my mom and dad as they are older and i worry about them being in a accident not being able to get themselves out of... more »

HUH Auto Safety Emergency Escape Hammer Rescue Kit Tool with Seatbelt Cutter Window Breaker and Holders 2 Pack 4.2 out of 5 stars 74 Reviews

24 Aug, 2017
So awesome. I will absolutely be more at ease with these in our cars. They are sleek, small enough that they will not take up a lot of room yet they feel sturdy enough to be useful. I hope I never nee... more »