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Beeswax Ear Candles 12PCS- 100% All-Natural Beeswax Candling Cones with Natural Honey Scent 6 Protective Disk Included
5.00 / 5   (4 Reviews)
Price: £10.99


NATURAL BEESWAX - unblock your wars with our organic beeswax Hopi candles. Professional therapists use this style of candle to treat ear wax blockages without the discomfort and inconvenience of smoke
EAR CANDLING - this natural and organic set includes 6 pairs of beeswax candles with protective discs, so you can prevent drips of hot wax coming into contact with your ears. This is a clever and natural way to prevent residues and keeps the process clean and tidy
PERFECTLY SAFE - each of our ear wax candles contains no harmful paraffin and includes unbleached cotton for a natural and sensual experience. The sweet aroma of beeswax will be released as the candles burn omitting very little smoke and ash
EVERYTHING YOU NEED - every purchase of our ear wax cleaner candle set includes full written instructions, so you can ensure the process of ear wax removal is completed safely and correctly in the comfort of your own home
FEEL THE RELIEF OF CLEAN EARS - as ear wax builds up it can become painful, uncomfortable and have a negative impact on your hearing. Follow the ancient ritual of wax removal with our natural beeswax candles and experience vastly improved hearing



25 Jun, 2018
Have used ear candles like this before and they work great for giving your ears a freshen, you can feel the ear wax pop as it is melted away. Its comfortable and quite relaxing. more »


24 Jun, 2018
These actually do work im very impressed very good price too which is a bonus Used correctly these are amazing. You can actually feel the wax being sucked out.It takes about 15mins to do each ear... more »

Ear candles

20 Jun, 2018
Very relaxing and easy to use quick burn ear wax candles. They fit into the ears well and do the job to remove unwanted wax more »

works well

17 Jun, 2018
There are 12 candles and they are  100% natural beeswax candling cones with a natural honey scent , you get 6 protective disks with the set . This is a natural and organic way to unblock the ears... more »