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Product Information
Zoweetek Outdoor Waterproof Solar Wall Light with Motion Sensor and Photosensitive Sensor for Garden, Fence, Patio, Driveway, Step, Yard, Deck, Path
4.40 / 5   (5 Reviews)
Price: $16.99


Built in 15 advanced durable SMD LED lamp beads, this wall light has longer service life, avoiding frequent replacements. Silver-plated lampshade focuses the lamp beads ray together, which makes light brighter. Lets you can see more clearly at night.
With photosensitive sensor, the lamp automatically turns on or turns off depending on the light irradiated on solar panel after switching power on; The lamp automatically turn on at night and automatically turn off during days. Under normal conditions, after full charged, the lamp keeps lighting at full night without interruption.
Built in microwave motion sensor (120° angle), sensing distance is 3~5 meters; After the lamp turns on, it is keeping dim light; When people enter the sensing range, the lamp activate a strong lights until people leave the range. Not only ensures illumination, but also ensures maximum utilization of power.
High-level (Level A) solar panel has more efficient light collection, higher conversion rate and better charge performance. On a rainy day with insufficient sunshine, this large-area solar panel is more helpful to solar charge.
With IP65 waterproof rainproof design, easy to install, this wall light is suitable for any environment, such as Garden, Fence, Patio, Driveway, Step, Yard, Deck and Path; 1-year warranty. Any questions please contact us, Zoweetek values every customers.


Super bright security light

23 Jan, 2018
This unit has an easy to use button to turn off the light and Motrin sensor. It comes with drywall mounts and looks great on siding it even brick. I put mine on the side of my house. My hand is in the... more »

Solar Powered motion light...

01 Nov, 2017
Review Updated: Nov. 13, 2017 The replacement light is no better than the 1st one I received. . . 1. Charged in full sun. - OK 2. Pushed button in back to turn on  - OK 3. Mounted on wall s... more »

Small but POWERFUL!!!

05 Oct, 2017
This light is very light weight, not huge and bulky but man is it extremely powerful.  The day we got it the power actually went out in our home for a few ours before i got a chance to hang it up... more »


03 Oct, 2017
We installed this light down slightly midway on one side of our front porch. The area there is very dark and unless we used a flashlight it's always been hard to tell what... more »

Zoweetek Solar Lights

02 Oct, 2017
You can never have enough solar lights but I have to say this was so bright and the compact size makes it easy to put it in more spaces but I am thinking sending this to our friends in Purito Rico. I... more »