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Product Information
Medical Circulation Compression Socks Elastic Sock Varicose Vein Ankle Support Stockings with Open Toe (FLESH)
4.83 / 5   (6 Reviews)
Price: £9.87


★ ALLEVIATE FOOT PAIN - Perfect Plantar Fasciitis foot compression sleeve for relieving chronic pain; Also provides ankle support & heel arch support for those with injuries and other chronic conditions
★ IMPROVE YOUR FLEXIBILITY & ENDURANCE - Our compression socks are also perfect for athletes and runners! They support blood flow to reduce fatigue and promote recovery after exercise.
★ The foot sleeves won\'t limit your ability to move like a plantar fasciitis night splint, so you can wear them for any activity like sports, travel, work or even while you sleep.
★ GREAT VALUE BUNDLE - Come in 1 pair of compression sock, even in two colour. The products are woven from the filaments recommended by the European Standard RAL GZ for medical.
★ YOUR BEST CHOICE - one size fits all and in two colours Machine washable, no hand-washing required



13 Apr, 2018
Ho provato, quasi per disperazione, queste calze, senza alcuna aspettativa, avevo provato ormai di tutto, quando sono arrivate le calze le ho indossate e ho subito sentito un beneficio, il d... more »

Paire de chaussettes de compression

31 Mar, 2018
Lot de chaussette de compression couleur chair et qui s enfile facilement. Elles se maintiennent au pied. Tres confortable.  more »

Ottimo prodotto.

21 Mar, 2018
Prodotto di ottima qualità e molto utile. Consigliato. more »

Mini chaussette de contention

09 Feb, 2018
C'est une paire de mini chaussette de contention  Elles sont couleur chaire donc discrètes  Je regrette juste qu'elles soient si basses et ne monte pas un peu plus haut... more »


08 Feb, 2018
#RankBoosterReview # Sponsorizzato # Radiancy Inc  Scoperto attraverso http://www.rank-booster.com servono per alleviare il dolore del piede – perfetto per fascite plantare e supporto... more »

easy to wear

04 Nov, 2017
unlike otehrs I have tried these feel comfortable even under my shoes and are relatively easy to put on and off. flesh colour makes them very discrete even with stockings / tights/ sandals. feel suppo... more »