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Product Information
Reusable Ice Cubes [BPA Free, Dishwasher Safe] Cooking Ball Rocks for Whiskey Wine Beer and Drinks 12 PCS
4.47 / 5   (15 Reviews)
Price: $10.15


FOOD GRADE SAFE MATERIAL: These Whiskey Stones are made from FDA approved Non-toxic HDPE, The Liquid inside the Re-usable ice cubes is distilled water, and is harmless in case of any accidental breaks, leaks or damage
WITHOUT DILUTION DRINK: Unlike ice cubes that melt quickly and water down your drinks´╝î these plastic ice cubes will help you keep your cold drinks in original flavor
QUICK CHILLING EFFECT: Freeze 1 to 2 hours, add them on your drink then it will be cooled down in only a few minutes
EASY TO USE: Just wash, dry and refreeze over and over again
WIDELY USED: With its advantages, it was widely used at home or bar; You can use it in coffees, Vodka, cocktails, water, wine,cool bags and more


Nice, don't water down your drink

26 Nov, 2018
Whatever you are drinking, don't let it get watered down. These are easier to use, wash and handle than the stones or SS blocks. more »

So awesome!

25 Nov, 2018
I love these things! I have limited space in my freezer and these help solve that problem! #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored  more »

Freezable ice cubes are great for wine

15 Oct, 2018
These are great for wine or other liquids that you don't want to water down. They are well made and you get 2 packs of 6 cubes. They freeze quickly and last a while. Overall a great product for an... more »

Reusable ice cubes

17 Sep, 2018
These are ok to use a couple of times. Mine haven't lasted very long. They've either gotten a pin like whole or the plastic carries a funny taste. I do personally prefer these to real cubes ca... more »

Perfect for small freezers

03 Sep, 2018
Since these are kept in the refrigerator, they are perfect for people who don’t have room in their freezer for I’ve cube trays i. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored i... more »

Works really well and long lasting

26 Jun, 2018
https://www.amazon.com/Reusable-Material-Dishwasher-Cooling-Meltless/dp/B07B48H4HY I got these plastic ice cubes soon after I ordered and in great condition it came with twelve of them and it took... more »

Like them

22 Jun, 2018
I gave them to my cousin. more »

Great for keeping equipment cool

24 May, 2018
I found an unconventional use for these. I use them to keep my photography equipment cool in the trunk of my car while on a road trip. Works out great! more »


16 May, 2018
Reviews by Lisa, my life in reviews Published by Lisa Brigham · 53 mins ·  ections say to put in the frig but i put mine in freezer.. i want them frozen an... more »

Works well!

13 May, 2018
I bought these for my kids to put in there drinks and pack in their lunch box. I wanted to try to keep there drinks cold without watering it down. They didn’t quite last till lunch the... more »

great set of ice cubes

11 May, 2018
#rankboosterreview #sponsored #drhouse This is such a great thing to have around the kitchen.  Just like regular ice cubes.  I have a bad habit of chewing ice and this has really he... more »

Decent but not impressive

10 May, 2018
When you order these reusable ice cubes from the link below, you receive 12 ice cubes in two packages of six. The design on the packaging was pretty, but ultimately had little to do with the package o... more »


07 May, 2018
These are really convenient.  more »

They dont last

06 May, 2018
Its a great idea just wont last long and doesnt keep drinks cold enough I have them in the freezer all night and still ehh ice still is better!  more »