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Product Information
ViiNA AK Masturbator Silikon Pussy Masturbatoren Männer Realistic Manuelle Cup-Masturbatoren Vagina vibratoren für sie Realistic
4.63 / 5   (8 Reviews)
Price: €10.99


➹Material: Ultra weich Überlegenes medizinisches Grad ungiftiges Material, alle Rohstoffe stimmen mit internationalem hygienischem Standard überein.
➹Spezifität: Realistische und doppelte Farbe Vagina Design. Bequemlichkeit, um es wegen der ABS-Schale zu nehmen
➹Design: Sehr Art und Weise äußeres Design, Nachahmung der menschlichen Haut, sehr weich und kein Geruch. Bequemer Kontakt mit Vergnügen.
➹Feature: Starke Saugenfunktion, weil die Luftpumpen entwerfen.
➹ Service: 1 Jahr Ersatz, 5 Jahre Garantie. Datenschutz Verpackung und Transport ist während des gesamten Prozesses.


Keep looking

24 Aug, 2018
Tried several of these in the past and would keep looking for another one that works a little better than this one there out there. the size is ok, fit is really soft, suction is non-existent. Overall... more »

Where has this been?

04 Jun, 2018
This is a great product to have for your (male) spouse or just to get for yourself if you are Male. The outside container is hard plastic while the inside is very soft silicone. It also comes with a h... more »

Really satisfied your needs

14 May, 2018
Never image to have such realistic tocuh for my needs. It is so easy to use and indeed to please from it is unbelievable. You really don't need to find any other ones, this one will really statifi... more »

Great and is just like the real thing!

16 Apr, 2018
  My wife just bought this for me unexpectedly.  Wow, I have never used one before and it felt like the real thing! The material is nicely smooth and flexible, and it can be used in... more »

Very Realistic

15 Apr, 2018
This is, beyond a doubt, one of the most realistic male toys that we have found so far.  For my husband, I love that it is so realistic and that it even comes with a heater.  This definitely... more »

Super angenehmes Gefühl

15 Apr, 2018
Das hängt schon eine Weile an meiner Wunschliste. Ich habe es vor dem Gebrauch sehr sorgfältig gewaschen. Das Gefühl ist schön, und obwohl es nicht wirklich die reale Sache mag, is... more »

Feels great..

11 Apr, 2018
realistic design with soft material and real feel. Very discreet and easy to clean. Item was as expected and would recommend.Very well built.  more »

Realistic Masturbator Cup

31 Mar, 2018
This is one of the most realistic to touch items I have ever put my hands on. The opening is tailored to fit any man just right, meaning cling to their size. It is very flexible and easy to clean. It... more »