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Product Information
6 Sets Waterproof Silica Gel Swimming Earplugs and Nose Clip Plugs and Nose Clip Swimming Silicone ¡­
4.83 / 5   (23 Reviews)
Price: $8.85


• STRESS-FREE SWIMMING: Made of soft, high-grade silicone, our nose clip and ear plugs seal out water for a more pleasant swimming experience. Easy to use, for kids & adults alike. Excellent for beginners!
• COMFORTABLE ERGONOMIC FIT: Special adaptive design helps ensure a comfortable yet secure, watertight fit. Nose clip & ear plugs stay in place while you swim-no need to constantly fuss with them.
• FREE PROTECTIVE CASE: Bonus case helps keep your nose clip & ear plugs clean and makes it easy to take them to the beach, pool, camp, or water park. Just slip the case into a bag & go!
MUST HAVE SWIMMER ACCESSORIES - Made of 100% High Quality Silicone, Eco- Friendly, and Non-toxic.. Protect your ear and nose
Function: Waterproof,protect your ears and nose.


Very handy

17 Jul, 2019
These have come in very handy for the summer swimming season!  There are enough for everyone and seem well made. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #TheWolfMoon more »

Wonderful ear plugs

05 Jul, 2019
These are amazing ear plugs! We use them while swimming! more »

Great waterproof swimming ear plugs

19 Jun, 2019
Great waterproof swimming ear plugs these ear plugs work great for keeping water out on your swims if you get a ear infections easily I suggest these highly recommend #RankBoosterReview  more »

Love the colors......

18 Jun, 2019
These were hit or miss depending on the size of the nose. The 6 year old and an adult had a little trouble with them staying on. We really like the individual protective case. The colors really&n... more »

We'll see how well they work

01 Oct, 2018
ostly tired of having water in my ears and hoping solves problem. more »

These work wonderful

16 Sep, 2018
While on vacation I decided to try snorkeling, unbeknowst to me, I suffer from vertigo when water gets in my ears! I was looking for a solution when I found these earplugs and they work great! Happy t... more »

nice ear plugs

14 Aug, 2018
Earplugs work good. I like how they have different sizes to fit even the smallest ears. They fit my 5 yr old grandson good. He doesn't like the nose clips though. Each set has it's own case wh... more »

Works Great even for Swimming

11 Aug, 2018
If you live in the south you can never have too many earplugs during the summer…… I never allow my kids to swim unless they have in earplugs and we have our own pool so you can imagine h... more »

Works good

30 Apr, 2018
I got these for when my kids go to the water parks. They work good and dont make your ears sore. Fit nicely and comes with nice case more »

Great earplug and nose clip

20 Apr, 2018
#The Wolf Moon® ##Sponsored #RankBoosterReview https://amzn.to/2HOJL4n   Great earplug and nose clip more »

6 sets Waterproof Swimming Earplugs and nose clips

27 Mar, 2018
6 SETS!  I priced these in the stores and this is quite a bargain.  My grandkids still hold their noses when they swim, and that makes it hard to do tricks, or dive for things when they are... more »

Ear and nose plugs

15 Dec, 2017
This set of ear and nose plugs are very affordable and my kids love to use them when they swim. They say these are the most comfortable ones that they have tried. more »

Just love these!!! Needed these for awhile too..

03 Dec, 2017
My right ear needs an ear plug since I lost the one brought at my doctors, my molded one is to expensive to use daily! This keeps thecwater out of my ear like I need. Lots of different colors and... more »

Great value

30 Nov, 2017
These were an awesome value. My mother is having ear problems whenever water gets into them and I needed to order earplugs, these are great because if she loses some (which she probably will) she can... more »

Ear Plugs

20 Nov, 2017
I purchased these ear plugs because I have a TBI. Having earplugs is a necessity in my life, and I am always loosing or forgetting where I put them. So, I purchased this pack which has plenty of them.... more »

My 11 year old loves these

21 Sep, 2017
My daughter ALWAYS has plugged her nose when swimming. It has prevented her from being able to pass certain swimming classes, that's how bad she is about it. I have purchased a few different... more »

Awesome set

14 Sep, 2017
No matter how careful you try to be the kids always find a way to loose their swimming earplugs. Well this multi pack is perfect, each set comes in its own little box so you can always carry an extra... more »

Perfect For The Whole Family

06 Sep, 2017
Boy did I ever need these. We have a swimming pool and always have kids over to swim, some do not like to get the water in their ears and we don't always have enough goggles for them all to keep t... more »

Be Prepared

06 Sep, 2017
The grand children at the beach with three friends all wanting to learn to dive or swim under the water and now I can assist them even more with these awesome easy to use ear plugs, nose clips (highly... more »

Swimming Ear Plugs

04 Sep, 2017
These are very colorful and work well.  I used these at a birthday party at an indoor pool.  I get swimmers ear a lot as an adult.  I need ear plugs to keep the water out and these did... more »

What a great set!

04 Sep, 2017
This is such a great set, I bought these because it always seems that the kids are fighting over who gets to use the nose and ear plugs or they lose a pair while at the beach. When I seen these I thou... more »

Nice set of ear and nose plugs.

31 Aug, 2017
This is a great set of ear/nose plugs made of silicone. There are 6 sets, each in it's own plastic case, of ear and nose plugs. They are different colors so it is easy to tell whose is whose, in c... more »