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Product Information
WJZXTEK Black Light Super Bright 100 LED Best Powerful UV Light Flashlight 395NM Ultraviolet Urine Detector Flashlight for Home & Hotel Inspection, Pet Urine & Stain Detection-New Style 100Led
4.92 / 5   (12 Reviews)
Price: $17.99



Feature Of The UV Flashlights
⚫️Material: Aircraft-grade Aluminium
⚫️Bulb Type: 385-395nm UV 100 LED
⚫️Battery: 6 x AA Battery (not Included)
⚫️Switch Type: Press on, press off from Silicone button switch
⚫️Weight: 315g
⚫️Instruction: Press once will continue on, Press again will turn it off

Product Description:
⚫️Emits 395nm wavelength UV black light
⚫️Perfect for document inspection, security, rodent contamination, Home & Hotel& Room Inspection, Pet Urine & Stain Detection, baby clothes, and more.
⚫️Ideal for outdoor and indoor use, including hunting scorpions and minerals.
⚫️Built from rugged, machined aluminum with knurled design.
⚫️Due to mild UV radiation, yellow UV protective glasses are recommended.
⚫️Kindly Note: Do not look directly into UV lights or shine directly in another\'s eyes.

The Science Behind The Thing
⚫️UV lights reflect off of any given substance containing phosphor, something found in highlighters, fabrics, etc. Keep in mind, though, it\'s not the purple light that is reacting with the phosphor - it\'s the invisible UV wavelengths. Technically, UV lights are radiation - it is a lower frequency wavelength than X-rays. So don\'t shine these lights directly into your eyes!

Package Includes
⚫️1 x 100 LED UV Black Light
⚫️2 x Battery Holder
⚫️1 x User Manual

Couldn\'t Hiding His Messes anymore
Indentifying Fake Currency Or Other
Great For Scorpion Hunting


Black light to go

03 Aug, 2019
I grew up with black lights being popular when I was in college.  My kids wanted to see what they did so this was a fun flashlight to see what highlighters and certain detergents did to clothing.... more »

Very Bright and works well

13 Jul, 2019
I love this light! It is very bright and it works well. I bought it for some foreign money that I bought. You can put it under these lights to make sure they are not couterfeit. The light works for ma... more »

This is Bigger than I Expected !!

27 Jun, 2019
When I received my UV Flashlight, I was quite surprised how nice the heavy quality was and it was much bigger than I expected !  Oh and its bright !  I like to use mine to quickly charge glo... more »

Pretty cool

24 Jun, 2019
I got this just in time for a stay in a hotel and I was surprised by how well it actually worked. My only complaint is that it picks up dust as well and fluids so sometimes it was difficult to tell wh... more »

Great value

19 Jun, 2019
Our pupper (mentioned in the treat toy review) has been learning house training but isn't always successful. This light is really helpful in finding any accident spots we may have missed. It works... more »


12 Jun, 2019
i was pretty sure my dog was peeing in my house but could never find it... but I did smell it! After many pee hunts I decided to buy this. Turns out my sitting room carpet is the culprit, that thing i... more »

Works for Cats!

12 Jun, 2019
When my two rescue kittens started to lose patches of fur I knew that was a sign of ringworm. You can go to the vet and spend hundreds of dollars or you can confirm yourself with a blacklight, which i... more »

Best UV Light I've ever seen

25 Apr, 2019
I was surprised at how big it was when I took it out of the box. It feels very heavy duty and requires 6 AA batteries. I bought this for my mom because she has 2 puppies in the house. I wanted her to... more »

Good but not super bright.

21 Apr, 2019
Very good for home use, I expected the light to be a lot brighter though. Does what it promises and I will definitely be using it often. more »

Great for travel!

29 Mar, 2019
I use this when we travel to check out hotel beds out, it gives me peace  knowing we ate sleeping on clean bedding! more »


25 Mar, 2019
This is great!  Very well made, sturdy and made of metal.  The bulbs are very bright!  You can see everything!  My only disappointment is that it uses 6 AA batteries which can be e... more »