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Product Information
Meat Thermometer Instant Read Digital Thermometer with Voice - NEWEST IP66 Waterproof Grill Candy Thermometer - Food BBQ Thermometer Backlit Temp Gauge for Kitchen Cooking Smoker Deep Fry Oil (White)
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Price: $17.98


【BBQ MODE】8 Kinds of Meat for Your Choice - BEEF, LAMB, VEAL, HMBGR, PORK, TURKEY, CHICK, FISH. 4 Tastes to Choose: W-DONE/MEDIUM/M-RARE/RARE. Intelligent Temp Control Alarm ensures the ASKALI barbecue thermometer is the smartest thermometer for roasting grilling chicken turkey steak and beef
【User-Defined MODE】 Flexibly set temperature alarm ensures the candy cooking thermometer can measure the temp of baby milk, oil, fry, candy, paste, water, baking, barbecue, roast,etc.
【IP66 Whole Body Waterproof】- Adopting integration structured design, the ASKALI kitchen steak thermometer with IP66 waterproof property ensures you can clean it with running water, no water penetration in the LCD any more. But note that: DON\'T sink it into water
【Smart Voice Broadcast & RGB Backlit Indicator 】 1. Press Voice button: Voice Indicator report current temperature. 2. Buzzer works when the temp reaches the setting degree. 3. RGB Backlit: Blue backlit indicates the temp measurement is underway. Green backlit indicates the temp close to the alarm degree. Red backlit shows that the temp has reached alarm degree.
【Anti-scald clamp & Screwdriver】 The hot clip help you fix the probe to protect you from scalded and ensure you can do other thing with your handle when you are testing the temp of food. But please note: DON\'T leave the oven thermometer in the oven while cooking


Works great

27 Nov, 2018
I got this in the mail a day after thanksgiving X( But its okay because we got Christmas coming up :) Anyway I still got to test it on a ham that we that we got and decided not to cook till later,... more »

Pretty nice features

24 Nov, 2018
Did not know it was as special as it is, now I won't be putting it out on the guest table. It is actually too nice to leave out. more »

Great bbq thermometer!

19 Nov, 2018
We do a lot of cooking in our home, as well as a ton of holiday baking. Having an accurate thermometer is a must. I have 2 options in my drawer currently, but neither are the most convenient for us to... more »