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Product Information
Car Side Window Shade Car Sunshade Baby Rear Window Sun Glare UV Rays Protection For Your Baby and Older Kids Black 2 Pack
4.55 / 5   (22 Reviews)
Price: $15.75


Size:33.9 x 21.3 inch(54x86 cm), Can be stretched , Fit Slip On Stretchable Mesh Protective , fits for most types of car , truck, jeep or SUV . Protect your kids and pets in the back seat from sun glare and heat - 2 Pack
By applying these sunshades to the rear door of the car, protect your loved ones on the car seats and booster seats. UV is a certain hazard, which provides UV protection, reduces glare, reduces calories and prevents your child or pet from burns or overheats
INSTALL EASILY AND QUICKLY : Straightforward design lets you conveniently slip this adjustable mesh on and off your jumbo car window effortlessly . No suction cups unlike those shades you install on the windshield of cars and vans.
ENJOY SAFE AND COMFY FAMILY TRIPS . Thick nylon mesh fabric sunshade effectively blocks out the stinging rays of the sun and keeps heat at bay so your kids at the back seat of your car or van can have a cool and comfortable ride.
SPECIAL DESIGN :The product mesh is breathable, and because it\'s on the exterior of the door frame, you can still roll down the windows and enjoy a nice breeze from outside while staying protected from the sun.


Awesome sunshade that kept the back of my car cool!

15 Sep, 2018
Awesome sunshade that kept the back of my car cool! I got it here: https://www.amazon.com/Premium-Breathable-Protect-Universal-Curtains/dp/B071GTGF9F #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Super... more »

perfect for long trips.

06 Sep, 2018
The Car Side Window Shade is easy to install and works great on those long summer time trips. more »

So useful

31 Aug, 2018
I bought this because I need it for my child. I live in texas and it get super hot and I need extra shade for my child. It fits perfectly on my car. It's so simple to set up and take down when you... more »

Sun shade

22 Aug, 2018
These are a full coverage sun shade both inside the car and out. They were too big for my windows though and wanted to ride up a bit on the window. Overall not bad for the price more »

Good Window Shade Car Sunshade

21 Aug, 2018
I finally got it after losing the first order, I have to redo the command to have it and try it. And I can tell you that I'm not at all disappointed, the installation is super easy and it is very... more »

Great for kids

20 Aug, 2018
My kids hate getting sun in their face, especially my daughter. I have tried those window shades that stick on the window, and even the ones that suction cup to the window. They always seem to just fa... more »

Great shades

19 Aug, 2018
These work pretty well I have them both on rear windows. Could fit just a little better but other than that great product for the price   #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored ... more »


18 Aug, 2018
Car Rear Window Sun Shade Premium Breathable Mesh Sun Shield Protect Baby Pet from Sun UV Rays Universal Car Side Window Baby Sun Shade Curtains Fit Cars SUV (Pack of 2) #Rank BoosterReview#Sponser... more »

Easy on easy off shades

17 Aug, 2018
shades the windows perfectly. put on and pull off. I don't think would last long if you left them on all season. more »

Dark and Cool

17 Aug, 2018
This car slide window shade is perfect for the rear window for your baby, grandbaby or elder.  Really anyone sitting in the back will be rewarded with the shade that this window slide produces.&n... more »

Eye Saver for Backseat Toddlers

11 Aug, 2018
#RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored  #SuperArt https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071GTGF9F/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Just what I was looking for!!!  I waited way... more »

Great protection from the sun

07 Aug, 2018
We have a Dodge Journey and it fits almost perfectly. It only goes in one way because one side is more scratchy than the other but it's easy to figure out. I attached the sticky pads where it was... more »


05 Aug, 2018
They dont stay put worth anything and look bad becuase the middle is pulled up because the only velcro strips to help hold it down are on the side and dont even work. very displeased more »

Works well

28 Jul, 2018
This item is different than expected but works as advertised to block the sunlight. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #SuperArt ASIN: B071GTGF9F more »

Car window shade/screen

23 Jul, 2018
I am in love with these shades for my car window. Being the fact that we live in a state that has ridiculous amounts of mosquitoes during all times of the year... It makes it impossible doing things o... more »

Sitting in the shade

20 Jul, 2018
Easy to put on and work surprisingly well. Car stays much cooler and kids are less cranky.  more »

Great replacement

19 Jul, 2018
My old ones had sun damage so I was glad to get a set that where also in great quality and actually fit my car vs big so big and flop all around! All in all excellent widow shades without getting my w... more »

Car side window shade

17 Jul, 2018
I love this window shade, it keeps the Sun out of the kids' eyes and you can still roll the window down all while still keeping the Sun out of their eyes. more »

Doesn't fit, looks cheap

16 Jul, 2018
Per the amazon description:  Fit CAR REAR WINDOW: 33.9 x 21.3 inch, Can be stretched , Fit Slip On Stretchable Mesh Protective , fits for most types of car , truck or SUV. Protect your kids... more »

Must have for children.

19 May, 2018
We don't have tinted windows on our car so the sun can be very unforgiving, especially during the summer time. I have a toddler who rides in the back of our Mazda 3 and I usually sit right besi... more »

Great Shade & Protector

06 May, 2018
Okay so usually for a baby shade you get this square little shad attached to a rod to pull down. Not with this sun shade, much better design. You get a full window shade cover that you throw over the... more »