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Product Information
Carejoy Hair Shaper Cutter Comb with Handle Universal Razor Comb Hair Cut Scissors Hair Cutting Comb Double Sided Purple
3.67 / 5   (6 Reviews)
Price: $10.99




1.100% Brand New and High Quality!
2.Professional haircut blade comb, easy to operate
3.Trim your hair the professional way at home!
4.It is easy as brushing! Trimmer works with gentle combing action to trim hair deep or light.
5.Works well on all long or short hair.

Product Specification:

Product name:Double-sided cutting knuckle comb
Material:Plastic&Stainless steel
Weight:50 g/1.8ounces


1.Sprinkling water on the hair will make cutting a lot easier. (Please be sure to use vinyl or cloth to prevent cut hair from sticking to your clothes or skin).
2.When cutting on lay partially, hold your hair with your index and middle fingers and cut it.
3.When you change blades, please push your thumb toward the open direction

Package Included:

1X Double-sided cutting knuckle comb


Works well

01 Apr, 2019
Would buy again at fill price! more »

Save some money!

23 Mar, 2019
I love this product!  I can easily thin out my hair while in between haircuts.  This product allows me to go a little bit longer without having to dish out for an expensive cut every fe... more »

I actually got this for my cat with mats in her fur

21 Mar, 2019
I have tried just about everything to cut the mats off of my uncooperative Maine Coon cat.  She won't let me brush her and hates it when I try to remove the mats, but I can't imagine it&#... more »

It was a nice idea...

16 Mar, 2019
This didn't work well for me. I couldn't get it to cut my hair properly even after following the tips given on the product page. It is disappointing that it doesn't come wit... more »

No thanks

01 Feb, 2019
I thought this looked cool and decided to try it out. I figured I could use it to help trim the hair around my face. I hate using scissors to do it because then you get a straight cut, so wanted somet... more »

Carboy Hair Shaper cutter comb

25 Jan, 2019
I like to thin my hair especially in the back and this works great.  I just comb it through my hair and the hair just shapes itself.  I have short hair so I use it around my face to feather... more »