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Mugig Clip-on Tuner for Guitar,Ukulele,Bass,Violin,Mandolin,Banjo,Chromatic Tuning, Clear Colorful LCD Display,Calibrated Pitch,Battery Included, Auto Power Off
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Price: £6.99


Celebrating the labor day,3.99 till MAY.2.Multi-instrument Modes: Work for different instruments, Guitar, Violin, Ukulele, Bass. For other instruments like Mandolin or Banjo, you can use Chromatic mode or just set as Guitar and it would work
High Sensitive Vibration Tuner: Responds fast, which ignores the background noise, is ideal for loud, chaotic environment . Pitch calibration from 430HZ to 450HZ
Super Clear LCD Display: 38% greater view, barely shade incurred, rotates 360 degree for easy viewing from any angle
Easy to Read and Operate: Single coin battery operated,auto power off for no operation in 5 minutes
Scientific Design with solid construction ensure no break in use. Environment-friendly ABS plastic applied, no inferior material used. FCC/CE certified,ROHS compliant


Mugig Clup-On Turner

02 Apr, 2018
I purchased this clip on turner for a friend of mine who’s in a band. This is actually a terrific turner. It supports multiple instruments such as guitar, bass, violin and ukulele.  It also... more »

klein, einfach und schnell eingestellt

01 Mar, 2018
Habe den Tuner für eine Ukulele gekauft um diese schnell zu stimmen. Bisher hatten wir nur ein manuelles Stimmgerät für Gitarren da und damit war es leider nicht so einfach mögl... more »

Afinador guitarra

20 Feb, 2018
Es un pequeño afinador práctico y fácil de usar. Es muy preciso y funciona muy bien. Lleva la pila. Las instrucciones están en inglés pero no es un problema. Tiene u... more »

Anyone who enjoys music knows how important it is to have proper tuning.

30 Jan, 2018
Anyone who enjoys music knows how important it is to have proper tuning. If you play a stringed instument such as a guitar, ukulele, bass, violin, or banjo, this Mugig Clip-on Tuner is something that... more »

Great quality guitar tuner

27 Jan, 2018
Great guitar tuner and very precise. This is very accurate and works through vibrations.  I love this, it is an excellent tuner for a guitar or any stringed instrument fo... more »

son likes it

21 Jan, 2018
my son likes it more »

Never arrived

21 Jan, 2018
I really wish that I could leave a review either way. But the " Mugig Clip-on Tuner for Guitar,Ukulele,Bass,Violin,Mandolin,Banjo,Chromatic Tuning, Clear Colorful LCD Display,Calibrated Pitch,Bat... more »

Music Tuner

14 Jan, 2018
I bought this for my dad and his guitar.  It works great and he absolutely loves it. more »

Useful Tuner

14 Jan, 2018
So far this tuner seems to work correctly and accurately.  It has a blue light on the LCD screen.  This works for more than the guitar, and can be used for muliple instrunments.  It als... more »

Must have for every guitar

14 Jan, 2018
I purchased this for my stepdad for Christmas and it was his favorite gift! He's very pleased with how easy it is to use and read. He Just ordered a few more to keep in each of his guitar box... more »

Easy to use

13 Jan, 2018
Super easy, fool-proof more »

MUGIG clip on tuner

07 Jan, 2018
I love this tuner! It works perfectly! My old tuner seemed to have a wide range of what was acceptable for each note. This tuner hits it SPOT ON! A must have!! more »

Accurate & Fast

06 Jan, 2018
This tuner is accurate, easy to read and works fast. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Mugig more »


05 Jan, 2018
works great. very happy with this tuner. more »


04 Jan, 2018
we have several guitars that are played quite frequently and it’s nice to have several of these little timers that we can use to tune our guitars quickly and easily. They are reliable, convenien... more »

easy to use

01 Jan, 2018
I bought this as a gift for my little girl who is currently learning guitar and violin. This tuner is nice looking and very easy to use. The tuner just clips on the guitar for easy tuningThe clip... more »

Works great, easy for beginners

29 Dec, 2017
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Mugig Excellent display. Definitely would recommend it, especially to those who play multiple instruments. I specifically got this p... more »

Poor Quality

28 Dec, 2017
this product I thought was gonna be good but it broke on the first day. Not impressed more »

Cute gift idea!

28 Dec, 2017
my Hubby is just now getting into guitars! I got him this so he could learn how to tune his guitars. It’s super cute size and multicolor display are really nice. It comes with a battery which is... more »


27 Dec, 2017
it came with the battery easy to use  more »

Mugig Guitar Tuner

27 Dec, 2017
I bought this for my granddaughter. She has an acoustic guitar and this works well with it. The tuner is made with durable material and has a LCD display. It is operated with one button and is easy to... more »

Great Tuner

26 Dec, 2017
This tuner is simple to use! I was worried that since the product was low cost, the tuner would not be accurate. However, I was very wrong! The accuracy is top notch and not overly sensitive even thou... more »

Accurate Tuner!

25 Dec, 2017
Very precise tuner! Works on vibrations and is very accurate. Also works on wide variety of insteumemts. I love the sturdiness of this tuner as well as the awesome color LCD display. This is an excell... more »

Awesome gadget

23 Dec, 2017
#rankboosterreview #sponsored #mugig very cool gadget for music lovers.  more »

Great tuner

22 Dec, 2017
Mugig Tuner, Guitar Tuner, Multi-Functional Colorful LCD Display Clip on Tuner for Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele and Violin, Battery Included, Auto Power-off- I love that this is so small. It turn... more »

Works great

20 Dec, 2017
I was so surprised with how tiny this tuner was, but I absolutely love it it's so lightweight and is it used. The display screen is very easily read and it was so easy to make adjustments to my vi... more »

Great tuner

19 Dec, 2017
With Five Tuning Modes: C, G, B, V, U (Chromatic, guitar, bass, violin, ukulele) to cover a wide range of instruments. You can change any mode you need. Highly sensitive vibration tuner responds fas... more »

Awesome tuner in a small package.

19 Dec, 2017
This tuner is amazing, It fits right in my guitar case. I can leave it clipped to my music stand and use it to tune up my guitar on stage or in-between performances. I love how colorful the backlit di... more »

My husbands music

19 Dec, 2017
My husband used this on his Washburn guitar and it worked amazing! We love it! It’s gonna be given to my daughter to help her learn how to use it on her guitar to tune! It is very inexpensive an... more »

Love it

17 Dec, 2017
I love this tuner the display screen is clear and Eady to understand it made tuning my guitar so much easier with the visual aid than doing it manually, definetly another great product from mugig. more »

Nice clip-on tuner with colorful LCD display

16 Dec, 2017
My nephew mentioned recently that he needed to get a tuner for his guitar and I thought I would purchase this for him for his birthday that is coming up in a few weeks.  This tuner is great for h... more »

Ein sehr gutes Stimmgerät zum kleinen Preis

10 Dec, 2017
Das Stimmgerät ist sehr klein und wurde, zu meiner Überraschung, mit Batterie geliefert.  Es stimmt recht einfach und sieht sehr schick aus mit dem farbigen Display. more »


09 Dec, 2017
geniallll more »


09 Dec, 2017
me a encantado more »

Absolutely love it!!

07 Dec, 2017
I got this as a gift for a friend, who absolutely loves it! He says it's perfect size, best functioning one he's used and it's easy to use!  more »


06 Dec, 2017
it is small but nice. Clip it on and tune away! Very nice! more »

Great utility, the best price.

05 Dec, 2017
A pesar de su reducido tamaño, es completamente funcional y muy sencillo de llevar gracias a la pinza. Afina a la perfección y permite ajustar la frecuencia base del A4. El panel LCD tie... more »

Great Gift

04 Dec, 2017
Son loves playing his guitar but needed to tune it.  I got this because it was cheaper and it worked really well!.   He is well pleased! more »


03 Dec, 2017
Easy to use and digitlal readout is easy to read. Just clip it on and strum. Adjust as needed and quickly tunes your guitar or other stringed instruments. more »

Does the job perfectly!

01 Dec, 2017
This guitar tuner is your basic tuner. It does the job well, and doesn't give you any fuss. I do like that the system turns off after 5 minutes of no activity to preserve the battery life, I find... more »

Stay intune with this little gem

01 Dec, 2017
Mugig Mugig Tuner, Guitar Tuner, Multi-Functional Colorful LCD Display Clip on Tuner for Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele and Violin, Battery Included, Auto Power-off This tuner is very light w... more »

Accurate and cheap

30 Nov, 2017
This thing is tiny, which is great for travel. Its very accurate. I tested it a few different ways. Its at a fraction of what they want for name brand tuners so why would you pay more? more »

Un pequeño molesto problema de diseño

30 Nov, 2017
Estoy contento con este afinador, antes no podía afinar si el entorno no era tranquilo. Ahora, esté donde esté puedo afinar sin problemas. Es muy visual, soporta afinación... more »

Super tiny and super helpful

30 Nov, 2017
When I was in high school, I played guitar roughly 10 hours a week.  I took a class Monday - Friday, and I practice at home, at church, and sometimes during my lunch hour.  In spite of all o... more »

Muy útil y sencillo

29 Nov, 2017
Funciona a la perfección. Para colocarlo en el clavijero de la guitarra cuenta con una pinza con los bordes de goma para no dejar ninguna marca en la madera. Lo he estado probando y consigue un... more »

Guitar Tuner

29 Nov, 2017
I bought this stand for my nephew who has a few electronic guitars and it works great he now can tune his electric guitars with no problems. more »

All tuned up and ready to go!

29 Nov, 2017
Wonderful tuner, works for numerous instruments and the LCD screen is easy to read and adjust. Will make a great gift for the musicians in my family!     #RankBoosterReview i... more »


29 Nov, 2017
It is a great tuner to help assist my son in tuning in his new violin. Nice colorful display and well made by the company.  I can see that he will get a lit of use out of it. more »


28 Nov, 2017
This item is very small. It does come with  battery. Easy to use. Does good job. more »

Guitar Tuner

27 Nov, 2017
This tuner is very lightweighted. It can be used for many different string instruments. It can calculate notes very accurately. It comes with a free unused battery and the battery can last for a long... more »

Guitar Tuner

21 Nov, 2017
I bought this for my son who plays acoustic guitar and he loves it. True to the tuning definitely one of the best tuners on the market  more »

Nice item

21 Nov, 2017
Easy instructions to follow. My brother used it as soon as it was delivered. Really helped him. Like the LCD display, very clear and bright.  #Rankboosterreview #MugigClipOnTuner #guitartuner... more »