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Fruit and Veggie Life Extender Liner by Tenquest 4-Pack, 15X14 Inch, Refrigerator Shelf - Produce Saver, Extends Life and Keeps Refrigerator Fresh Prevents Spoilage -Instructions Included
4.62 / 5   (53 Reviews)
Price: $6.74


Install the Tenquest Fruit Life Extender Liner, produce saver, in the refrigerator's drawer where you would store your produce.
Tenquest Fruit Life Extender Liner comes in four liner sheets that are each 15 inches x 14 inches
The life extender liner by Tenquest is made out of special lightweight foam which is designed to let air circulate around perishable items in order to prevent spoilage.
The liners work by absorbing moisture and odour, to make fruits and vegetables last longer.
Each liner is washable, hence, re-usable several times. Produce Saver.


Fresh veggies and fly fishing lures

11 Jan, 2019
These green wonders keep your fridge produce drawers clean and seem to extend the life of veggies. They are large and easy to trim to the perfect fit. My dad also used extra pieces of the foam to plac... more »

Does work

30 Dec, 2018
I was a little confsed when I got these in the mail. They are foam but they work great. Easy to cut to size. more »

Fresh Veggies

27 Nov, 2018
Not exactly what I thought they were going to be. I thought I was ordering the bags, not liners., But if they work I'm ok with either, or.  I had to trim it down quiet a bit but was no troubl... more »

Frit and Veggie life extender

26 Nov, 2018
I am impressed with this product.  You put the reusable liners in a refrigerator drawer with your assorted fruit or veggies and it keeps them fresh longer. They work by absorbing any moisture and... more »


17 Nov, 2018
#RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored #Tenquest Wonderful idea! Love the color! Thin and light but works great! No issues! https://www.amazon.com/Veggie-Extender-Tenquest-4-Pack-Refrigerator/dp/... more »

So far these are great,

16 Nov, 2018
I have only had these for a short time but so far they are working great.  They are easy to clean and also keep the fridge looking clean.  The berries and Apples have stayed fresh longer tha... more »

Really work!

13 Nov, 2018
I was having a hard time with my strawberries and grapes going bad after two days in the fridge, so I thought I would try these. They are very large, but easy to cut to size to fit any fridge drawer.... more »

Fresh is Best!!!

09 Nov, 2018
I wasn't sure if these Veggie Life Extender Liners would work or not. I was tired of wilted, brown lettuce so I decided to give them a try. Although you can cut them to fit, it wasn't necessar... more »

Really needed these!!

05 Nov, 2018
I  really wanted to purchase these, so I grabbed this offer.......it a need for every house  more »


15 Oct, 2018
Love these vegi life extenders! It makes it so that there is airflow under your product and betweent the plastic/glass of the drawer they are in. They fit my large fridge and can be cut for smaller fr... more »


14 Oct, 2018
Have not had enough time to see if it actually prolongs the life of food or not.  Will update when Its been in a little longer.  more »

Cut to fit, dont like color

01 Oct, 2018
I just started using these and at first I am like how is this going to work. Then as I read and researched this product it is the fact that it soaks up any condensation and when fruit or vegtables are... more »

Does the job !

30 Sep, 2018
I buy lots of fruits and veggies and wanted to give this a try and see if it would extend their life so I toss less in the trash each week. They are pretty big out of the bag at 15x14 which was nice s... more »

Refrigerator shelf

14 Sep, 2018
I have started using since a week ago .I haven't seen much difference as I finish my vegetables as soon as I bring. My veggies won't stay in refrigerator for more than week .but looks great on... more »

Seems to work

14 Sep, 2018
I have these liners for only 2 weeks but they seem to really extend the freshness of the veggies. more »


26 Aug, 2018
Not exactly what I was expecting. I was hoping for rubber mats to help protect my drawers and keep my food fresh. They are cushion.  Even though it’s supposed to be moisture proof I’m... more »

Excellent for keeping produce fresh!

10 Aug, 2018
Great refrigerator liners that keep my fresh produce crisp longer. These light weight foam liners help prolong the life of my fruits and vegetables by letting the air circulate around them. They... more »

Fruit and Veggie Life Extender Liner by Tenquest 4-Pack, 15X14 Inch, Refrigerator Shelf - Produce Saver, Extends Life and Keeps Refrigerator Fresh Prevents Spoilage -Instructions Included Review.

09 Aug, 2018
Fruit and Veggie Life Extender Liner by Tenquest 4-Pack, 15X14 Inch, Refrigerator Shelf - Produce Saver, Extends Life and Keeps Refrigerator Fresh Prevents Spoilage -Instructions Included these e... more »

Nice idea

09 Aug, 2018
Nice idea,  sometimes it folds over and defeats the purpose.  Maybe if they were alittle stiffer. But overall happy so far more »

With the way the garden is producing, I needed the extra time

30 Jul, 2018
With the way the garden is producing, I needed the extra time to get things put up for the winter.  These mats helped with the zucchini and cucumbers by just giving me that time I needed.  I... more »

Great item

29 Jul, 2018
I wish I had found this sooner! Keeps fruit and veggies fresher for a longer period of time. more »

Makes cleaning easier

28 Jul, 2018
lined the shelves of refrigerator drawers.  more »


28 Jul, 2018
I bought this because I wanted to organize the veggies or some other food inside our refrigerator. It works well and much better. I do usually keep cleaning the refrigerator inside but to have this fr... more »

Works GREAT!!

27 Jul, 2018
I started with a clean refridgerator, dried the drawers and placed the Life Extender liners inside.  I have a fairly new refridgerator and these 15" x 14" liners fit perfectly no nee... more »

Great fit... Looks good...

26 Jul, 2018
These seem to be keeping the condensation down. Will post more after I use them for awhile. more »

there great

26 Jul, 2018
it keep the moister away from fruit so they wont rot as quick think im gooa love them more »


24 Jul, 2018
Happy to have something that will make my produce last longer. It was frustrating throwing stuff out after just a few days, but now thanks to these liners I will save some money! #rankboosterreview... more »

Great product!

29 Jun, 2018
Great product to save you time in cleaning up spills in the refridgerator!  Super easy to clean and just replace it back in the fridge. Absolutely worth every penny! more »

Strange but works

30 May, 2018
It's a bit strange to see this fiber sponge like thing. Although it doesn't really matter since it does extrend the life of my fruit and veggies. Pretty interesting. You can cut these to size.... more »

C)mean and fresh

21 May, 2018
Easy to cut to size. No mess on the bottom of drawer, just remove, rinse and replace. more »

Helps keep my produce fresh

15 May, 2018
These fruit and vegtable liners are great! They help keep them fresher longer, which saves me money and the need to throw them out sooner. i. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Tenquest https:/... more »


07 May, 2018
works good so far more »


05 May, 2018
These mats from tenquest keep food fresh by circulating air and drawing away moisture. Cut to fit, you get 4 generous sized sheets. They can be washed and reused. Makes for a great liner, even if you... more »

Great product

30 Apr, 2018
this is exactly what I was looking for!  We, as a family, are trying to eat healthier but it’s hard to keep fruits and veggies fresh.  Nothing worse then going to use them and they&rsq... more »


22 Apr, 2018
Ok, I was skeptical.  I was really skeptical when they arrived becuse it's such a simple thing but I spent the money and I knew I had to do something so I tried them.  Wow, am I surprise... more »

Keep produce fresher longer

16 Apr, 2018
I apologize for being late in reviewing these crisper drawer liners. I am very pleased with how well they work. In an attempt to eat a healthier diet, I’m buying more fruits and veggies. Unfo... more »

Life Extender Liners

01 Apr, 2018
Surprisingly it works. I was really sceptical because it just looked so simple and plain and I thought how was this going to work?? But I gave it a try anyway....and sure enough, my fruits and veggies... more »

On the Fence

30 Mar, 2018
Honestly I'm on the fence about this. I thought this would be different in some ways. My fruit & vegetables have not lasted any longer than usual. I was upset to feel like I was getting baical... more »

Fresh longer lasting

29 Mar, 2018
It actually works! Was kinda weary of it but fits my fridge shelves perfectly and my fruits and veggies last a whole lot longer than usual more »

So far so good

24 Mar, 2018
bought these to keep the draws clean and the fruit fresh longer. So far it works. They are a sponge like material  more »

Easy to use

24 Mar, 2018
I always have put paper towels in the bottom of my fruit/veggie drawer in my fridge. So when I saw this 4 pack of Tenquest Fruit Life Extender Liners I figured why not.  They are 4 rectangular p... more »

helps with freshness

18 Mar, 2018
These foam liners are great at helping keep the moisture away from my fruit and veggies. You get 4 in a pack. 1 fit perfectly in my fruit drawer so i did not need to cut it down. They are 14inch by 15... more »


18 Mar, 2018
Item was ordered shipped and never arrived. Amazon said it was lost in shipping? more »

Great idea

15 Mar, 2018
This is a great idea, I always place handywipes or paper towels in my produce drawers  in the fridge because of condensation and excess moisture. This liners keep the produce away from the moistu... more »

Wouldn't Be Without

11 Mar, 2018
Something I never thought I would use, but now would never be without. The best thing is, it helps keep my drawers and shelves so much cleaner. What little bit does sneak through is usually a piece of... more »

Cuttable too for the adequate size

10 Mar, 2018
You don’t have to throw food and groceries as much as before anymore by simply using this life extender. A very hygienic way to store your perishable groceries and extend the life of it long eno... more »

Reusable is the key here!

10 Mar, 2018
I’m notorious for letting veggies die in my fridge. This has saved me!  more »

Veggie Refrigerator Liner

05 Mar, 2018
#RankBoosterReview #Sponsered #Tenquest So far so good. This is the first time I have ever put fruit directly in the drawer without the bag from the grocery store. The liner is like a thin see thro... more »

Perfect for refrigerator

05 Mar, 2018
#rankboosterreview #sponsored #tenquest this is a perfect set for my refrigerator. Very lightweight. They do actually work for keep fruits and veggies fresher longer.  more »

Seem to work great.

04 Mar, 2018
I put these in our fridge to help our fruit and vegetables stay fresh longer. As far as I can tell they are doing the job. It seems like everything is staying fresh longer.  more »

Very useful

03 Mar, 2018
I love it.  having this looks our refrigerator very clean. It absorb moisture and smells. Perfect more »

Made my fridge drawer look so clean

02 Mar, 2018
There is nothing worse than having your fruits and veggies go bad on you before you get the chance to use them. I don't keep my fruits in the fridge, unless it is berries or melons. But all my veg... more »

It works!

15 Dec, 2017
Wow! I really works! Keeps fruit and veggies crisp! sup easy to use! more »