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Product Information
Stereo Earphones, Metal in Ear Headphones Wired Inner-Ear Earbud Mic & Remote Control (Black 200)
4.80 / 5   (5 Reviews)
Price: $25.00


IN-EAR EARPHONE DESIGN - This earphone is adopts a 60-degree oblique front angle design to better fit the ear hole, and it is comfortable to wear for a long time.
SUPER BASS - High performance driver that bring out the BASS in your favorite tracks, as well as enhancing mids and highs so that every note is clear and crisp.
MULTIFUNCTION CONTROL - Answer Calls - End Calls - Pause - Play- Next song. HD MICROPHONE earphones to make clear calls.
ULTRA STRONG COMPATIBILITY - 3.5mm alloy universal plug compatible with all 3.5mm interface device, including iphone, ipod, ipad, android, smartphone, tablet mp3 players and many more!
THREE-STAGE BALANCED SOUND QUALITY,NO D STEREO SURROUND - Persistent pursuit of good sound quality, restore the original sound of the original


More earbuds....

18 Nov, 2018
I am sure people are getting tired of me posting different earbuds on my reviews, but we go through a LOT of earbuds in this house. And guess what? I ordered a LOT more so there will be plenty  m... more »

Good sound, better than expected

06 Nov, 2018
Good sound better than expected. Will use on trip or commute. more »

Good quality

05 Nov, 2018
These earphones are well made. And fit into the average ear well. They output good sound quality. #rank-booster more »

Love the sound, even though they are a little pricey.

03 Nov, 2018
I use this headset with my Samsung Smartphone. Listening to the song "Despacito" I was impressed with the crispness of its sounds. The bass, vocals, cords, in fact, every note, sounded great... more »

listen up

01 Nov, 2018
Great sound, good quality and works great. Highly recommend. more »