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Careshine 10PCS Animals Finger Puppet Toy Plush Toys Kids Toy Elephant, Rabbit, Duck, Cow, Dog, Panda, Bear, Mouse, Frog, Hippos
4.72 / 5   (32 Reviews)
Price: $8.20



Adorable !!

02 Jul, 2019
My grandson LOVES these finger puppets !  And actually its a Great Bonding experience.  Him and I played finger puppets for an hour and a half !!  It's fun to see their imagination.... more »

works but

04 Jun, 2019
they are cute but it is a little to tight to on the finger more »

My Granddaughter LOVES These Little Finger Puppets!

04 Jun, 2019
I bought this set of finger puppets for my granddaughter, and she absolutely loves them. It comes with a variety of cute little animals including an elephant, frog, hippo, rabbit, dog, duck, cow an... more »

Fun and well made

01 Jun, 2019
My granddaughter absolutely loved these. They are very well made. The animals all are very cute. They are a little difficult to get on the fingers. They are definitely made for small fingers in work g... more »

cute finger puppets

01 Jun, 2019
I bought these finger puppets to play with my daughter and enhance some of her favorite story books or make up our own animal adventures. They are very cute and measure about 3 inches tall. The puppet... more »

so sweet

16 May, 2019
These little finger puppets are adorable. They come in a set of 10. Elephant, Rabbit, Duck, Cow, Dog, Panda, Bear, Mouse, Frog, and a Hippo. These are made of velvet, they are very soft. These are gre... more »


15 May, 2019
My first grandchild was born the beginning of March so I'm having such a great time buying things for her! Things like these CareShine Finger Puppets are such a great things for children of all ag... more »


04 May, 2019
Such a fun and sweet little old school toy for babies and toddlers! Cant wait to give it as a gift! more »

Bright and colorful

27 Apr, 2019
These ten piece finger puppet animal puppets are adorable! They make my grandson laugh and that is exactly what I wanted! They are fairly durable and very bright so that they will hold baby's atte... more »

Finger puppets

25 Apr, 2019
These simple little puppets are so cute and my toddler plays with them on and off all day long! She loves them! Its such a relief to see her using her imagination with these rather than stuck to a tab... more »

Super Cute!

22 Mar, 2019
These are super cute great for little kid's story time! more »


15 Mar, 2019
Got these to entertain children I watch... They LOVE them!!! Soft too and very durable. Had to already wash them a couple times and still look BRAND new!!! #rankbooster #funtimes #durable #Amazon #... more »

very comfortable play

09 Dec, 2018
#CARESHINE  #ZORVO  #puppetfingers      10PCS Animals Finger Puppet Toy Plush Toys Kids Toy Elephant, Rabbit, Duck, Cow, Dog, Panda, Bear, Mouse, Frog, Hippos Made of... more »

Daughter loves it

20 Nov, 2018
Ecellent toy for playing with kids and develop their imaginaton more »

Just as pictured

02 Oct, 2018
Cute little finger puppets, just as advertised and pictured with decent quality. They perfectly fit my 3 yo fingers,  tight on 7 yo and dont fit adult fingers at all. If this wasn't... more »

Nicely made

01 Oct, 2018
Careshine 10PCS Animals Finger Puppet Toy Plush Toys Kids Toy Elephant, Rabbit, Duck, Cow, Dog, Panda, Bear, Mouse, Frog, Hippos    I put these finger puppets in my treasure box in my... more »

cute plush toys

01 Oct, 2018
this is a review of Careshine 10PCS Animals Finger Puppet Toy Plush Toys Kids Toy Elephant, Rabbit, Duck, Cow, Dog, Panda, Bear, Mouse, Frog, Hippos  these are great for travelling and ke... more »

Very small but like able

28 Sep, 2018
I love these little puppets but feel that they are smaller than I expected. My kiddos love them though. Gave them as a birthday present.  more »


24 Sep, 2018
These little puppets are so very cute. They are so easy to pack and any little bag for road trip. Any child would be happy to play with these. The details are amazing. more »


23 Sep, 2018
These little fingers puppets are cute. Great to use in therapy with younger children or just in play time. Simple to use Rank-booster more »

Lots of Fun for the Little Ones!

22 Sep, 2018
These are so cute! My kids are having so much fun with these. These little finger puppets have made some very creative puppet shows for us. These are so easy to take along with you to keep the little... more »

Finger puppets

20 Sep, 2018
My son loves these he pretends they are all on a farm these were a great gift for him #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #(careshine) https://www.amazon.com/Careshine-Animals-Finger-Pupp... more »

Have your own puppet show

20 Sep, 2018
These cute little finger puppets keep my granddaughter entertained for hours!  She likes to put one on each finger...until she needs my help for the last few.  The animals are cute and they... more »

Finger puppet show

19 Sep, 2018
These ten piece animal finger puppet toys are one of my favorite sets.  They have ten animals, all different, made of high quaility material and stitched together very nicely.  They each loo... more »


18 Sep, 2018
These are so adorable.  I can't believe what a great buy these are.  Love them. more »

Kids love it

18 Sep, 2018
Got this for my son and his friends at karate and the kids loved them. I would not  suggest these for bigger kids or big fingers. They are a little hard at first to put your finger in but after t... more »

My son loves these finger puppets!

16 Sep, 2018
These #Careshine #finger #puppets are so awesome for doing story time in our homeschool. My five year old loves them! We can use them to make our stories come alive as we read. I’m very glad I h... more »


14 Sep, 2018
My two toddlers love these, and watching them pretend with the little puppets is so cute! #rankboosterreview  more »

Adorable set

13 Sep, 2018
The set is much much better than I expected! The plush is so soft and the colors are bright, we love all animals that come in this set Elephant, Rabbit, Duck, Cow, Dog, Panda, Bear, Mouse, Frog,... more »

Adorable and creative finger puppets!

12 Sep, 2018
This set of finger puppets are the cutest!  After they arrived and saw them, I was reminded of my childhood.  My sister and I would play with puppets for hours on end.  I remember we ha... more »

Finger Puppet Play

10 Sep, 2018
These finger puppets will give you hours of fun with your little one. You both can create a fantasy, pretend world and get lost in your imagination. I am very pleased with these finger puppets and the... more »


09 Sep, 2018
~ What ~ Made of soft fabrics with small black plastic beads for eyes, this pack includes almost a dozen finger puppets of an elephant, cow, frog, bunny, dog, hippo, bear, duck, mouse, and panda. Wit... more »