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Product Information
Yan Hou Tang - Organic Taiwan Unique Oolong Black Tea Full Loose Leaf Alpine High Mountain Wulong Grown Honey Flavor Half Fermented Caffeine Medium US FDA SGS Verified 75g
4.80 / 5   (20 Reviews)
Price: $14.99


75 Gram Organic Taiwan Oolong Black Tea Half Fermented - The tea was grown with oolong and black tea together, Unique Production of Taiwan, taste has black tea flavor also keep oolong tea flavor. Pure Natural Green Food without addition. Tea garden and farm in Taiwan high mountain.
THE NATURAL DETOX FAST SOLUtTION FOR MEN AND WOMEN: The most people would be excretion within 1 day afer have tea, Especially fat guys or after greasy food even within 1 hour. Do you want to see yourself a few weeks forward healthier than what you are now? Your liver is the key in absorbing the needed nutrients to stay healthy. Detoxing the liver cleanses your body to a healthier you. Feel great inside and out in just a few days of consuming it.
APPETITE SUPPRESSANT, ENERGY BOOSTER AND ANTI-STRESS: One of the reasons why you eat too much is when you experience stress. The calming effect of loose tea leaves Oolong helps you to stay on a positive mood, lowers your hunger level and even boosts energy to stay active.
International Brand of Yan Hou Tang over 30 countries registered ; Verified by US FDA and Detected by SGS, safe and health to drink ; Original Grown in High Mountain and Made in Taiwan.
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It's decent

09 Sep, 2019
This tea is a tiny bit lacking in flavor, but it is overall okay. more »

So Satisfying

13 Jul, 2019
Yan Hou Tang - Organic Taiwan Unique Oolong Black Tea taste so good and is reasonably priced. The just taste so satisfying and fresh not stale like some teas I have had. I will definately  contin... more »

Great Flavor & Quality

04 Jul, 2019
I am a big coffee and tea drinker. I have a variety of teas and coffees on hand at all times. When I saw this tea from Taiwan I thought I'd give it a try as Tiwaneese teas are known to be qui... more »

Great flavor and alway fresh

01 Jul, 2019
This tea has a really great earthy flavor and tastes so much more fresh than the bagged forms. Just make sure it is brewed properly to get the appropriate flavor and to prevent it from becoming bitter... more »

It smells

25 Jun, 2019
I just started drinking this kind of dream. Before it was only in a bag I didn’t have a teapot I didn’t have an infusior I had a cup with a pot that I pour over my bag. But then I bou... more »

Good Tea

20 Jun, 2019
This was good, You have to be sure to let it soak long enough to get the desired flavor.   #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Yan Hou Tang https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DCR8DST?th=1 more »

great tea

25 May, 2019
satisfy tea, taste n smell great. more »

Great taste.

05 May, 2019
Love this oolong tea.  Great taste! more »

Love them

29 Apr, 2019
This tea tastes heavenly. Great aroma. It definitely does the job within an hour.  more »

Smell so great!

12 Apr, 2019
Purchased for my mother and she loves it, very strong tea and had beautiful smell.  more »

Delicious tea

11 Apr, 2019
I really love this tea, it’s rich and not too overpowering. more »


08 Apr, 2019
Tastes and aroma of the tea is amazing! Very nice packaging as well. more »

Very tasty tea

04 Apr, 2019
Just recently bought this tea because I was curious about how it would taste. I usually purchase tea bags from my local grocery store, but this time I wanted to try some loose leaf tea. With this bein... more »

Smell so great!

04 Apr, 2019
First time tried loose leaf tea from this company, make me very happy, smell of it very nice, looking forward to order more.  more »

most excellent flavor

09 Mar, 2019
Most excellent tea, smooth full flavor, and genuine oolong. will buy again when this runs low love this tea! more »

Excellent tasting tea from a great company!

24 Feb, 2019
GREAT tasting tea! I've had this variety before AND from the same company, but this time it was loose tea (which I prefer) because the tea bags it came in previously weren't the compostable... more »


18 Feb, 2019
it still smells amazing after you brew it, I wish it tasted more milky like some of the other teas I've had. more »

Great taste

15 Feb, 2019
Great flavor, I will definitely buy again.  more »

Black oolong

03 Oct, 2018
This is my favorite tea!!! It’s wonderful!! I could drink it all day and feel great! I get multiple steeps from one serving. I will definitely be ordering more of this as well as trying a f... more »