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Product Information
Rechargeable Touch Tap Light,15 LED Stick-anywhere Closet Lights By OUNIER,Portable Dimmable LED Night Light,Cordless Push Light,Touch Sensor For Outdoor Camping, Hallway, Bedroom, Kitchen, etc
4.75 / 5   (32 Reviews)
Price: $8.99


★TOUCH SENSOR:Change the mood in your home by adjusting the brightness of the 15 LED cabinet led. Simply touch the sensor button for more than 1 second and t,you can turn-off as the same way. Dimmable Tap Stair Lights the brightness of the light,4th levels is SOS Emergency light
★SAFTY&EYE-CARING - The cabinet light Better heat dissipation performance, more durable and stylish,Safe for touch of children compared to the night lights,Bezel-less Design with Eye-caring Translucent Sheet Cover, Anti-blue coating, anti-glare coating
★USB RECHARGEABLE - LED tap light built-in 600mAh high-capacity rechargeable battery, easily charged via the USB cable(included) or power. After full charged,the cabinet light can last for about 5 hours under instant
★SIMPLE INSTALLATION - Simply stick up the led lights under the counter on to the clips (included) for a fast and hassle free installation.3M adhesive pad and Hanging and Standing back slot provided, to stand to hang or stick-on anywhere as you like
★100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We are happy to offer full technical support on all our devices and a one-year replacement on defective products. If at any time you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us


nice light

18 Dec, 2018
 I use this light in my pantry. There is no light bulb in there and it is really dark. This light is so helpful! I love that is touch sensitive and very easy for me and my family to use. more »

Great light

02 Dec, 2018
All the light you will ever need, anywhere you need it. Long lasting rechargeable battery, All good. more »

Handy to use..

28 Nov, 2018
I have had older versions of these that were not rechargeable. We would use them, they would run out and become a thing of the past, just forgotten and dusty till it ended up in the trash and we would... more »

They are the lights of my kitchen......

24 Nov, 2018
These are great! I am here to do another product review for a product from Rank Booster and Amazon. I bought these with doubts, but could not pass them up for the price I paid. These LED lights... more »

Never worked

12 Sep, 2018
sI opened this touch tap light up and it didn't turn on, so I charged it overnight, still nothing. I don't know why it wouldn't work but I gave up after several days of trying. I was prett... more »


08 Aug, 2018
This is an amazing little light. It works great and is very versatile...  more »

Love it

28 Jul, 2018
Love it more »

Great little light

16 Jul, 2018
This little light actually packs a pretty good punch, #M sticky to hold it and super easy light touch needed to turn off and change to 3 different settings #rankboosterreview #sponsored #Wendyrosepai... more »

Awesome little light

14 Jul, 2018
#rankbookster #sponsored #wendyrosepairs I love this light more »

Rechargeable Touch Tap Light,15 LED Stick-anywhere Closet Lights By OUNIER.

26 Jun, 2018
Great little light.  The light is broken in my walk in closet and this little light will light up the whole closet.  Love the USB Charging and ease of use!  #rankbooster review #sponsor... more »

Great LED Light for Power Outage, Night Light, Closets, Etc.

29 May, 2018
This #OUNIER #LED #Light is the best thing I have found for placing in certain areas to have in case of power failure.  A power outage is scary for my kids and I have to make sure we have light a... more »

Works great

22 May, 2018
This light is perfect and come in handy. I love that it's rechargable. It's also the perfect brightness for a night light or reading in bed.  It also works well when working on a car.&nbs... more »

Rechargable Touch Light by Ounier!

19 May, 2018
Have you ever had an area in the house where you needed some light but there is no way to wire an actual fixture? Well, that is where this rechargeable touch light bar by Ounier comes in handy. This i... more »

Such a great idea

10 May, 2018
This led light stick is an amazing idea, not only is it rechargeable which that alone makes it awesome but it's touch/tap on and off. I live in Puerto Rico and if haven't been living under a r... more »

So many uses for this light A+

05 May, 2018
OUNIER OUNIER Rechargeable Touch Tap Light,15 LED Stick-anywhere Closet Lights By, Portable Dimmable LED Night Light,Cordless Push Light,Touch Sensor For Outdoor Camping, Hallway, Bedroom, Kitchen... more »

Great light

02 May, 2018
You can hang this light by the loop on the end or attach the brace anywhere and you have a light. It has a touch sensative power spot that also cycles thru the high, medium, and low lights. The USB re... more »

Nice Light Stick

30 Apr, 2018
This is a nice light stick.  It has a touch sensor on one end that glows in the dark so you can find it. It has 4 different settings, that you control by tapping the spot at the end; Bright... more »

Amazing and powerful

27 Apr, 2018
This rechargeable touch light, 15 LED stick is pretty amazing.  It comes with charging usb cable, charges very fast and works great.  Has several different modes, bright, medium and small li... more »


24 Apr, 2018
This light is so cool! The light is super bright and also is dimable. The end of the wand is touch sensitive: one touch to turn on and off and touch and hold to dim or brighten. The light lasts for a... more »

Such a great idea

24 Apr, 2018
This led light stick is an amazing idea, not only is it rechargeable which that alone makes it awesome but it's touch/tap on and off. I live in Puerto Rico and if haven't been living under a r... more »

Great Light Stick and Wonderful Experience with Seller

23 Apr, 2018
Great recommendation by Seller and amazing customer service. Product is just as described and came very fast in mail  more »

Love these lights

22 Apr, 2018
I bought this on #rankbooster for a hallway closet.. it works great.. these are so handy for dark spaces.. and convenient to just grab and carry if I need a light on the go.. they can be found on... more »


19 Apr, 2018
This little light is portable and very bright light. This will be wonderful for during a power outage or just for wiress portable light not requiring batteries more »

Perfect for camping.

18 Apr, 2018
This led want has 3 different brightness levels and an sos function that blinks. It's small and simple to use. Great for camping or outfitte. I use mine to see while watering my garden early in th... more »

Not wanting to work

17 Apr, 2018
I've had it charging for 2 days and its not turned on once and so I'm getting kinda frustrated with it but ill see if it will work after another day of charging it sucks that it doesn't ha... more »

A Necessity for Home/Car/Camping

13 Apr, 2018
My video tells it all. This is very simple to use, works consistently, provides excellent light and has a lot of added features that make it even nicer. There are a ton of LED lights, so the range of... more »


11 Apr, 2018
This light is well made and easy to use. I like the rechargeable aspect of it. No worries about batteries more »

2nd one....LOVE

10 Apr, 2018
Love that these are rechargeable. I have one in one closet and am so excited to put this new one in the other closet. Bright as can be. No electricity or batteries. Plugs in on your phone charger. Las... more »

Helps to See.

08 Apr, 2018
Using my new Rechargeable Touch Tap Light, by  OUNIER, has brightened up several previously dark  areas in my home. Litter Box closet and office  bookshelves/work area to name... more »

Amazing touch little light

08 Apr, 2018
This is an amazing little touch light, the brightness off this little light blew me away. It has four modes, bright med and dim. The last mode is a blinking mode for im guessing emergency assistance.... more »