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Product Information
Gocheer Markers Airbrush Gun, Portable Lightweight Modeling Airbrush for Gundam Marker, Model Building Hobby Tinting Tools Accessories
4.00 / 5   (2 Reviews)
Price: £17.99


☸ This product use marker as paint carrier to help prevent excessive paint splashes,createing a smoother spray experience.(Airbrush Water Filter is recommended in a high humidity environment.)
☸ Marker Airbrush is easy to use without cleaning,just change the marker.It perfectly suitable for children & beginners & model building hobby tinting.
☸ The Airbrush connector is 1/8 mm, which is suitable for most compressor original hose on the market, while other compressor interfaces should be used with air hose adapter.
☸ Create unique cards of Christmas, Birthday, Mother\'s / Father\'s Day for any occasion.Personalise your invitation cards & school books, design outstanding book marks or scrapbooks.
☸ Press the button to get the colour, you can stop spraying any time.It will not stain your clothes, walls, floors and other objects.No mess, no fuss and best of all no fiddly or complicated parts.


Review in progress :)

11 Dec, 2018
Haven't really got the chance to get use of this product as i don't have a compressor yet , i'll make sure i'm gonna return later to edit this post and write a honest review on this pr... more »

work well

21 Nov, 2018
Gocheer's marker airbrush gun is the pefect way for using to make unique pieces of art like cards or model making ,  It is clean , fast & easy to use ,The marker airbrush system is a com... more »