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Product Information
Dental Water Flosser Professional Oral Irrigator High Frequency Pulsed With 600ML Large Capacity And 7 Interchangeable Nozzles For Adults & Kids
4.83 / 5   (24 Reviews)
Price: $36.99


Large Capacity Tank-- Come with large 600ml tank, our dental water flosser can extend your flossing time to 180s.
360 Degree Rotated Nozzle-- The design of our oral irrigator can help you clean 360 degrees without dead angle. It It is suitable for all areas of mouth.
Smart Design-- 7 flosser tips, Seamlessly Connect 10 pressure settings for gentle to maximum cleaning. 3 Minutes Smart Timer, our water flosser will help you to clean teeth more efficient.
Quiet And Waterproof Design-- IPX7 waterproof design. Our water flosser can give you a quiet tooth cleaning environment.
Easy To Use-- Mix a little mouth wash in with warm water, turn on the power button and the switch on the wand, you will feel your mouth clean and fresh after using.


Really Nice!

22 Mar, 2019
It make's my teeth feel so good, and clean it work's great with good pressure! more »

Professionally DONE

07 Oct, 2018
I had a smaller one that is for one person. This water flosser is perfect for all of my family. It came with 7 interchangeable nozzles and is sufficient for my wife and I and my kids. It has... more »


06 Sep, 2018
My doctor recommended I get a water flosser because I don't have a lot of time. Let's face it. Flossing right takes time. So I got this and man does my teeth feel clean I can feel the spaces i... more »

Just as pictured

31 Aug, 2018
Got it as a present. Will update if anything is wrong. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Beautlinks https://www.amazon.com/Professional-Irrigator-Frequency-Capacity-Interchangeable/dp/B07... more »

Gentle on sensitive gums yet still has enough strength to get the job done

30 Aug, 2018
This water flosser is exactly what I was looking for, it works as expected and does a great job.  It is gentle on sensitive gums yet still has enough strength to get the job done. Defin... more »

Very good

29 Aug, 2018
Its very good, easy to use and work perfect. more »

Easy to Operate and Works as well as the big name brands.

29 Aug, 2018
I am very happy with my new water flosser.  Easy to operate and clean.  Comes with a really big selection of irrigation tools.  Why pay more for a big name brand when you can save money... more »

Excellent alternative to Waterpik

28 Aug, 2018
I purchased this one because I am looking for alternatives to waterpik. I have waterpik at home but want to give alternative brand a try. The product itself produce comparable jet stream as waterpik.... more »

Works Great

26 Aug, 2018
Good Water Flosser, nice size not to big and bulky like some of them.  Great and pleased with it. more »

wanted one for awhile now

25 Aug, 2018
I used one of these when I was younger but never got one when they old one broke, which has been about 30 years now (LOL).  Now I wonder why I haven't gotten one sooner!  My teeth feel 1... more »

Can compete with any name brand

22 Aug, 2018
This Dental water flosser works as expected and can compete with any name brand easily. I love that it does not take up a lot of counter space I appreciate all the interchangeable heads. I am... more »

Box was crushed.

20 Aug, 2018
Box was beat up but unit was fine. Large size tank means fewer refills 7 different nozzles. Works great on teeth. #RankBoosterReview more »

Compact and powerful

17 Aug, 2018
Pros: size. Compact enough to store away, for travel, or keep in corner. Multi attachments that store away in the lid. Surprisingly powerful given size. Force can be adjusted.  Con: not... more »

Dental water flosser professional oral irrigator

17 Aug, 2018
I absolutely love this water flosser. It has 7 different nozzeles and a large container for the water. My kids love it too! It makes your teeth feel so clean and feels great on your gums. I am sure my... more »

These work good for bridge work issues

17 Aug, 2018
These work good for bridge work issues, dentist said to use this type. more »

great for braces

17 Aug, 2018
I bought this for my son who has braces, as an upgrade to what  had bought him before. The last one had a very small water reserviour and he would complain about how it is not enough and a lot of... more »

Beautilinks Dental water flosser

16 Aug, 2018
Beautilinks Dental water flosser is easy to use and cleans teeth more effectively cleans better than a traditional toothbrush. The intensity of the water spray is easily adjustable. I would definitely... more »

clean it

16 Aug, 2018
Well, let me start off wiht this is a really well made item. Works really well. The only issue I have with it is that the water pressure is a little too much even on the lowest setting. You could prob... more »

Nice water flosser

12 Aug, 2018
I have been wanting to get one of these for a long time but never could spend the money.  This one is a great price and works super.  The water pressure if good and I love all the different... more »


11 Aug, 2018
Similar to the better well known brands and performs equally well.  Nice size on my bathroom counter and enough family piks. more »

Great water pressure

11 Aug, 2018
This has great pressure for pushing the water out! Excellent quality and use it daily with each tooth brushing.  more »

It comes with the main unit, 3 standard nozzle (6 replacement nozzles total) a tongue scraper, a pocket tip, an orthodontic tip and s lighted mouth mirror. This is worth every penny. 

10 Aug, 2018
It comes with the main unit, 3 standard nozzle (6 replacement nozzles total) a tongue scraper, a pocket tip, an orthodontic tip and s lighted mouth mirror. This is worth every penny.  The flex... more »

Great options with the different heads

08 Aug, 2018
This thing will clean and floss your..mi gums and teeth better than any toothpick and without the worries of poking a hole in your gums. Great for dentures and the kids as well. Recommended ... more »

Great water flosser

04 Aug, 2018
This water flosser works really awesome I love it my mouth has never been cleaner the interchangeable nozzles work really well everything's just great about this machine highly recommended #RankBo... more »