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Product Information
Mugig Guitar Picks, Guitar Accessories, Delrin Guitar Plectrums ,Pack of 50 (1.5MM)
4.74 / 5   (39 Reviews)
Price: $8.89


Thickness: 1.5mm thickness,1.0 mm thickness,fits in the finger. wide body with a dense round tip.
Materail: Premium Delrin,it\'s flexibility and durability. .
Well designed and good hand feeling make the pick durable and lasted .
Providing a reliable sound with natural feel and warm, fat tone.
Package include 50 pcs 1.5mm pick in a case.


Good Picks

31 Mar, 2018
These Guitar picks by Mugig are great they are made of a durable plastic. look nice and play great. the pack comes with 50 picks so it's a great value for the price. more »


05 Feb, 2018
Came in a nice little box to keep them together. My bf really likes them more »


29 Jan, 2018
I love these guitar pics. I got them for my husband for Christmas and he loves them too. They work well on his guitar and ukulele. I have gotten a few products from Mugig so far and I love them! I lov... more »


29 Jan, 2018
I love these guitar pics. I got them for my husband for Christmas and he loves them too. They work well on his guitar and ukulele. I have gotten a few products from Mugig so far and I love them! I lov... more »

Grade A quality

06 Jan, 2018
I was very impressed with the Mugig Guitar Picks. The Mugig brand has proven to have quality products for great prices! more »

great picks

29 Dec, 2017
#rank booster, #sponsored, #brand name these picks are good for beginners as well as accomplished players, there are 50 in the pack, so no worries if you loose one. mighr consider getting band or y... more »

Never Enough Picks

26 Dec, 2017
Having a whole family that plays guitar, we can never have enough picks. With 50 in a pack, we never have to worry about running out. The overall design is fabulous, and the color is rich and beautifu... more »

awesome picks

24 Dec, 2017
 i love this picks, its sturdy and seems to be made well came on time and would definitely buy again from this seller more »

Great pick. Same material as Tortex

23 Dec, 2017
These are great picollo style teardrop picks. Made with the same great unbreakable Delrin type material you have come to love with Dunlop Tortex picks which I have been using for years at a fraction o... more »

A must have for the guitar case.

22 Dec, 2017
These mugig guitar picks come in handy while performing. I keep them in my guitar case in case anyone else needs one too. The guitar picks are simple sturdy yet soft enough to get a quality sound from... more »

Play like a RockStar... just dont pay like one

18 Dec, 2017
Mugig Mugig Guitar Picks, Guitar Accessories, Delrin Guitar Plectrums ,Pack of 50 (1.5MM) I have used these before and love them these are a nice blue color they stand out. Made of Delrin they... more »

Guitar Picks

17 Dec, 2017
I bought this for my nephew for his guitar and it works great and he loves it now he is able to pick away on his electric guitars. more »


15 Dec, 2017
Nothing but good things from Mugig. Products are always high quality items. more »

Guitar picks

15 Dec, 2017
they came really fast and i am very pleases at the amount and quality  more »

Guitar picks

14 Dec, 2017
Very cool item to own! Arrived in a very timely fashion, packaged to perfection and free from any damage during the shopping process. So far, I am pleased with this item and would definitely recommend... more »

nice quality

13 Dec, 2017
I was expectiong to only get six picks and it turned out to be alot of picks what a smoking deal for such well made picks.  I highly recommend this sell and all of his products! more »

excellent picks

08 Dec, 2017
Excited to give these to my son for Christmas gift can take pictures when he gets them. Fast shipment though and very heavy good product  more »

Great pics

07 Dec, 2017
These are a whole case of guitar picks! It’s a lot, so these will last you a whole year. I believe these guitar picks are of high quality. They are built nicely and thick. However, they are smal... more »

~ Great Quality ~

28 Nov, 2017
These Mugig guitar picks are 1.5mm thick, so they are not flimsy and are made of premium delrin. They come in a pack of 50 so you definitely get your money's worth. An all around great produc... more »

Lots for a Good Price

28 Nov, 2017
You get a lot of picks for a very good price with this purchase. If you loose your picks a lot, then this is for you since you will have multiple back ups. They do not distort the sound at all and the... more »

All very pleased

27 Nov, 2017
We used these on a variety of instruments and we're pleased with what we wanted to accomplish. Some may think these are thin. But I feel all depends on personal preference, sound wanted, and instr... more »

perfect fit

27 Nov, 2017
My 9 year old son has small fingers. So these guitar picks are perfect for him to hold and control. My son absolutelty loves this picks and they help make just the right sounds he is needing. Even tho... more »

Fast shipping

26 Nov, 2017
I can say much about these except that the quality is really good the size is perfect..these are a gift for my friend who plays guitar. So when he recieves it ill ask him how they are and update my re... more »

Great price!

26 Nov, 2017
This is an great price for this pack of guitar picks. They are very well put together and will last yo an last time, also they are very thick and sturdy too.  more »

light weight, good sound

22 Nov, 2017
My daughter has been teaching herself to play guitar with my guitar and asked for some picks. This was a great deal! 50 picks! As you can see they are sturdy and they don’t give when I push on t... more »

guitar picks

21 Nov, 2017
Great quality. My son really likes them. more »

Nice Picks, Smaller Size

19 Nov, 2017
These are nice picks but smaller in size than the standard guitar pick.  The picks are durable however they are also less flexibile than the standard pick.  Pack comes with 50 picks so you&#... more »

This is alot of picks im set for a long time

19 Nov, 2017
I thought i was buying 5 picks and got 50 i really need to read. The thickness was perfect the size was actually pretty small compaired to what im used to but was ideal for my acustic. Its a hard plas... more »

Control your plucking

18 Nov, 2017
Pack of 50 guitar picks for you to use on your strumming practice or plucking. Sturdy and comfortable design with wide curve to rest your thumb and index finger although, not all guitarists prefer stu... more »

Guitar pick

17 Nov, 2017
The guitar picks are very good quality and thick. They are such a good deal for the price especially for my daughter who always loses her pick. It comes in a pack of fifty and she was able to get... more »

A bit smaller than normal guitar picks.

16 Nov, 2017
Was really suprised when these arrived.  Needless to say... I'm not real happy about my purchase. These guitar picks are small. . .  Barely big enough to hold onto to use. . .  a... more »

Plenty of Picks for the Whole Family

16 Nov, 2017
We recently ordered this 50 pack of picks, and we happened to get a bonus one in there as well! Super useful since we have a tendency to lose small items quickly. We expect that 51 picks are (hopefull... more »

Nice Guitar Picks

16 Nov, 2017
These are really good quality guitar picks! They are afforable and come with a little plastic case. I am only giving them four stars because the case they came in was cracked when it arrived. Of cours... more »

Great Pack of picks

15 Nov, 2017
This pack of picks is perfect.  They come in a really neat carrying case.  Snaps shut to keep them put.  The picks are sturdy and easy to use.  Perfect size for my boyfriend or the... more »

guitar picks

15 Nov, 2017
i love that they came in 1 little box and i love how they feel they are light weight but strong keep up the good work more »


15 Nov, 2017

Great Guitar Picks

12 Nov, 2017
My Nephew has been loving these guitar picks! I purchased the 1.0 size and they are perfect for more country strumming as well as some simple guitar riffs. The design on the pic allows for easy grip w... more »