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Product Information
Bellamei Nut Milk Bag Reusable Cheesecloth for Straining Almond Milk Greek Yogurt Strainer Professional Filter for Cold Brew Coffee Tea Juice Nylon Bags 12’’X12’’
5.00 / 5   (12 Reviews)
Price: $10.99


Bellamei Multiple Cheesecloth,Best Choice For Your Kitchen

We specializes in producing high quality products.

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Yep - does what it's supposed to

09 Apr, 2019
#RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored #Bellamei https://www.amazon.com/Bellamei-Reusable-Cheesecloth-Straining-Professional/dp/B07MH21DYT more »


07 Apr, 2019
very nicely built and eorks great more »

Easily washable, perfect for making Greek yogurt, cheeses, and almond milk

27 Mar, 2019
This is the perfect bag for draining out Greek yogurt and cheeses, which I'm very familiar with and have done a hundred times in other bags which were no comparison to this one.  Plus this on... more »


21 Feb, 2019
Great quality! :) more »

A Must Have When Making Almond Milk & Cheese!

19 Feb, 2019
This Bellamei Nut Bag is a must-have when making almond milk and cheese. The nut bag is made of nylon and can be reused which is fantastic. It also cleans and dries easily and quickly. This is a... more »

Sturdy Milk Bag

12 Feb, 2019
This nut milk bag by Bellamei is really awesome, made of durable material and perfect for any type of straining and filter process you may have in the kitchen.  Great for straining almond milk, y... more »

Great cooking buddy

10 Feb, 2019
I got this bag for cooking china foods and the result was amazing. We have pickled cabbage dishes that required to squeeze out all the water. I was using paper towels in the past to do the work;... more »

Great for straining

10 Feb, 2019
Great to use for staining on tea bags that open during boiling . more »

nut milk reusable cheese cloth bags

09 Feb, 2019
Well i was so surprised on how nice this is when i received it , i got this so i can use it to help strain my homemade cheese i plan on making this summer , this is going to work out very well for me... more »

So many uses

05 Feb, 2019
I’ve been wanting to buy cheesecloth for several different uses. I recently used it to tie herbs together for broth. Also to strain smaller pastas that would slip through the holes in a regular... more »

pleasantly surprised at the quality and versatility

29 Jan, 2019
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Bellamei Nut Milk Bag Exactly as described.  quick delivery. Even offers suggested uses! more »

24 Jan, 2019
I use cheese cloth somewhat reguarlly and try to wash it in order to reuse it but it never seems as good the second time around so I was so happy to find this reuable bag. No more trying to fold the c... more »