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Product Information
9V Rechargeable Batteries 800mAh 6 Pack with Keenstone 9 Volt Battery Charger
5.00 / 5   (6 Reviews)
Price: $35.99


Battery Type: 9V 800mAh rechargeable li-ion battery with 6 pack, higher capacity than ordinary 9V battery, more affordable and environment friendly.
Safety and Performance: Keenstone 9V Li-ion battery is non-toxic, without memory effect and environmental friendly. Cycles life can be up to 500 times.
Smarter Battery Charger: 9V Li-ion battery charger based on 5V/1~2A USB DC input, easy and convenient to connect battery charger with power bank or adapter that about 1~2A.
Fast battery charger: max 800mA output, only need 3h to fully charge 3 batteries one time. Easy to read each battery charging state with inserted LED lights for each independent channel.
Package Included: 6*Keenstone 9V Li-ion Battery Rechargeable; 1*Keenstone 3-slot Charger ; 1*USB Charging Cable; 1*Manuel


Precharged and redy to go

29 Mar, 2019
Charges  quickly and holds charge for a long time. more »

Neatly packaged!

17 Dec, 2018
I can not keep up with batteries or at least find any that actually work.  I pray this will help me never run out of batteries again.  It came quick and neatly packaged!   #RankBo... more »

Now we are a totally Rechargeable battery family .........Yahoo!

13 Dec, 2018
9V Rechargeable Batteries 800mAh 6 Pack with Keenstone 9 Volt Battery Charger I am here to do another product review for a product from Rank Booster and Amazon. Being a house full of children (y... more »

This is one of the best products I could have gifted myself!

13 Dec, 2018
I bought this 9v battery charger set for myself with the hope of saving money and time. The kit consists of a 3 slots charging station and six 9 volt rechargeable batteries. With so many batterie... more »

Easy to use, but don't lose track of the charger

10 Dec, 2018
These are LiPO batteries so incompatible as far as I know with all the usual NiCd/NiMH/LiIon battery chargers you have for your other devices.  They do provide a warning card with the item, to 1.... more »

Newest battery technology

05 Dec, 2018
For consumer electronics applications, the Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) batteries are a newer technology than the NiCad or NiMh batteries they replace. They are much lighter in weight and are capable of pr... more »