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Product Information
Morpilot Manual Can Opener
4.64 / 5   (22 Reviews)
Price: $9.99


bottle opener, can opener, beer opener



01 Jul, 2019
Opens cans well. Comes with extra blades to change out.  #rankboosterreview #morpilot more »

Great can opener

10 Apr, 2019
I am so glad I picked up this can opener when I did. I had no need for it when I ordered, but figured I would grab it regardless because you never know when you will need it. I typically have two or t... more »

Extra blades!!

09 Apr, 2019
I have used the same old can opener for years. It was getting rusty, even. The Morpilot can opener came with 4 extra blades...I have never seen one come with extra. It works great, easy to use. I hope... more »

works but

06 Apr, 2019
cheap and disposible bought for camping like the extra peices thanks more »

Works good

04 Apr, 2019
Most can opener broke easy they don't last for too long,  that's why I bought this even though I still have one just so I have a spare just in case it get broken. What I like most about i... more »

Makes Opening a Breeze

31 Mar, 2019
This manual can opener by Morpilot is so easy to use, comes with extra wheel pieces that can be changed out.  The wheel pieces are easy to change out as well, just unscrew and take out the old an... more »

Actually works

29 Mar, 2019
I have gone to many handheld can openers and never found one that was actually easy to use. I even have an electric one and I don't care much for it. This though worked great and even comes with e... more »

Excellent quality and easy to operate

27 Mar, 2019
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Morpilot Manual Can Opener https://www.amazon.com/Morpilot-Manual-Opener-Stainless-Smooth/dp/B07M91QVQZ Nice design, attractive, lightweight. The turning... more »

easy to handle

26 Mar, 2019
very durable and very easy on the grip and handle of the product. normally canopeners tend to hurt my hands but these well.... they don't. I don't even have to put pressure on them they snap o... more »

Great for people with arthritis.

24 Mar, 2019
This review is coming from someone with arthritis in their fingers. I have used this can opener 8 times since it was delivered, and it has never caused me to have any pain in my hands or fingers. I ve... more »

Gets the job done

20 Mar, 2019
No batteries or charging - makes it convenient to take with you on the go or keep it in your car or RV! more »

Heavy duty

18 Mar, 2019
Easy cut and comes with extra blades that just screw on. Life changing. more »

Great 3 in 1 can opener!

17 Mar, 2019
Great can opener! Easy to hold and use and opens cans smoothly. It's stainless steel, which is a plus and also come with replacement "teeth", also a wonderful bonus! Very comfortable on... more »

So easy to use

16 Mar, 2019
Your going to love this can opener by Keenstone. It has a 3 functions, can opener, bottle opener and beer bottle opener. This can opener is made from high quality stainless steel. It has very sharp bl... more »


15 Mar, 2019
I love this manual can opener. It has a very smooth operation and not at all hard to operate. I love that it comes with addtional 'teeth'.  more »

This manual can opener by Keenstone is a must have for every Hurricane kit!

09 Mar, 2019
Living in Florida we have hurricane season from June 1st thru November 30th. Every year I put together a hurricane kit just in case we lose power. While going through my kit from last year I discovere... more »

Great Can Opener

08 Mar, 2019
This stainless steel can opener works great! I love how it looks and the quality is very nice. I was really surprised when I opened the box and saw that it came with 4 replacement cutter discs. I thou... more »

Great buy

06 Mar, 2019
This morpilot manual can opener is exactly what my family and I needed. I got so sick and tired of going through so many can openers to the blade or the teeth messing up. This can opener comes with ex... more »

showed up bent

05 Mar, 2019
broken right out of the package   more »

Long lasting

01 Mar, 2019
I usually buy can openers every couple months from them getting dull and not keeping the grip but the quality on these are better they also come with extra pieces to replace them so these are perfect... more »

Love it!

25 Feb, 2019
Got mine today and it work very good. I've use this new one and I also use one of my 4 extra cutter disc replacement my old one, Love it!!! more »